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Happy HallowScream

Monster Erotica Collection

by Eva DeMoan

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


I always wanted to go to Sleepy Hollow, especially for Halloween. Now my dream has come true! Except I didn’t count on the legends being at least half-true, nor did I ever consider the Headless Horseman who ran me down then made me scream in pleasure would be anything other than an actor. Now I’m in another realm, where monsters roam freely, and I’m completely at his mercy. No, not just his, but his brothers too – all creations of the Devil.

The Horseman calls me his whore, and he’s about to prove to me just how true that is… I either submit to him and his brothers or pay the consequences. And if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s to be on the Devil’s bad side!

WARNING: Happy HallowScream is a collection of interconnected monster erotica stories with subject matter some readers may find objectionable. It’s not warm and fuzzy. There’s no romance. This collection is 100% erotica with very little plot, minimal character development, and lots of hot monster sex. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!

**This is a short novella and is 9000 words long or 38 pages**

Halloween had always been my favorite time of year. I loved dressing up, the decorations, scary movies, and most of all, I loved all the jack-o-lanterns. The crisp scent in the air, and the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet, always left me feeling invigorated. And this year was even better. I’d finally saved enough money to spend Halloween in Sleepy Hollow!
The town felt magical! I had to admit some of the costumes were a little cheesy, and meant more to entertain the kids, but I still loved every second of my visit. I wished I could stay forever. The long skirt of my costume swirled around me with every step, and my cape billowed behind me. The hour was growing late, which meant the little kids would be retiring soon. I couldn’t wait to experience Sleepy Hollow closer to midnight.
I tipped my head back and looked up at the full moon. Closing my eyes, it almost felt as if the rays reached down to caress my face. A shiver raked my spine and I inhaled sharply, taking in the scents of pumpkin and spice.
Excitement buzzed in the air around me, and I felt it humming under my skin.
I approached the cemetery and peered inside. The tombstones seemed eerie in the darkness. Even this part of town had been decorated for the festive occasion. I stepped inside and let my fingers trail over the tops of the headstones. The sounds of the other people faded, making me feel as if it were just me in this magical place.
I danced among the graves, head tipped back, and arms spread wide as I spun.
I felt like I’d come home. A loud crack made me stop, and I stared into the darkness, wondering if I was no longer alone. I didn’t see or hear anything else, not matter how hard I strained.
“Hello? Is anyone there?”
An owl hooted, but nothing else stirred. Until… a faint sound in the distance.
The clip-clop of a horse’s hooves. I’d seen a few around town, usually as part of someone’s costume, but I hadn’t realized they came to the cemetery. I moved further into the sacred place.
I jolted, looking around. Had someone called my name? “Hello?”
Isabel. I’m coming for you.

Eva DeMoan loves erotica, both writing and reading it. The filthier, and the kinkier, the better. Monster erotica is one of her favorites, and in her opinion, there’s not nearly enough of it. She also enjoys dino erotica, tentacle erotica, and more. Trolls, dragons, gargoyles. She has a story for them all. If you’d like to be notified of future Eva DeMoan releases, follow her on Amazon.


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Spotlight: Negotiation, by Delta James



A Best Seller Paranormal Mystery




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He’s a respected DSI with Scotland Yard; she’s a dishonored history professor running from a scandal.

Five years ago, Rachel Moriarty was caught up in gossip that resulted in her losing her job as a tenured professor. She’s in London, focusing on building her exclusive tour business as well as her life.

Michael Holmes enjoys great success and a certain amount of celebrity acclaim due to his name, his reputation, and his uncanny ability to solve the unsolvable. He is intrigued by the woman who bears the last name of his greatest literary rival.

The veil between the worlds is weakening, something is trying to come through to bring its malevolence to a new generation. It’s found the key to unlocking the door, if only it can find a way to use Rachel’s innocence to re-enter this world.

Can Holmes and Moriarty work together to finally put an end to the evil that was Jack the Ripper?

Publisher note: Negotiation is a paranormal, supernatural romance with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only.

About Delta James

If you’re looking for paranormal and contemporary erotic romance, you’ve found your new favorite author!

Alpha heroes find real love with feisty heroines in USA Today Best-Selling Author Delta James’ sinfully sultry romances. Welcome to a world where true love conquers all and good triumphs over evil! Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline.

Delta is always happy to hear from her readers and responds personally. Reach out today!

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Spotlight & Author Interview: Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw, by D. A. Mucci

Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw banner

Ignatius and The Swords of Nostaw high res COVER

Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw
by D. A. Mucci
St. Barts Publishing
YA fantasy, dark fantasy

The towering stone Castle Maol, the unrivaled seat of power in the Kingdom of Skye, sat inland almost bereft of life.

