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Moon Tamed
by Audrey Greene
Publication date: December 6th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Coraline Patten enjoys nothing more than facing new challenges, but when she’s asked to evaluate Moonriver’s ruling faction, she worries she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

Allasandro Stephans has reigned since she’d been a child, unwavering in his dedication to Moonriver. His heir, Calden, has supported him every step of the way. Together, the shapeshifting widower and his son appear to be the perfect men for the job of preserving and protecting their home.

When Moonriver’s heir asks her to free his father from the burden of leadership, Coraline is determined to do what is best for her people, even if it costs her the love of her life.

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Sila snickered. “With that comment, you just guaranteed your selection. That is what normal people call testing their luck. Have you worked for the Hunters before?”

“No.” With Sila, short and to the point worked the best. If I gave her a single opening, she would talk me to death and force me to regret my decision to be her friend.

Sila meant well, however, even when she drove me mad.

My friend rubbed her hands together. “They’re pretty nice to work for. While most of them are predatory shifters, they’re respectful of time and energy. It helps they can smell fatigue and frustration, and they understand a happy worker is a better worker. They stop problems before they become problems as a general rule. The male temps get the short straw—they get into pissing contests with the Hunters. Us women? We already know how to avoid the pissing contests. We win when we don’t play the game.”

When Sita started spouting sexist nonsense, it often sourced from a bad night with her latest suitor. “Did you have a bad date last night?”

“It was horrible. Who knew a Legacy researcher could be so clueless? I educated him, but there won’t be a second date. He was so dry I thought about asking him to do my laundry.”

The few times I’d dated a Legacy member, I’d emerged better educated but lacking in the basic relationship department. Members of Legacy lived for the pursuit of old knowledge. Intellectual company appealed, but I also longed for the other facets of a good relationship, including physical affection, sweet nothings, and someone I could be near in safety and comfort.

Still, Legacy members could be taught, and I’d met more than a few who were kind to a fault but oblivious. “Maybe you should give him a second try, Sila. You bothered to educate him. Why not benefit from your tutoring. Is he nice?”

“He is disturbingly nice,” she complained.

Well, some problems had simple solutions. “Teach him to get a little rough with you, then.”

“I might. He texted me this morning. I replied that I was getting my work assignment. You think I should try him again?”

“He’s nice and can be taught, Sila. Find out if he cooks and cleans. If so, he might be the perfect man.”

“You make a good point.” Sila sighed, dug out her phone, and tapped at the screen. “There. I told him that, assignment allowing, I’m free most nights this week if he’d like to get together. This might be for the best. I was about to hit up someone from Moonward.”

I winced. Of Moonriver’s factions, Moonward attracted the most ambitious men and women with an interest in magic. Witches made up most of the membership, but they accepted all types. “Dangerous dates are not wise, Sila.”

“I’m looking for love. That is dangerous.”

No kidding. Before I could reply, our manager rang his little silver bell so he could deliver the news—and reveal who would assist the Hunters. “I’ll keep this as short as possible, as we have a busy day. I already drew the name for the Hunter contract while you gossips talked up a storm.”

When Almon Friarin went the route of serious efficiency, we had a higher number of requests than normal.

“Today is going to be fun,” Sila predicted.

I huffed and refrained from cursing. “Sure. It’s going to be about as fun as a lobotomy.”

Before I could further embarrass myself, our boss said, “Line up for your assignment. You’ll just have to accept I won’t be turning our job into a circus today. Maybe tomorrow. The Hunters of Moonriver have asked for discretion.”

“Well, this sucks,” Sila muttered. “He lured us all here so nobody would skip out on a crazy day.”

“You’re probably right.” My fellow co-workers queued up to receive their assignments, and I joined the line, dragging Sila with me. “Be grateful it’s not a parade. Or worse, a positive reinforcement day.”

“Good point. There is only so much public praise I can handle a year. A ten-minute lecture on how good I am at following basic instructions would break me today.” Sila made a show of shuddering. “Last time, one of the clients had sent him a photo of my work along with praise. I almost perished.”

I knew of one way to derail my friend before she delved deeper into the dark waters of her self-inflicted stress. “Did you get a raise?”

“Ten cents an hour for accomplishing perfection.”

Well, that backfired in a painful fashion. “I’ve never gotten a raise for perfection,” I informed her.

“I asked for it. Did you?”

The next time I got pulled into our boss’s office, I would make a point of asking. “Did the ten cents an hour actually help your budget?”

One of the distinct disadvantages of remaining unaffiliated was our pay; the factions made a point of paying their members competitive rates for their work. Migrant workers made up the majority of the unaffiliated, although holdouts like me existed.

I accepted lower pay and less say in the governing of Moonriver in exchange for flexibility and freedom.

“Every penny counts, except when it doesn’t.” Sila shrugged.

Author Bio:

Audrey Greene writes sweet paranormal and urban fantasy splashed with some romance and hints of science fiction. She lives in California, loves going to the beach, and appreciates taking the time to smell the roses.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: The Union + Giveaway

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The Union
by Leah Vernon
Publisher: ‎47North
Publication Date: ‎December 1, 2022
Language: ‎English


A thousand years in the future, a Black elite class reigns. The lower classes toil in the fields or scrape by in blighted cities, serving their rulers in a cruel, divided world.

Among the Elites is eighteen-year-old Avi Jore, born to a powerful father and destined to rule. But as she comes of age, Avi cannot help but notice the injustices in her world—the treatment of enslaved workers, the oppression of the lower classes. Her disillusionment grows when she meets Saige Wilde, a mixed-race enslaved girl whose only goal is escaping beyond the borders of their brutal nation.

