October Recap

So, the blog is just over aย  month old now. I started it on a little bit of a whim and I’ll fully admit that it’s taken a lot more time than I anticipated to run it. Mostly because, in my early excitement, I agreed to far more tours and blitzes than I should have. I had to learn how long they take to format and how many I could post in a day without something getting buried. So, I’ve had a few minor early growing pains, but it’s balancing out now. And importantly, I’m still enjoying it.

I thought I might try and institute an end of the month re-cap of posts. I’m still hunting for an archival widget or page that I like. I want one that will list monthly posts, not simply take you to the first post of the month. I wouldn’t have thought this an unusual request. But my inability to find one proves me wrong. And I don’t want to have to do it by hand. When you see how many posts we’re talking about, you’ll understand how this could eventually seem overwhelming. In the meantime, here’s what posted in October.

Moon in Bastet was the first one (my first ever, truly) and Full Balance was the last to post in October.

So, what do you think; that’s one hell of a first month, right? I imagine November will look very much the same. But as I learn to pace myself, practice saying ‘No’ even when a book and it’s tour looks interesting, I’m hoping to slow things down a little. I actually love having so many books to post, but it’s too much, both for me time-wise and to fairly promo the books on the blog.

So, that’ October wrapped up. Don’t forget to join my newsletter on the home page (I promise not to spam you, in fact, I haven’t even sent one out yet) and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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