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Curse of Seduction
Dark Princes of Purgatory Book 1
by CR Robertson
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Vivian® Contest Finalist for Speculative Romance 2021

The evil Queen Ophelia cursed the Princes of Purgatory to claim their magic. Only their fated witch mate can save them, but a blood sacrifice is required that demands the highest emotional cost.

Ilana has spent two hundred years believing she is a defective vampire, until the day she bumps into the incubus Ezekiel. Her witch powers finally awaken as they sense the presence of her mate. She finally discovers why she has all the strength and abilities of a vampire but the inability to feed. 

Ezekiel was cursed by The Blood Queen centuries ago. Every time he feeds, she takes something from the woman he’s with – a memory, an emotion, a vital part of them that leaves his lover changed forever. 

Compelled to feed, can Ilana save Ezekiel before his curse changes her from the woman he loves to a mindless sex slave? 

Readers of Cassandra Clare and Sherrilyn Kenyon will devour this book filled with supernatural creatures and paranormal suspense. 

Buy Curse of Seduction to begin this addictive series today!

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CR Robertson is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author who lives in Ireland, the most magical country in the world. From an early age, she loved faerytales and mythological stories. Her in-depth knowledge of mythology and faerylore weaves the background for the characters in each of her manuscripts.

She lives in a cottage by the sea on the east coast of Ireland. Gardening is one of her favourite pastimes and is evident in her garden that is overflowing with crystals and seasonal flowers. Her dogs enjoy the sleepy seaside town and spend their time playing in the sea. 

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: A Dangerous Man + Giveaway

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A Dangerous Man
by Raven Stone
(Kingdom of Blood and Forest, #2)
Publication date: July 20th 2021
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

I was supposed to kill him.

But that night, he sent me to a different kind of heaven. The screaming, shaking, full of pleasure kind. Twice.

Now he’s all I can think about. When I finally find him again, I’m determined to get under him, and get over him.

But John Degarr isn’t like my other men, with his large, sexy body and his warm grey eyes. He’s also an incredibly efficient killer. The person scary people turn to when they’re scared.

And he’s a vampire.

This man is dangerous, but not for the reasons he scares everyone else.

When he touches me, when he holds me, I want things I’ve never wanted before. I say and do stupid, clingy things.

I want more of him.

But he wants the one thing I give no one.

Because that one thing can destroy me.

A Dangerous Man is a paranormal romance with MF love, a bit of MM love, and chocolate mousse references. This book includes a woman who isn’t shy about her needs, a bisexual vampire who won’t ever have to choose, and the werewolf son he adores. This is the second book in the Kingdom of Blood and Forest series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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So I’d never killed anyone, and it hadn’t been part of the deal. The mark had chosen me. I was stuck. Time to make lemonade out of lemons, and get the fuck out of here.

I led him up to the hotel room, and took a deep breath.

I can do this.

I glanced over my shoulder.

“This is my room,” I said breathlessly. “Well, mine and Lara’s, but she won’t be back for a while.” I added a little giggle at the end.

That was good, right?

I made the mistake of looking at him, and the smile slipped right off my face.

God, the way he was looking at me.

His dark grey eyes were completely focused on me, as if the hallway, the world around us, didn’t exist. He stared at me like I was some sort of combination of chocolate and wine, and he’d been denied both for a long damn time. That gaze spoke of things; of taking his time, of consuming me slowly, of making me feel him everywhere, from my head to my toes.

A frisson rippled over me.

His thumb rubbed my hand. “Open the door.”

For a second I forgot to breathe, and then my other hand was on the doorknob, turning it and letting us inside. He followed me in, closing the door behind him with his foot.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him. Then he wrapped his fingers around my chin, and lifted my face to his.

Oh, shit.

Then he was kissing me. Kissing me like he would consume me from the inside out. Heat poured through me, pooled in my belly, and then burned lower. He brushed my nipple with his thumb, and I gasped as heat struck my core.


They hadn’t said anything about him knowing how to kiss. About me wanting him. But they wouldn’t, would they? He was supposed to go for the blonde.

I growled.

Fuck the blonde. This mark was mine.

He laughed softly. “Have I got your attention now?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

His hand trailed down my side. “I got the feeling there was something going on between you and your friend. A bet, perhaps? See who’s first to get a vampire up to the room?”

I blinked.

Close the fuck enough.

I let a shy smile come over my face. “You got us. It was a bet.”

“And you weren’t expecting to win?”

I shook my head.

“Why?” His hand cupped my face, sending sparks down me. “You’re beautiful, and so much more interesting than she is.”

He thought I was interesting?

“Because –” I bit my lip, stopping myself from telling him that he was supposed to like blondes.

God, what was wrong with me? I never slipped like this. It must have been the alcohol, or the heat.

“– because we both know I’m not.” I took a step back, slipping away from his touch. “Don’t we, John?”

Too late, I realized my tone had changed with that last part. He gave me a sharp glance, telling me he’d caught my fuckup. He’d seen that hint of my true self. But it wasn’t my fault. We’d gone off-script, and in those situations I always tended to sound more like me.

“Drop the act.” He pierced me with his gaze. “I don’t want to see the girl you pretend to be around your friend.”

“Then who do you want to see?” I asked. My voice was breathy; so much closer to the person I was pretending to be that it was a relief.

It sounded like I wanted him. Which was the goal, right? To get him in bed and stake him?

Except I was turned on by him. The arousal spreading through me felt like a low-grade fever. It was fucking with my head.

