Book Blitz: Vicarious Vacation, by Michael Wojciechowski


Vicarious Vacation
by Michael Wojciechowski
Genre: Fiction

Date Published: December 2020

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Like so many millennials, Paige Reynolds yearns for social media stardom. Vicarious Vacations, an organization that manufactures fake vacations to increase oneโ€™s social media influence, promises users their services can guarantee ascension to social media royalty. True to their word, Vicarious Vacations elevates Paigeโ€™s online presence, but now that sheโ€™s amassed a respectable following, what will she pay to regain her privacy?

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About The Author

Michael Wojciechowski is a native Utahan. He is of average height, weight, and intelligence. By all accounts, he is extra-ordinary. Vicarious Vacations is his fifth novel and probably his best.

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