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Dead Calm

Dead Calm
by Annie Anderson
(Grave Talker, #3)
Publication date: June 29th 2021
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

There’s not enough coffee or tacos in the world to deal with Darby Adler’s family.

If it’s not her death-dealing father, her back-from-the-dead mother, or her ghost grandfather, it’s her long-lost siblings and their bid for power.

With the ABI radio silent and her siblings to find, Darby’s got a major problem on her hands—especially when the local coven figures out that her father is no longer bound.

Can Haunted Peak, TN handle this family reunion?

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I needed a vacation.

That was the headline that blasted across my thoughts as I stared at the note that had been so carefully placed on my counter. I was supposed to be going on a teensy getaway with Bishop. After the bullshit we’d gone through over the last few days, taking some time off had seemed paramount. Taking a brief pause from my contemplation, I found my shirt and yanked it back on before continuing my internal deliberation.

As I stared at the cardstock, the devil on my shoulder was making a solid case for ignoring literally everything in my life, packing a bag, and hightailing it to some undiscovered corner of the map with no cell service which could only be accessed by boat. At this point, I was considering moving into a yurt or something just to not have to deal with the utter shitshow that had become my life.

Angel Darby began arguing in favor of staying to find my psychopath of a brother, while Devil Darby was still painting pictures of Bishop and me wearing very little clothing in a hut on the beach, sipping Mai Tais. I had to admit, Devil Darby was winning that fight, hands-down. And what did the line “Your mother can’t protect you anymore” mean?

As far as I knew—and that wasn’t much when it came to Mariana, but still—she hadn’t done a damn thing to protect me a day in her life. This damn note was a taunt—a dare. And I didn’t like it one bit.

Without much thought on my part, I yanked a paper towel from the holder and picked up the note to inspect it. There wasn’t a damn clue to be had on the thing, at least not to my naked eye.

You know that means you could just pretend you never saw it, right? Just drop it like a hot potato and scamper off to a cabin in the woods with Bishop.
See? Devil Darby had a solid plan.

And what happens when X doesn’t just stop at notes? Then it’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre time with a side of Halloween for dessert.

And there was Angel Darby coming in for the buzzkill.

Author Bio:

Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, an old man of a dog, and a young pup that makes life… interesting.

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Spotlight & Author Interview: Grace in Hollywood + Giveaway

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Join us for this tour from June 22 to July 19, 2021!

Book Title:  Grace in Hollywood – A Grace Michelle Mystery by Kari Bovee
Category: Adult Fiction (18 +), 336 pages
Genre: Historical Mystery
Publisher:  Bosque Publishing
Release date:   May 25, 2021
Content Rating:  PG + M. Book has mature themes; adultery, murder, bigamy, but there is no bad language.​ 

Book Description:

All that glitters… is sometimes blood. With her golden ticket buried in the ground, can she save a wrongly accused teen from the gallows?

Hollywood, 1924. Promoted to lead costume designer of a star-studded film, Grace Michelle should be on top of the world. But between her husband’s debt, her sister’s recent death, and the troubled teenaged girl she’s fostering, she’s struggling to please everyone and still keep a smile on her face. And when a Tinseltown shindig turns deadly, Grace is horrified to discover her young charge unconscious alongside the director’s grisly corpse.

Determined to prove the girl’s innocence, Grace’s own haunted past fills her sleep with prophetic nightmares. And no sooner has she sought clarity from a medium than a second body lands the scared teenager in the slammer.

Can Grace turn the camera on the real culprit before another victim ends up on the cutting room floor?

Grace in Hollywood is the second book in the riveting A Grace Michelle Mystery historical series. If you like fiercely loyal heroines, thrilling whodunits, and the magic of old cinema, then you’ll love Kari Bovee’s enthralling tale.​

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Also Available for Your Mystery-Reading Pleasure: 

Book Title: Grace in the Wings – A Grace Michelle Mystery by Kari Bovee
Category: Adult Fiction (18 +), 340
Genre: Historical Mystery
Publisher:  Bosque Publishing
Release date:   September 19, 2019
Format available for review:  e-book (mobi file (for Kindle), ePub, )
Will send print books out:  USA
Content Rating:  PG + M. Book has mature themes; adultery, murder, bigamy, but there is no bad language.​ 

Book Description:

A ghost from her past. Her sister murdered. Can Grace slay her demons and find the killer before she ends up dead?

