Book Blitz: Vicarious Vacation, by Michael Wojciechowski


Vicarious Vacation
by Michael Wojciechowski
Genre: Fiction

Date Published: December 2020

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Like so many millennials, Paige Reynolds yearns for social media stardom. Vicarious Vacations, an organization that manufactures fake vacations to increase one’s social media influence, promises users their services can guarantee ascension to social media royalty. True to their word, Vicarious Vacations elevates Paige’s online presence, but now that she’s amassed a respectable following, what will she pay to regain her privacy?

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About The Author

Michael Wojciechowski is a native Utahan. He is of average height, weight, and intelligence. By all accounts, he is extra-ordinary. Vicarious Vacations is his fifth novel and probably his best.

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