“You,” he replied. He reached out and skated his fingers down my neck, making me shiver. “The girl who just growled at me.”



Author Bio:

Raven Stone is a paranormal romance author. She writes about bisexual, poly vampires and the men and women who love them. She enjoys M/M romances, poly romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and dark chocolate.

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Spotlight: There Will Be Blood + Excerpt

there will be blood

There Will Be Blood

Trinity Smith, #1
by E.C Hinrichs
Genre: Supernatural thriller, paranormal romance
Publisher: Beyond the Fray publishing
Date of Publication: June 2021
ISBN 13: 9781954528079
Number of pages: 258
Word Count: 72,602
Cover Artist:  L. Douglas Hogan
A riveting and seductive novel…
Evil threatens the world, but a secret organization stands united to stop it. 
Trinity Smith, a sentinel agent for H.A.L.O, protects the world from energy vampires. 
She may have met her match in her next target, Frank Tennorman, a self-described reverend with a high body count. Distracted by juggling her work and personal life, Trinity must take Frank down before she becomes caught in his crosshairs. 
The only thing certain in Trinity’s future is there will be blood.



I looked down at my Batman vintage watch that was always 3 minutes behind and noticed that the middle man was late- again. His name was Phipps. No one knew where he came from or why he chose to watch over people or deliver these “S.O.S messages” to people like me. Despite what I had said to Damon, I knew I couldn’t quit. Well, quit that easily. Maybe start slowly- I requested that my next assignment be kept quiet and make everyone think that I had quit. Would that even work? No, maybe not. All I wanted to do was find my journal and write it out but I hadn’t been able to find the darn thing for a few days. I tried to forget about it and turned my attention to the agent I was going to see. He could keep my quitting a secret, right?

And who was the most quiet in all of our underground society? Phipps. No last name that I know of. They said he was a seer. They said that his superpower was to see issues a head of time and to bring the news to the chosen. I always hated being called that, almost as if we are permanently marked away from society. Good bye normal life. I flicked my cigarette as if to spite that cosmos that cursed me with this bloodied affliction.

“Curses… why do you always refer to everything as curses?” Phipps appeared behind me and startled my calm and cool façade. He crossed his long tan arms theatrically as the wind bustled through his silver hair. “It must be the Hungarian blood in you.” I glanced back at him gathering the last reminisces of my calm and cool and gazed into the clear blue of his eyes.

“Of course a German would say that,” I scoffed while I turned fully to face him. “And for God sakes.” I shouted. “Would you make some noise? Or at the very least put a fucking bell around your neck.” He sported a smirk that proved to him that yes- he had indeed gotten under my skin. A thing I knew he had to relish. “So, what’s the story, morning glory?”

“His name is Frank Tennorman. He is 41 years old and he is a sucker.” Phipps started to pace around me; another theatrical trait he indulged himself in. “He moves in younger circles, and singles out the most impressionable. Then he enchants them into believing in him and his “healing” ability. After which he starts to feed off of their energy until they are of no more use to him. Then he discards them when there is nothing left to take. He prefers to feed on the addicted, the mentally unstable and children. Think of it, as his own personal all you can eat buffet.”

“Is he aware that he is doing it?”

“That is questionable, but given his age and the number of offenses it is highly likely.”

“Number of offenses? So, this is defiantly not his first time.”

“Yes,” he said with a thoughtful pause. “He has… a history.”

“So, why didn’t you send one of us before?” His smirk dropped and the icy seriousness of the situation draped his eyes making his face look like the mask of death. Something told me that here was something different about this assignment. Something dangerous- why else send the one with the savior complex?

“We did, and they couldn’t handle it.” I looked up into his face with questioning gaze.

“If they couldn’t handle it why not sic a Reaper on him and end the problem altogether?”

I saw him shift uncomfortably.

“It’s not that simple,” his eyebrows gathered together. “We can’t just sic a Reaper on him. If we do that the Reaper turns into a Sucker and then we have a Reaper-Sucker on our hands.” I hated it when he made sense. He sensed my caving, “And would you want an assassin who can suck life out of people on the loose?”

“No, I guess not.” I chewed on the thoughts that were spinning through my head.Why would you not dispose of someone so dangerous? Why not find some ‘natural’ accident for them to get into? Reapers are the psychic assassins of H.A.L.O. I have only seen them have to kill 7 times and in their rose-scented attack, they were their scariest. I could never figure out why the smell of roses accompanied a Reaper’s attack but it did. Lord knows Reapers aren’t very dependable but the Impressers are. They could make him get into a habit that could kill him. “Okay, why couldn’t you get an Impresser to take care of him?”

“Your assignment isn’t changing.” He said with a forceful glare. “Your assignment remains the same: infiltrate, watch and end the Sucker’s damage.” He said with a gilded eye roll.

“End it? End it so he can try to torture people in a physical sense? C’mon Phipps.” He shook his head and I could tell he didn’t feel like talking about this anymore.

“Do you still take pictures and write?” He said attempting not to answer.

“Okay, now I’m scared… what are you intending on doing with me?” His eyes sparkled with a good humored delight.

About the Author:

E.C Hinrichs born in Canada and moved to the United States. She spent most of her college career writing and studying literature. After her college, she spent her time working in different careers before settling into human services. She has spent the last seven years working with children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

E.C Hinrichs spends her free time reading Tudor history, paranormal nonfiction and fiction.