New York City, 1920. Grace Michelle has everything she wants: a home, a family, and a future career as a costume designer for famed showman Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.’s Ziegfeld Follies. Pretty good for a girl who once lived on the streets of New York City. But when her sister, Sophia, the star of the show, is murdered, Grace’s safe and protected life is shattered.

Battle-scarred by the war and emotionally scarred by his past, Chet Riker has made it a practice to keep his distance from
others; love, after all, leads only to pain. But Chet has a problem—a big one: he’s become indebted to mob-boss Joe Marciano in an attempt to save his estranged mother’s life, and Marciano wants him to pay up or else. Desperate to get the money, he contacts former client Florenz Ziegfeld for work.

Soon, Chet finds himself playing bodyguard for introverted Grace, who has reluctantly agreed to be Ziegfeld’s new leading lady—on the condition that Ziegfeld promises to find Sophia’s killer. Upon meeting Grace, Chet quickly finds his hardened theory that love equals pain tested. Grace, meanwhile, is swept up in a life she never wanted as the Follies’ star, and as the pawn in a series of publicity stunts during a transcontinental train trip to California that puts her life at risk. Who would want her and Sophia dead? Together, she and Chet must confront publicity-hungry Florenz Ziegfeld, power-driven Joe Marciano, and their own pasts to find Sophia’s killer—and let themselves love once again.

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  1. How does the writing process work for you? Do you schedule a time every day, work madly when inspiration hits or ?

I usually start with character sketches. Then I use a basic outline and map out the major plot points. When I’m in full writing mode I aim to write 1500 words a day or three hours a day, whichever comes first. During that time, I try to write five days a week, but sometimes it turns into six days a week. I have to remind myself to take a break and refill the well. If I do that, the writing comes much easier.

2. Is there another profession you’d like to try?

I think it would be fun to be a creativity coach. There are so many people out there who feel like they aren’t creative, and we all are, it’s just that some of us are more in touch with our creative side than others. Allowing ourselves to “create” in whatever way speaks to us is just so freeing and empowering. I think if more people allowed themselves to be in touch with their “inner artist,” there would be a lot less angst in the world.

3. How does your home and its environment influence your writing? To what extent?

I love being at home. We moved to a small-ish, rural village four years ago. We live on four acres in a hacienda/mission style home. My office is huge with a high, beamed ceiling (the beams came from an old railroad trellis), a kiva-style fire place, and antique wooden floors that came from an old ice house in Santa Fe, NM. The windows are huge and I can look out of the French doors and see my horses grazing in the pasture. I find the architecture and the property surrounding our home to be so inspirational, comforting, and quiet, it’s easy for me to get lost in my own imagination, which is a wonderful thing. The challenge (I think for all writers) is to not let everyday responsibilities and stress encroach on such a sacred environment.

4. Do you think that self-revelation is part of the writing process?

Yes. I think it is inescapable. I believe that writing, like art, comes from the heart and soul of a person. There is a certain level of emotional intimacy that comes with the creative process. Writers, artists, and singers have to dig deep to create an emotional resonance with their audience. It seems impossible to me to divorce that kind of raw sharing with self-revelation.

5. Where do you like to vacation?

We have a condo in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and we spend a lot of time there. It’s such a departure from New Mexico. I love going there, but I’d really like to see more of Europe. I haven’t seen Germany, Austria, or Denmark (where I have some roots) and I would love to do that.

6. What would you most like readers to know about you?

I love hearing from readers! It’s so fun to know that I’ve touched someone through my work. It’s really the best part about being an author. I’m on all the social media platforms, and I also have a pretty robust website with a blog about empowered women in history. There you can learn about all of my books, and all about me and my horses. You can find my website at If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll receive a free book!