Once known for its inspirational beauty, Skye’s forests and meadows were more barren than green now, enveloped by stillness instead of bustling wildlife. Lakes and waterways once teeming with marine life lay stagnant.

Most of those who lived here survived under gray clouds of despair Several of the eldest knew of the prophecy that would return the land to its prior golden age and quietly hoped it was true.

Only a handful knew the secret that would allow the prophecy to come true. They refused to speak of it.

Fifteen-year-old Iggy is good at three things: languages, witty retorts, and running from a fight. When a guy pulls a knife on him during a high school argument, all the banter in the world isn’t enough to save him, so Iggy resorts to his backup plan—running. But before he can make his escape, the locket he always wears around his neck heats up, and someone tackles him from behind, pinning him to the ground.

Iggy’s never thought of himself as a fighter. He’s spent his life running from anything that can’t be solved with a quick one-liner or a snarky comeback. But as he learns more about the strange place he’s landed, one thing becomes abundantly clear: in the World on Skye, they need a hero. And Iggy just might be the one they’re looking for, even if he’s not so sure.


Coloring PageAuthor Interview:

  • What was your experience working full-time in an emergency room during the height of the pandemic and writing this book? 

As a physician for almost 40 years, most of them in an Emergency Room setting, you see all kinds of ailments, accidents and death.  While no two cases are exactly the same, experience and knowledge helps you decide quickly what action you’ll take to save a life or manage an urgent health condition.  Then a pandemic hits that you don’t have a set of experiences to rely on to truly help you manage patients, and treating patients becomes a whole new level of stress as you make your best guess and read the latest medical news to help you treat those patients suffering significantly.  All as you are praying none of your protective gear reeks so you don’t bring exposure home to the family you love.

These stressful circumstances pushed me to bring this fantasy world to fruition. Most of us binge watched shows during the pandemic and I simply needed a different outlet after a while to feel like I was doing something to help others escape and relax for their stress also.

  • How did you go about world building for Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw?

I was drawn to the Isle of Skye for its rich history that includes folklore and magic, in doing research for the world I wanted to build.  I used photos of the Isle of Skye as my inspiration for the landscape of The Kingdom of Skye and Matreach. As my family is comprised of different ethnicities, I wanted to reflect that in my lands, with the four lands having their own uniqueness.

My wife is a stickler for detail and keeping me grounded, so she had a map drawn up for the book and had the website developer create “hot spots” on the website map to help readers visualize locations and happenings. 

  • Though Iggy is the star, you’ve also created new languages and nearly 50 different characters. Which are some of your favorites?

I love the Madam Trinity character. She doesn’t appear to have it all together, but underneath the crazy facade you know she is an extremely capable, intelligent, and formidable person to have on your side.

I wanted a very diverse set of characters so readers of all ages had someone to relate to.  Iggy is the geeky character while rebellious Lecque fights for what he feels is right. Ansel is the strong mentor Iggy needs. Kylian is one of the strongest male characters, holding true to his principles while being imprisoned for years. Allistair is the most powerful man in Matreach and has a physical disability.

And there are strong female characters along with Madam Trinity, each strong in their own unique way: Raraesa is physically a strong sword fighter with a soft side she doesn’t often show, Trafalga has a bohemian carefree look, with a gift that will help save many and guide Iggy. Nyreada is the strong, brave personality who is typically quiet unless she sees unethical practices, and Scathatch is known for being the best warrior that oversees all, helping in a stealthy critical manner.

I wanted to include different languages to highlight Iggy’s special ability to learn them, to showcase his intelligence. While this  intelligence was ridiculed in a typical middle school and high school setting, language is one of Iggy’s strengths and he will use it along the way to accomplish his quests. 

  • What advice would you give to writers who feel like their time to write a book has expired?

At 67 years old I’m writing a story that caters to Young Adults. There is no age limit for using your creativity and imagination. 

  • Without giving spoilers, can you give readers any sneak peek into the rest of the planned series? Will we meet new characters, visit new places, etc.?

Kylian, the Death Knight and Ansel will struggle with the true knowledge they have of Iggy and how important he is to the Kingdom of Skye and the other lands.  Lecque will have to face his own demons that will rear their ugly head, and Iggy will be the only one who can help Lecque with his personal battle. While the Kingdom of Skye and Matreach were featured in Book 1, Dinas Affaron and Cambria will be featured more heavily in future stories.


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About the Author:

Being an Emergency Room physician for close to forty years, Dr. Mucci found that the pandemic brought forth new horrors in the ER. Writing this fantasy story about Ignatius became an enjoyable escape for him from all that was happening in the real world.

David Mucci

Follow D.A. Mucci Facebook: @D.A.Mucci and Instagram: @d.a.mucci

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