Spotlight & Excerpt: The Shepherd and the Horned Girl + Giveaway

The Shepherd and the Horned Girl

by Breanna Bright

Genre: Fantasy Horror


Ivas Sbarg has seen a monster…

In the small seaside Scottish town of Loch Lomond, an eerie fog rolls in. The locals know it. They know dark things hide in it. They know the fog is growing thicker…

When Ivas enters the fog to find a missing girl, he comes upon the knowledge that something much worse than the monster-filled mist is coming for them all.

And it hungers…

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“Listen to me, little human, The Dead God consumes and
destroys. He feels the little spark of belief you humans have
for him. Yes, even your fear and superstition are enough to
draw him. When he comes, the seas will flee, the light will
die. Everything will decay under his touch. You will go mad
at the sight of him. Your bones will crumble along with the
stones of your houses. He is not a god of death, he is not an
employee of Hades or Hell, he is simply…dead. And all will
die with him.”

Breanna Bright is the author of many paranormal books, as well as short stories in various genres. She grew up in the backwoods of Missouri where she was inspired to write at a young age. Hollow trees, creek beds, and frog eggs were the sources of her early stories. Breanna holds a Master’s degree in English, and has several publications in the independent market. When she’s not writing she’s traveling and looking for new adventures to inspire her.


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  1. I love the cover, synopsis and excerpt, this is a must read for me. Thank you for posting about this book

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