Book Blitz: Assembling the Wingpeople, by Nicky Bond

Assembling the Wingpeople cover

Assembling the Wingpeople
by Nicky Bond
Genre: Humorous Fiction
Pages: 262

Can Tilda uproot her life and start again when her personality avoids risk-taking at every opportunity? Is Bea really in love with Mal or is her HRT causing emotional turbulence? And how long can Stewart use his estranged fatherโ€™s death as the reason he has given up on himself?

Three people; three works in progress. Perhaps all it takes is one great weekend of connection, some belting nineties tunes, and a reminder of who they used to be before life got in the way.

From the author of Carry the Beautiful, Assembling the Wingpeopleย is a witty and honest look at getting older, the hang ups that never leave, and the struggle to find meaning without the societal brownie points of kids, spouse, and career.

Author Bio:
Nicky Bond was born in Liverpool, UK, in 1978. The eldest of seven children, she found books were a perfect way to drown out the lively household around her, and meant her hands were never free to change a nappy. She studied Psychology and English Literature at University College Northampton, before embarking upon a career in Education. Twelve years later, she stopped procrastinating and got writing.

Her first novel, Carry the Beautiful, was published in 2017. Her second, for pre-teens and those that care for them – Leeza McAuliffe Has Something To Say – came out in 2019. Assembling the Wingpeople – the sequel to Carry the Beautiful – will be published in Autumn 2021. Nicky is a regular supporter of Liverpool Women Football Club, relaxes by cooking, and spends a lot of time drinking tea.

Nicky Bond author photo

Twitter/ Instagram: @BondieLa

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