Spotlight & Excerpt: Hybrid Rejected + Giveaway

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Hybrid Rejected

by Romy Lockhart

Genre: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance


Amanda is heartbroken when her true mate rejects her because she’s a hybrid. Realizing she’ll never be accepted by full-blooded shifters, she accepts a place at Gemini Academy.

Her new life gets off to a rocky start when she’s stalked by a dangerous shifter she managed to attract before she left her old pack. Rescued by an Alpha, she soon finds out Wolf Creek is much more accepting of hybrids.
Even so, she doesn’t expect to find another true mate there, never mind three of them. She can’t deny her attraction to them, but she’s afraid to have her heart broken all over again.
Can she let go of the past, or will it come back to haunt her?
Hybrid Rejected is a standalone new adult rejected mate reverse harem romance with college-aged characters, serious steam and an HEA.

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hybridrejected - excerpt
The thrill that burns through me every time I connect to my witch half is beyond compare. I don’t know if it’s the risk I’m taking indulging in the side of me that my pack would have me ignore, or the sheer excitement that I have something that feels like it’s totally, utterly mine. Something no one can ever take away. Something that makes me more than just a lowly half-breed wolf in a pack that prefers to keep their hybrids hidden from sight.
I’m not really one of them, so I don’t get invited to their rituals.
That suits me just fine. It means I have time to spell.
My aunt would be horrified if she found out I’ve been hunting the forest for items to allow me to make potions whenever her back is turned. She’s a fully fledged wolf shifter, and constantly despairs that her brother chose to have a child with a witch.
Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if my parents hadn’t died when I was young.
I don’t think they would have wanted this life for me.
They’d taught me to be proud of both sides. Witch, and wolf.
It makes me sad to think that I’m letting them down like this.
I’m starting to hate my wolf.
She’s the reason I’m trapped here. The reason I’m partially accepted in this town, and this pack. When I was younger I didn’t know any better. I was grieving the loss of my parents. I’d thought having so many other kids around to play with was amazing.
That was back when I was too dumb to notice that they were treating me differently.
I hear the front door open downstairs suddenly, and the small vial in my fingers drops. The smoky potion stains my sheets bright purple. Oh, Artemis! There’s going to be hell to pay if I don’t fix this before Aunt Maria sees it.
She can’t find out I’ve been doing magic.
I can hear the stairs creaking. She’s coming up to check on me.
I stare at the mess I’ve made.
There’s only one real option, and it’s not a good one.
I put my fingers into the mist and invoke the spell.
The magic seeps into my skin, vanishing without a trace from the bed.
I hide the vial in my drawer, making a mental note to move it later.
I pick up the book on my nightstand and open it. It’s all about the history of shifters, and I’ve read it too many times to glean anything new from it, but it makes a handy cover when I’ve been doing something else and I need a prop in a hurry.
My heart speeds up as my eyes move over the first line in the book.
I force myself to actually read it. I kind of have to.
I’d been working on a truth spell. If my Aunt asks what I’m doing, I can only physically say reading if I’ve at least read a little. Otherwise, it’s a lie.
She taps the door quietly before opening it, and peering in, standing in the doorway as if the thought of coming inside is too disdainful. She looks like she usually does. Tightly wound and miserable, dressed like a librarian twice her age with her long dark blonde hair pulled up in an elaborate braided bun. She never wears make-up, and she always gives me a suspicious frown when she looks in on me like this.
“Everything okay?” she asks.
Oh Artemis. I try to nod, but I can feel the truth spell working it’s magic.
“Sort of,” I hear myself say.
She raises an eyebrow at me. “What’s the matter? Is something bothering you?”
Now, she takes a step into the room. And I start to freak out internally.
“I need to know if Jake really likes me,” I tell her, my cheeks burning the instant the confession is out.
It could be worse. I know that, but I never talk to my aunt about guys. Never.
She blinks. “Jake? Jillian’s brother?”
I nod. I’m glad I only spilled my reason for working on the spell, rather than anything about my parents or how unhappy I am here. I know it would hurt her, even if she acts less than comfortable with my presence most of the time.
“That boy is about to have his mating ceremony,” she tells me. “It wouldn’t be wise to get attached, Amanda. He’ll have a true mate soon enough.”
I let out a sigh. This is why I don’t talk to her.
She doesn’t seem to feel much of anything, so she can’t understand when someone else is upset, or happy, or anything, really. I can’t stand it.
“Please tell me, you’ll leave him be.”
She watches me carefully and I know I can’t lie.
“I know he’ll have a true mate soon,” I say, holding back on letting the rest spill out. Omission isn’t the same as lying so I can get away with it.
She nods. “Good.” She looks around, as if she’s not sure what else to say.
“Well, get some sleep,” she tells me, finally. “You have a big day tomorrow.”
She leaves the room and I let out a sigh as I close the stupid book.
She doesn’t know Jake kissed me at his eighteenth birthday party.
I felt something in that moment that I can’t fully describe.
I’m almost certain it was the mating bond.
But this pack relies on ceremony for every major rite of passage. He’ll have his true mate revealed to him in three days at the ceremony. Jillian’s talked about nothing else. They’re twins. They’ll have their ceremony on the same night.
I’m not invited, as per usual.
No hybrids allowed.
I don’t know what’s going to happen if I can’t be there.
I’m his mate, I know it.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: Forgive Me + Giveaway

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Forgive Me

by Kateri Stanley

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller


A secret video tape. A painful truth. A quest for revenge.

