Spotlight: The Three Privileges, by A.V. Davina

the three privileges

The Three Privileges
by A.V. Davina
Young Adult

When they finally find his trace, his life and the world order change forever.

Nahuel is a teenager -the most wanted in the world- but he doesn’t know it, because his grandfather has managed to hide his true identity from him.

The United Nations Organization sends him an invitation that he cannot refuse. In the mysterious underground floor, Nahuel learns the power of privileges and its sacred connection to nature. Together with a group of young people from all over the world, he will be trained to discover and work his extraordinary skills, without knowing that he is a key player in an ancient, never-ending war.

Nahuel must fight against the devastating forces that the Ignobles bring with them and, on the way, discover who he is and what the true story of his family is.

A fantasy book with the magic of Harry Potter, the adventures of Percy Jackson and the special connection with animals that characterizes His Dark Materials.

A.V. Davina invites you to the fascinating proposal of wandering through this unique urban fantasy adventure that traverses the sense of originality and the supernatural, intending to fully introduce itself into the imaginative minds of its readers.

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Author Info:

A.V. Davina is the pseudonym under which Adelina Cortese and Valentina Branca write. They are longtime friends and co-authors of The Three Privileges. The first book in the series The Three Privileges. Now they are currently at work on the second book of the series.

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