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time for love
This Time
by Laura N. Andrews
Genre: Contemporary Romance


When Charlie Blake goes out scouting for a man at a club, she isn’t playing for keeps. Her life is too crazy complicated and busy to get involved with another guy who could screw her over.
Brad Jackson has a painful history with women. He has no intention to lower his guard enough to trust again. The burns remain too raw. From the moment Brad spots her, his conviction crumbles. In its wake is possibility. But it’ll take more than sexual attraction to pave their way to trust and love.
Can there be a happily ever after… This time?
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this time



Charlie has my full attention as she sits beside me on my couch. Her head is down, so her eyes are hidden from me. Completely freaking out about what she has to say, I try to appear relaxed when she starts to talk.

“To explain this in detail will be hard for me. I’ve not had to tell anyone or talk about it for over a year. And depending on your reaction, I’m… willing to try to tell you.” Lifting her head, her eyes snap up to mine. “The brunt of what I have to say though is the fact that I am a single mother.” For a few moments, the room is silent because it takes me a second to wrap my head around what Charlie just said.

“What?” I ask.

Her eyes sparkle with something fierce. “I have a baby boy, but the father is not in the picture. At all.”

A million questions race through my head. Who is the father? Where is he? Why isn’t he in the picture? How long has she had the baby by herself? What does he look like? How old is the baby? I absolutely love kids; my sister has twins and I spoil them as much as she allows me to. I contemplate how fitting it is that what we both have to talk about revolves around children. Choosing one of my many questions, I break the silence with a small smile. “How old is he?”

Charlie’s eyes widen. “What?”

“How old is your baby, Charlie?”

“A-about eight months now.”

“Is he as beautiful as you?” My words are obviously the wrong thing to say because her eyes start to water. “What is it, baby? What did I say?” Heart beating faster than ever, I reach for her hand and grasp it in mine.
“Nothing.” She sniffles and smiles. “He is beautiful.”

Time For Love
by Laura N. Andrews
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance


Endearing and shy, Nicholas Edwards prefers to stay in most nights. On one of his rare evenings out, he meets confident businessman Caleb Roimata.
Although at first Caleb seems arrogant and charming, the irresistible man encourages Nicholas to come out of his shell, and together, they fall into a relationship full of passion and love.
When Caleb’s past causes doubt to rise and drama to unfold, will this couple be there for each other and be what the other needs?
And when all is said and done, will there still be… time for love?
**Only .99 cents March 12th-15th!!**
Canadian born Laura N. Andrews moved to Australia when she was three years old. When she finished high school, she successfully completed her studies in law enforcement. Since then, she’s been working for over eight years as a pharmacy assistant. When she’s not working or spending time with family and friends, you can find her either curled up with a book or writing one of her own.
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Spotlight & Excerpt: A Cat for Troy + Giveaway

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A Cat for Troy
Wishes and Dreams, #3
by Allie McCormack
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication:  March 4, 2021
ISBN: 9798580580678
Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 107,000
Cover Artist:  Dar Albert

Troy’s new roommate was loving, demanding ,possessive, sometimes even bad tempered. But he loved her anyway. After all, she was just a cat. Wasn’t she?

Veterinarian Troy Shelton has no idea what he’s letting himself in for when he rescues a friend’s cat from the shelter after a dog attack. The friendly but demanding calico soon has Troy and his pregnant collie wrapped around her furry paw. But strange things begin happening in Troy’s home when he’s away, and he could almost think someone else was living there besides him.

Torn and hurting, Katerina appreciates Troy’s gentle care. She also appreciates his strong form and handsome face as much as the way he cuddles her. She’s trapped in her cat form until her wounds heal, but once she’s well again she finds herself oddly reluctant to resume her human form and life away from Troy. But someone else is interested in Troy, and that someone else has already tried to kill Cat once.


Troy paused, standing stock still, watching in amazement as Cherie greeted Katerina with the enthusiasm of an old friend, her whole hind end wagging along with her plumed tail.

“Well, I’ll be darned.”

Katerina leaned down to pet the collie’s head. Cherie took advantage of the moment, and swiped at Katerina’s cheek with her tongue.

Oh, yuck! She’d swear Cherie was grinning at her. She was so going to get that dog.

