Spotlight & Excerpt: When We Were Ghosts, by E. J. Phillips

When We Were Ghosts
E.J. Phillips
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: October 20th, 2020
YA Urban Fantasy, LGBT+, Sapphic Romance

Gemma’s a loner, but she’s got her twin brother Alex, so who really cares, right? When you’re a twin, you’re never alone.

Then, one day, she doesn’t have Alex anymore. Instead, she has a ghost named Eve and her brother’s dickhead friends for company—and one desperate plan.

They’re going to get Alex back.

It just means catching the Wild Hunt, convincing the fae to give them an Undying heart, and chasing down the elusive spirit of her dead brother first. Simple.

Falling in love with a ghost wasn’t in the plan. But sometimes you have to veer off track before you find what you’re searching for.

A haunting novel about grief, loss, and finding your way home.


The heavy sensation in Gemma’s gut twisted into sadness,  but like with most of what she felt since the other side took her heart, it was distant. Too far away to latch hold of, but too close for Gemma to ignore. “And are you enjoying it?”

A flash of a smile marked Eve’s face, and her gaze softened, the intensity in it fading to be replaced with an intensity of a different kind altogether—one that sent a bolt of something equally exhilarating and futile buzzing beneath Gemma’s skin.

“Against all odds, I think I am.” Eve ran her eyes down Gemma’s body, slow and deliberate. “But I’ll enjoy it even more if you tell me why you’re suddenly wearing those sexy gloves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for it, but what’s with the new aesthetic?”

Gemma’s chest tightened, and she glanced down at her hands, turning them this way and that. It wasn’t a secret; the others were bound to notice, eventually. But sharing the knowledge with someone felt reckless.

And yet she didn’t like the idea of being the only one holding it. She had never needed to keep a secret before; Alex knew all her secrets. And neither had she needed to share them. Telling him was like telling a mirror. There was something passive about it. Inevitable.

Inaction was Gemma’s island, and she wasn’t sure how to swim out to sea.

Slowly, carefully, she loosened each of the fingers on her left glove and held her hand out to Eve. Without breaking eye contact, Eve took the tip of the forefinger and drew the glove off.

The car door opened, making them both jump.

“Time to go?” Jason asked, staring at the two of them with an unreadable expression.

Gemma snatched the glove out of Eve’s hand and slid down the windscreen without looking back.

About the author:

E.J. Phillips (also known as Ellen Jane) is an Australian indie author of wlw romance. She loves writing about LGBTQ women who experience complex lives, emotions, needs, and desires. Her books are written for people who crave love stories where friendship is just as important as romance, and who want to experience cosy warmth with a hint of mystery, magic, and emotion.
You can find her writing under two pen names: Ellen Jane and E.J. Phillips. If you like light, cosy wlw romance suffused with magic and mystery, Ellen Jane is the pen name for you. If you prefer something a little heavier, and you like your wlw romance tinged with magic and tender angst, E.J. Phillips is the one you want.



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