When Saige saves Avi from an assassination attempt, their paths become intertwined in ways they never imagined. As Saige plots her path to freedom, Avi tries to enact change from the inside. But it’s a complicated endeavor, fraught with danger and malice.

Together, their efforts could spark a revolution—and underscore the staggering power of friendship.


From author and body-positive activist Leah Vernon comes a daring dystopian novel that explores the power of friendship in a future society built on violence and division.

Publisher Note: This title was previously self-published as Impure. This edition of The Union includes substantial editorial revisions.

Praise for THE UNION

“A thought-provoking dystopian novel…Readers will find it easy to invest in Vernon’s complex political tale.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fans of Justina Ireland and N. K. Jemisin will appreciate the innovative world building from a Black perspective and the well-developed characters used to present serious topics such as racism and privilege.” —Booklist

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Each of us settled in our assigned positions with our hands behind our backs, awaiting the Administrator’s arrival.
The worker who had spoken to Winnie stood across from me, staring over my head. He had deep eye sockets and almost nonexistent lips. His auburn hair, cut unevenly, fell flat against his forehead. All the workers present were as fair as milk.
Seconds before the Administrator arrived, Winnie hacked into her hand. She grimaced at the fleshy cherry blob in her palm and quickly concealed it once she realized that a physician had noticed and had begun typing on his holopad.
Heavy boots clapped. If I hadn’t already known that it was the Administrator, I would have imagined it was a stallion’s massive hooves striking the ground. We were not allowed to glance in her direction until she said at ease. She was heavyset, about three hundred pounds, and the tallest Upper Resident female I had ever seen. Perhaps she was mixed, like me— except part giant, part human. She had a coveted body type in the region: the curvier, the bigger, the better. A well-fed body meant that one had the funds for proper nourishment, enough for overnourishment.
Her thighs rubbed together when she walked; her bodysuit fabric probably created enough friction to start a territory fire. Her skin was an even russet color. She slathered cocoa butter on herself while ordering us around: Clean this, clean that, you are moving too slow. As long as you stayed out of her way and did exactly what she ordered, then you were safe. I was good at staying under the radar despite being the only Impure.
She stepped in front of me and moved in uncomfortably close. I imagined her biting a chunk out of me. !e thought quickly dissolved. I had never actually seen an Upper Resident partake in cannibalism, but who knew what the so-called civilized race was capable of.
Copyright © 2022 by Leah Vernon


Photo Content from Leah Vernon

Leah Vernon is an international bombshell with a double masters in business and creative writing. She’s been featured in high-profile campaigns such as Ugg “Feel You” and Fitbit’s “Feel Your Power”.

She’s the first visibly plus-size Hijabi influencer to hit the mainstream with over four million views combined. She’s also an author of The Union and Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim.

Leah V isn’t your regular influencer; She’s a disruptor, a trendsetter, and a changemaker in her perspective fields. She began her blogging journey back in 2013, when she fell deep into disordered eating and noticed that there was no one that looked like her that was considered “worthy” or “beautiful”. And, frankly, she was tired of sucking her stomach in around her skinny friends.

With a grainy android phone and clothes from the clearance racks, she began paving her own way through the fashion industry. She used her fat, Black, and unapologetic Muslim body as a rebellion. Beauty is NOT one size fits all. She moved to New York and began smashing glass ceilings. To date, she has worked with renowned brands like Target, Dove, and Amazon just to name a few.

After years of brands telling her she had no place in the fashion world, that she was not “marketable” enough, Leah V carved her own beauty standards.




BBNYA Semi-Finalist Spotlight: Fear and Fury by Jamie Jackson

BBNYA 2022 Spotlight Banner

This year, the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA) is celebrating the 50 books that made it into Round Two with a mini spotlight blitz tour for each title. BBNYA is a yearly competition where book bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors, ending with 15 finalists and one overall winner.

If you want some more information about BBNYA, check out the BBNYA Website or take a peek over on Twitter: @BBNYA_Official. BBNYA is brought to you in association with the @Foliosociety (If you love beautiful books, you NEED to check out their website!) and the book blogger support group @The_WriteReads.

Fear and Fury by Jamie Jackson Cover Photo

Fear and Fury
by Jamie Jackson
Publisher: Self-Published
Length: 186 Pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: (New) Adult
Date Published: 9 May 2021

Meet Megaera, Meg for short. She’s like Deadpool, except for funner.

For a girl with the power of fear the recruitment attempts from both sides are never-ending. A self-described not-a-hero, villain-leaning humanoid, Meg just wants to live her life, work her dead-end job and have everyone else (especially the heroes) leave her alone. But when a bigger fish who can turn superpowers back on their users enters the picture and threatens the person Meg loves the most (herself), she must turn to the last group of people she would admit she needs help from.

Forced to team up with the heroes she despises (but won’t murder, because let’s face it, orange is not the new black), Meg will have to face the choices from her past that she won’t get therapy for. Self-centered, snarky, sarcastic and a little bit dramatic, she’s going to have to save the world, even if that wasn’t her intention. And try not to get shot in the process. Because that shit hurts.

Amazon CA / UK / US

Author Bio

Jamie Jackson Author PhotoJamie lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, three feral children and two badly behaved dogs.

She has BAs in English and Theatre, her favorite part of which was working backstage on traveling Broadway productions.

You can find her on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram under @VillainLeaning or follow her Facebook page, Adventures of a Villain-Leaning Humanoid.

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