Investigative journalist, Susan ‘Stripe’ McLachlan, is constantly hounded by eager documentarians for interview requests about the Night Scrawler murders. One of the victims of the mysterious serial killer was a member of her own family, her father.

At the peak of her career, her services are sought by Isaac Payne who commissions her to write an article for his website. Usually, her projects delve into more uncomfortable, questionable topics, but there’s a deep, almost hauntingly familiar pull about her new client that intrigues her.

As she learns more about Isaac, Stripe digs up fresh secrets about the murders, arousing her suspicions. After an awkward confrontation, she wakes up in Isaac’s bed — with a chain around her ankle.

Isaac shows her harrowing footage on an old VHS tape. The contents hits close to home…closer than Stripe ever imagined. Now, she has to wrestle with her own moral compass and unpick the truth from the web of lies that turn into a crescendo where memories created from misery and suffering cannot be silenced.

Will Isaac ever lay the past to rest? And how will Stripe cope with the revelations that challenge everything she has ever known?

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forgiveme ks - excerpt
Summer 2017
I see the click and switch when you turn off the television. I hear your heartbeat when you climb up the stairs. I can feel your soft bare feet on the carpet as you walk into your bedroom.
The night is peculiarly tranquil when I come to visit you. I try to keep my tread light as I step across the arms of the branches. The closer you are to me, the more I want to see you. I should know better. I shouldn’t be here, but I guess I’m just like any hot-blooded man. I’m weak. I’m drawn to you. I can’t stay away.
I hold on to the branches, easing my way across so I can see you. I smell the perfume you wore today, the wine you drank lingers on your lips. My heart pounds in my chest. One single snag and I’m done for. You’d know I was here, creeping around, spying on you.
I wouldn’t visit during the day because you of all people should know that I was made to be hidden, to pounce when the moment is right. I’m not here tonight to track and trace. Remember, I wouldn’t ever… ever harm you.
You waft out from the darkness, staring from your bedroom window. You tap your finger against your chest, you’re worried about something and I know why.
The authorities are hunting for me.
I know you’ve been tracking my every move. You’ve been searching and reading and ringing people. You’ve kept a keen eye on the news. The stories are rife. I know what they call me. But they don’t know the true tale or what my makers did.
I know about the urban legend. Some say I’m as tall as a tree, others say I wear a gas mask when I mutilate my victims. Some of the details make me laugh and frankly, some of them make me sad.
If I were to rewind the clock and undo the past, then I wouldn’t have met you.
You wouldn’t know what you know and we wouldn’t have…
I tremble as I think about it. That kiss…
Your words, your skin…
Do you remember it? Do you ever think about it?
Hang on, forget what I said. Look, I took something precious from you many years ago. I stole it, ripped it from your heart. If things were different, I’d be inside this house, beside you, loving you – but you probably hate me. I don’t blame you at all if you do – and if you don’t, you should. I wish I could leave this alone, but I have something to do and I can’t ignore it, not this time. Neglecting the wounds will just make the infection worse.
Something screams from inside the house and you move from the window, disappearing into the darkness. Worry bubbles up from my core. I hope it’s not anything insidious or I’ll slash it to shreds.
Minutes trickle by and you haven’t returned. Where have you gone?
Scream or make a gesture and I’ll help you. If something bad is there, tell me and I’ll get rid of it. Where are you?
My heart slows when I feel your presence. Your heartbeat echoes in my ears. You’re calm, but there’s another beat. You emerge from the darkness again and I can’t breathe as I see it.

Kateri Stanley graduated from The Open University with a degree in Arts and Humanities and worked for the National Health Service for 8 years. When she’s not writing stories, you can find her binge-watching films, creating playlists for her projects and dabbling in the occasional video game. She currently resides in the West Midlands, United Kingdom with her partner. They are hoping to be cat parents soon.

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Spotlight: Katy of Clay, by U.L. Harper



Katy of Clay
by U.L. Harper
Published: August 20, 2021
Genre: Horror
Pages: 256

CW: Repeated suicide/s and violent murder, Drug use, Repetitive self-harm, Child injury, Realistic violence


Book Blurb

Sometimes, to truly live, you need to die a little.

Katy’s father claims he created her out of special clay, literally with his hands. Adding that she will soon slip into another world because of it does not make his assertion any less farfetched, not even to a highly creative art student such as her. Nevertheless, she suddenly finds herself in that other world with nothing more than skills as an artist and her father’s insistence she travel across this incredible landscape to an old family refuge.

Not long into the journey, she discovers the inhabitants are fleshy ghosts forced to perpetually relive murder and suicide. It is in this violent environment where she comes to terms with an unusual benefit of her artistic talent—with it, she can free ghosts from their deaths.

In this reality bending tale of magical realism and horror, Katy will learn answers to questions she has never been brave enough to ponder, all while traveling through a bizarre world with only a sketchbook and pen to defend herself.

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Author Info

U.L. Harper writes literary fiction that teeters on the edge of fantasy, magical realism, and horror.

Originally from Long Beach, California, he now makes his home in Tacoma, Washington, with his wife and daughter.

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