Spotlight: Against Such Things, by Rachel K. Baldwin

Against such things

Against Such Things
By Rachel K. Baldwin
Genre: Memoir, Substance Abuse Recovery


If you are born into ineffable darkness, could you even comprehend the light?

Take one-part volatile home life, two-parts haphazard nomadic existence, zero-parts social connection, and shake well. Our protagonist’s only constant is unpredictability: that, and the charismatic, fundamentalist hammerings from the pulpit.

But when a sheltered child goes nuclear? Just pray you are FAR from the exclusion zone.

Can a toxic cocktail of compounded trauma, spiritual warfare, and an unfettered nosedive into addiction be overcome? Join Rachel on her passage through the underworld as she searches for the means to reassemble her splintered psyche while wrestling Against Such Things.

Orca Books
(available in paperback & Kindle versions; audiobook in production)

From the Author

Against Such Things is a labor of love conceived after traversing the depths of insanity and despair and coming out somewhat-less-than-unscathed. The concept–the overarching message–being one of HOPE.
Hope. Healing. Healing from complex trauma, from addiction, from incarceration. There IS a new way of life, and I am living proof.
Long and longer I spent wallowing in unresolved wounds, in cyclical self-destructive behavior patterns trying to run from myself, run from my pain.
But, as we all know, no matter where you go, there you are.
Once I finally accepted ME, built the beautiful life of healing and recovery I have today, I realized something pivotal: Just getting out by the skin of my teeth was not enough. It just wasn’t.
I refuse to be one of those panicky, terrified first-class passengers on the Titanic who scurry away in an entirely empty lifeboat whilst others scream and flail and drown in the distance.
And, so, I wrote. I wrote down the pain, the trauma, the tribulation—and eventually—the recovery. I wrote, but not to claim I am some all-knowing all-seeing expert with a magical cure-all solution: NO.

I wrote purely and simply to capture in text my fundamental takeaway: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE DO RECOVER and SO CAN YOU.

About the Author

The long and short of it is this: I’m a recovering black-out artist, stay-at-home-dog-mom, and serial overcomer, but you can just call me Rachel.
Life’s been crazy, intense, messy, ugly, surreal, and BEAUTIFUL.
In-between hunting for estate sales, compulsively redecorating my historic home, and hanging out with my favorite people (aka, my fam), I write. It’s my bridge to serenity. The place where I am centered and whole.
I’m a second-chance enthusiast at heart and the most fallible of any human I’ve met.
Gratitude. That’s where I abide, man. All the time. No matter what.
Against Such Things is my first book.

Rachel K. Baldwin



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