“That’s amazing,” Troy told her. “I never saw Cherie take to someone so quickly.”

Katerina hid a smile, fondling the collie. “She knows an animal person when she sees one, don’t you, Cherie?”

Jacinth seemed to be having spasms in the background, and as Troy turned away to unlatch the door of the horse trailer, Katerina crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out at the unrepentant Djinn.

Benny came bouncing up to them, wide-eyed with excitement.

“Hi, Miss Kat,” he said respectfully.

He then stood staring at her until she sighed, leaning down close to the boy’s ear.

“Stop that,” she whispered. “Or I’ll sharpen my claws on your pool raft next time I’m at your house.”

His eyes rounded, impressed at the awesomeness of the threat. “Would you really?”

Katerina ruffled his hair. “No, but you have to be good and keep my secret, okay?”

“Yeah, I know. I won’t tell anyone, Miss Kat. I promise.”

“There’s a good boy. Now, Troy’s got the ramp down, why don’t you go help get Ladybug out of the trailer?”

“Oh, yeah!” He ran off.

A small hand slipped into Katerina’s. Surprised, she looked down to see Molly at her side.

“Well, hi, sweetie,” she said.

“I like you,” Molly announced, the innocent blue eyes solemn as she gazed at Katerina.

“Umm… thank you.” Katerina looked at the little girl helplessly. She’d never had anything to do with children before, except in her cat form. And then she’d never had to do anything but let them pet her, and purr.

“Up?” Molly lifted chubby little arms.

“Sure.” She bent down, and the arms wound themselves around her neck, and a somewhat wet kiss was placed on her cheek as she straightened, the little girl carefully balanced on one hip. “Shall we go see them put Firefly and Ladybug in their new home?”

“Uh-huh. I’m going to ride Ladybug.”

“Are you? How nice. Not today, I hope.”

“No. She’s too little,” Molly informed her. “I have to wait til she grows up.”


About the Author:


A former career medical transcriptionist and disabled Veteran, Allie McCormack is now writing from home full-time. Allie has traveled quite a bit and lived many places all over the U.S., and also a year in Cairo, Egypt as an exchange student, and a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under contract to a hospital there, plus a short stint with NATO while she was in the Army. Allie now lives in the beautiful southern California with her family and her two rescue cats.

Allie says: “A writer is who and what I am… a romance writer. I write what I know, and what I know is romance. Dozens of story lines and literally hundreds of characters live and breathe within the not-so-narrow confines of my imagination, and it is my joy and privilege to bring them to life, to share them with others by writing their stories.” 







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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Holding, by Kata Čuić




by Kata Čuić
Moving the Chains, Book 5

Sports Romance

Date Published: March 8, 2021


Every rule has an exception.

Tori Russo’s job is very simple—be a pretty distraction for a professional football player with a bad attitude. Her only problem? She’d rather gain some actual marketing experience during her internship than be someone’s arm candy for photo ops. Growing up with a Navy captain father and five older, overprotective brothers, she’s never been allowed to stand on her own two feet. She’s going to prove to them she has what it takes to be an independent adult. Even if it means giving in and faking a relationship with one of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors. Tori doesn’t want to sleep her way to the top, but her client is impossible to resist. If she can keep her heart out of the game, she can walk away with her head held high.

Mike Mitchell’s life shouldn’t be this complicated. All he wants is to play football and earn a good living for his family, but his life off the field is riddled with chaos. After a long-standing feud with an old friend-turned-rival is caught on camera, he’s assigned a PR rep by his team. His options are limited—play nice with the sweet as peaches redhead or be benched. With his paycheck and his ability to provide for his mom and sisters on the line, he’s convinced he can juggle one more ball. His only problem? He’s becoming way too attached to this gorgeous distraction. The friend zone is collapsing day by day. If he can’t avoid her temptation, then he’s going to have to find a different way to play by the rules.

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Even with his face twisting in a weird mixture of what I’m guessing is contempt, fury, then finally resignation, Mike Mitchell is a darn fine specimen of the male species. He’s apple pie, bonfires on a cool fall night, and the epitome of what most women imagine when they hear the words “football player.” In short, he’s an all-American stud whose good looks almost overshadow his annoyed expression. His full lips form an upside-down horseshoe. With that kind of expressive control, he’s probably a fantastic kisser.