Meet the Author:

​When she’s not on a horse, or walking along the beautiful cottonwood-laden acequias of Corrales, New Mexico; or basking on white sand beaches under the Big Island Hawaiian sun, Kari Bovee is escaping into the past—scheming murder and mayhem for her characters both real and imagined, and helping them to find order in the chaos of her action-packed novels.

An award-winning author, Bovée was honored with the 2019 NM/AZ Book Awards Hillerman Award for Southwestern Fiction for her novel Girl with a Gun. The novel also received First Place in the 2019 NM/AZ Book Awards in the Mystery/Crime category, and won First in Category in the International Chanticleer Murder & Mayhem Awards. It was also a finalist in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Awards. Her novel Grace in the Wings won First in Category for the 2019 International Chanticleer Chatelaine Awards. Peccadillo at the Palace won Grand Prize in the 2019 Goethe Awards, and was a finalist in the 2019 Best Book Awards Historical Fiction category.

Bovée has worked as a technical writer for a Fortune 500 Company, has written non-fiction for magazines and newsletters, and has worked in the education field as a teacher and educational consultant.

Website ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

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Book Blitz: The Prophecy, by Allie McCormack

the prophecy


The Prophecy
When Darkness Falls, Book 3

by Allie McCormack

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Vampire Romance

Release Date: July 1, 2021

The truce between humans and vampires has stabilized as the relationship between Alyssa and Lord Damien deepens. When a desperate group of refugees arrive at the city, bringing tales of a barbaric horde overrunning the lands to the west, the city’s resources are strained to assimilate them.

Just as life is settling back to normal, the worst of news arrives from scouts sent out to spy on the horde. The massive army is gearing up with plans to brave the hundreds of miles of stark desert to attack Al Khair itself, and Lord Damien must decide whether to follow their long code of non-involvement of human affairs, or to work with the humans to save their city.

*Please Note, this is a trilogy, with one sweeping story arc divided into three volumes. The books are not meant to be read alone, or out of order. If you prefer, you can buy all 3 volumes of the trilogy together in a boxed eBook set, When Darkness Falls: The Trilogy – Amazon

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Want the Whole Trilogy in One Book?


When Darkness Falls: The Trilogy

Release Date: July 1, 2021

Ruled by a gracious, wise Sultana, the humans of the great desert city of Al Khair dwell in uneasy peace with the vampires and demons who claim the lands as their ancestral homelands under the leadership of an ancient, powerful vampire. Their shaky truce becomes strained when a young human woman arrives from distant lands.

Orphaned since childhood and outcast, Alyssa joins a caravan to the fabled Al Khair where she seeks only to make a new life for herself. A life that quickly becomes complicated when she draws the attention of the Dark Lord himself.

A thousand years ago, Lord Damien permitted the humans to build their city. When he senses a new, immensely powerful magical being in the land, Damien suspects the humans of plotting to overthrow him. Furious, he searches for the source of this power, but he cannot stop thinking of the young woman in the tower who had seen through his glamour spell that cloaks him from humans.

When he discovers that Alyssa is the mysterious being he has been seeking, his determination to have her for his own threatens to pit the two races, human and vampire, against each other in all-out war.

About the Author

A former career medical transcriptionist and disabled Veteran, Allie McCormack is now writing from home full-time. Allie has traveled quite a bit and lived many places all over the U.S., and also a year in Cairo, Egypt as an exchange student, and a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under contract to a hospital there, plus a short stint with NATO while she was in the Army. Allie now lives in the beautiful southern California with her family and her two rescue cats.

Allie says: “A writer is who and what I am… a romance writer. I write what I know, and what I know is romance. Dozens of story lines and literally hundreds of characters live and breathe within the not-so-narrow confines of my imagination, and it is my joy and privilege to bring them to life, to share them with others by writing their stories.”

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