Audio Book Blitz: The Better bully, by Roxanne Tully

the better bully

Audio Book Title: The Better bully
Author: Roxanne Tully
Genre: Bully romance
Narrators: Micha Matthews and Colleen Daley

Hang on a second. I never bullied anyone. I’m not that guy. I was a star quarterback in high school with more friends than I could keep track of. With it being my senior year and college scouts already taking interest, I had a bright future. Then this crazy redhead shows up ranting at me like I’m the filth of the earth…. So naturally I defend myself. I may have gone a little overboard– but it was only to ensure she’d stay out of my way for good.

That was four years ago. Now she shows up at Whitman U and I find myself going beyond my norm to keep her from dodging me at every turn.

The fresh start I was supposed to have by transferring to Whitman is starting to feel more like a big bag of dirt. And when things couldn’t get worse, I come face to face with an enemy of the past.

But it seems I’d fallen into some sort of alternate universe. Because instead of making my life hell, Reed Hayes had become my unforeseen protector in the havoc that has become my life.

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About Author:

Roxanne  Tully grew up in New York City, where she studied theatre and stage management. Her passion for writing and storytelling started very young and every story had to have its beginning, middle and end – even if it never made it on paper.

While her genre was never limited, she now enjoys writing contemporary romance, creating realistic heroine’s with relatable rising actions.

A traditionalist at heart, Roxanne loves spending time in bookstores, diving into exciting new titles.

Roxanne Tully


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