He drags a hand through sweat-soaked hair that’s a much lighter shade of brown when it isn’t wet. From what I’ve seen of his team photos, he keeps it neat and doesn’t go overboard with products or style like the kind of guys who probably spend more time on their hair in the morning than I do.

Like Ben does. Or maybe he doesn’t anymore. I wouldn’t know because he made it perfectly clear that we needed a break to find ourselves. Whatever that means.

I snap out of my daze when Mitchell speaks.

I don’t need it, guys. Really.”

A bark of laughter redirects my attention to the doorway. The same man who tested me stands at the entrance of the room like some sort of guard dog, his arms crossed over his chest. “Oh, we think you do.”

Mike throws his arms in the air, clearly frustrated. “Why? My numbers are solid. I’m pulling my weight—”

A round of boisterous laughter cuts him off. Another player shouts, “Yeah, because this is the weight room!”

He rolls his eyes at that admittedly horrible joke. “Butt out of my personal life, will you?”

I knew it!” someone else calls. “He’s got butt problems!”

Oh my God,” Mitchell mutters, rubbing his forehead. Then louder, “I’m not gay! Give it a rest already!”

If you’re not gay, then explain your lover’s spat with Fossoway last week.”

My ears perk up because that name is precisely why I’m here. I open my mouth, but I don’t get a chance to speak.

Gay or not, you need to get laid, man!”

How long’s it been? Years?”

Are you a Boy Scout?”

Relax and live a little! You’re in the big leagues now! Enjoy it!”

With each additional piece of life advice, Mike’s face gets redder and redder. I’m not sure whether it’s from anger or embarrassment. Both of which I totally empathize with. He finally explodes, leaping off his bench like his butt might actually have problems. In that it’s on fire. He stands so close to me; I can actually see the split second of hesitation in his eyes.

In the next heartbeat, my theory is proven right. So right.

If only it wasn’t so wrong.

That thought is impossible to maintain when strong, capable hands grip my hips and knead until I’m nearly purring. A decidedly inelegant squeak escapes my throat as I’m hauled against six feet of solid muscle. The instinct to let my hands explore every plane and deep ridge forces me to fist his damp shirt to stave off my baser instincts. Firm lips and a warm, soft tongue obliterate any other attempt at sensibility. If I’ve ever been kissed like this, I don’t remember it. I’m not sure I’ll remember my own name after even one more minute of this exquisite torture.

Thankfully, he pulls away before I can completely lose myself.

All my hopes for salvation go up in flames as his mouth migrates to the sensitive spot just below my ear, his lips tickling my prickly skin as he speaks. “Follow my lead.”

I’m not sure I could walk a straight line right now, much less follow him anywhere.

Seeming to sense my knees are close to buckling, he drags me away as laughter and more comments pelt me from all sides. The cacophony is barely enough to stop my mind from spinning.

Give it to her good!”

Don’t come back here until you’re a man again!”

Can I watch?”

Heck, I want to watch what Mike Mitchell is undoubtedly capable of, and pornography is not something I’ve ever engaged in.

Once we’re safely in the much quieter hallway, he releases me from his surprisingly gentle grip then rounds on me. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested. I’ll pay for your wasted time though, unless whoever hired you paid up front.”

The conversation and events that went over my head in the weight room catch up to me with his offer. “You think I’m a prostitute?”


About the Author

Kata Čuić lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and three teens. No one told her life was gonna be this way. She holds a degree in Linguistics with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. Her plans of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon were foiled by OChem 1. Fortunately, she’d been making up stories in her head since the days of her imaginary friend, Choosy. Putting pen to paper, er…fingers to the keyboard…came surprisingly naturally after her aforementioned teens decided it was time for them to cut their respective cords.

Kata writes everything from angst-filled YA series to standalone rom-coms and has been known to dabble in a bit of paranormal on the free stories section of her website. She believes nice guys shouldn’t have to finish last (except in the bedroom where she prefers an alpha between the sheets but a gentleman in the streets), and that the surest way to a woman’s heart is through laughter and food.

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