Spotlight: The Protector, by K.R. Bowman

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The Protector
(Night Realm Series #2)
by K. R. Bowman
YA Fantasy
Publication date : ‎ Feb 1, 202

When Sloane finds herself in the normal world, she must find her way back to the Night Realm. The Nightlins destroyed Kingston, and their power continues to rise. Callum is left reeling from Sloane’s disappearance. His powers have evolved, except he sometimes catches his bed on fire.

The quest begins anew, when Sloane makes it back to the realm, to find her grandfather’s sword that hopefully vanquishes the creatures. Callum and Sloane find themselves in the Nightlin Mountain fighting for their lives with the darkness quickly closing in. Sloane might be the key to its demise if she can conquer her fears and hold onto the flickering light within.

Follow Sloane and Callum as they travel into the depths of the darkness to save their friends and end the Nightlin’s reign of terror.



K.R. Bowman has always enjoyed dreaming up stories since she was a child. After ten years of self-doubt, she finally decided to hit publish on ‘The Watcher.’

Most days you can find her going on adventures, drinking wine, cuddling animals, or eating sweets.

Majority of the time, she daydreams.

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