Spotlight: The Pen Thief and the Orbit of Uncertainty, by Tasha Madison

the pen thief and the orbit of uncertainty

The Pen Thief and the Orbit of Uncertainty
by Tasha Madison
Young Adult, Fantasy
Author Academy Elite Pub

How do you pen your own destiny when you’re destined to control a magical pen?

Arnie Schmidt is an unremarkable seventeen-year-old nerd who works at his uncle’s accounting firm. Nothing exciting happens to him. Ever. The most exhilarating experience he had was sharing an elevator with his office crush once. It was a pleasure never to be repeated!

When his high school bully gets a job in the mail room and starts to make moves on Arnie’s dream girl, Arnie thinks his dull existence is over. However, a chance encounter at a yard sale changes his boring life forever.

An endless array of peculiar circumstances emerge, transforming Arnie’s average existence into one more extraordinary. One moment, he’s planning the epitaph on his tombstone, the next he’s trying to keep a vintage relic from sending him to an early grave and upsetting the entire balance of the universe.

What’s a timid number cruncher to do? Can Arnie protect his newfound treasure before it’s lost or stolen? Only time—and the unparalleled power of an enchanted fountain pen—will tell!

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About the Author:

Tasha is a book nerd, editing ninja, and design geek. She has degrees in journalism, business, and law. She is the award-winning author of Fabric of a Generation and Pharaoh’s Shadow.

After spending most of her childhood reading in the dark, after hours with a flashlight, she now prefers to curl up in a comfy chair at her local coffee shop.

She covets a seaside cottage full of antique typewriters, where she can write young adult magical realism books, historical fiction, and take on editing gigs to pay for her fountain pen addiction. She sometimes also obsesses over modern Jane Austen renditions and what it would be like to meet Shakespeare. To learn more about her, visit

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