Audio Spotlight & Excerpt: Brielle and the Alien Geek + Giveaway

Brielle and the Alien Geek

Intergalactic Brides Book 1

by Jessica Coulter Smith

Narrated by Su Hendrickson

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance


The moment Syl sees Brielle, he realizes the sassy Earth woman is exactly what he needs in his life.

Brielle has waited faithfully for her fiancé to return from Terran Prime, only to discover she’s been engaged to a lying, cheating bastard who tosses her out on her rear the moment he’s back on Earth. Not one to go down without a fight, Brielle will do anything to ensure her survival – even sign up for a bride exchange on another world.

Syl has lived his life in his lab, always preoccupied with his experiments. But the moment he sees Brielle, he realizes that perhaps his life has been missing something after all. Wanting and having are two different things. What would an exotic-looking female like Brielle want with an alien geek like him?

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brielleandthealiengeek - excerpt

He cleared his throat, realizing that he was just standing there, staring at her.

“I thought I’d welcome you to the building,” he said and then held out his hand, remembering that people on Earth shook hands when they met someone. “I’m Syl. I live upstairs.”

She slid her hand into his, her fingers curling around his as the heat of her palm sparked against his flesh. He felt the hair on his nape stand up and an immediate reaction in his pants, something he hoped she didn’t notice. Her gaze held him spellbound, the green depths sultry, promising many nights of passion to the male lucky enough to claim her.

“I’m Brielle,” she said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Victoria and the Alien Doctor

Intergalactic Brides Book 2


Doctor. Hero. Alien.

Time is running out. Victoria Mathers has tried everything. Her daughter has a rare cancer that hasn’t responded to any of the treatments human medicine has to offer. If she can’t convince the sexy alien doctor to help her, she knows she’ll watch her child die. Victoria will do anything to save her daughter, even if it means bonding with an alien for the rest of her life.

Per Earth’s rules, Xonos isn’t allowed to treat humans, unless they’re one of the new human-alien pairs. However, looking at the small human child who is obviously suffering tears at his heart. It’s been his life’s work to save people, and he isn’t sure he can stand by and watch an innocent child die when he might be able to help.

What starts as a simple arrangement quickly turns into something more as Xonos and Victoria grow closer. It isn’t long before she realizes that she yearns for his touch and she wants so much more from him than he may be willing to give. Love was never mentioned when they struck their bargain, but now she’ll settle for nothing less.

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Award-winning author Jessica Coulter Smith has been in love with the written word since she was a child writing her first stories in crayon. Today she’s a multi-published author of over seventy-five novellas and novels. Romance is an integral part of her world and she firmly believes that love will find you at the right time, even if Mr. Right is literally out of this world.

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