Audio Spotlight: Tempest Cursed + Character Profiles

Title: Tempest Cursed

Author: K.C. Lannon

Narrator: Fran Burgoyne

Length: 9 hours 50 minutes

Publisher: K.C. Lannon

Released: Jan. 6, 2021

Genre: Fantasy; Young Adult

On the island of Moon Tithe, where oceanic gods called Deep Dwellers once ruled, a lonely girl and a monstrous boy fell in love.

When spirited 10-year-old Pearl searches for magic and answers after her mother’s presumed drowning, she finds a strange boy named Hake, instead. Raised cruelly by a monster called the Old One, 11-year-old Hake possesses otherworldly powers and has the knowledge Pearl seeks. In exchange for a home, Hake agrees to show her magic. But Hake knows nothing of magic – only that Pearl’s romantic stories of the Deep Dwellers are a lie.

As the two grow into young adults together, both the mysteries they seek to unravel and their romantic feelings for each other become hopelessly entangled. However, Pearl’s father threatens to separate them if they dig too deeply into Tempest’s secrets: a hidden passage, a Deep Dweller cult, and rumors of human sacrifices.

But when the wealthy and kind Lotham family arrives on Moon Tithe, offering Pearl an escape from the secrets that haunt her, her loyalty to Hake is challenged, especially when his monstrous nature is revealed.

Tempest Cursed is a magical, loose retelling of the classic novel Wuthering Heights.

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Pearl Earton
  • Age: Through the course of the story, she ages from a child to a young adult.
  • Physical Appearance: Long, wild dark brown hair, blue eyes the color of the sea.
  • Goal: When her mother vanished, rumored to have drowned in the Moon Tithe sea, Pearl is willing to do anything to get answers, even defying her father and making a dangerous sacrifice to the Deep Dwellers. But as she gets closer to the truth, the more it frightens her.
  • What does Pearl value most? Her freedom, and being allowed to be her true self.
  • Greatest Fear: Losing her father’s love for good, or being separated from Hake. Finding out a terrible truth about her mother’s disappearance.
  • Family relationships: After her mother vanished, Pearl bonded further with the housemaid, Alma, who became a confidant and mother figure to the girl. Her relationship with her father is strained; they simply do not understand each other.
  • Favorite pastimes: Collecting shells on the beach, horseback riding across the wild moorland with Hake, and enjoying nature and wildlife.
  • Strongest positive personality trait: When Pearl is at her best, she is empathetic, brave, and fiercely loyal to those she cares about.
  • Strongest negative personality trait: At her worst, Pearl can be stubborn and self-centered.
  • Age: Through the course of the story, he ages from a child to a young adult.
  • Physical Appearance: Wavy, overgrown, tangled black hair; dark brown eyes; tan skin covered with freckles; a gap-toothed smile. He rarely wears a shirt or shoes, and he usually has his sealskin cloak about his shoulders.
  • Goal: After escaping the Old One, the terrifying monster who fathered him, Hake’s main goal is survival. His goal then shifts to discovering his powers and what he truly is, and making sure that he and Pearl are never parted.
  • What does Hake value most? Pearl’s company, safety, and food.
  • Greatest Fear: That one day the Old One will return to kill him.
  • Family relationships: He does not consider the Old One his true family. He never knew his mother. His true family is Mr. Earton, Pearl, and perhaps even Alma (though she annoys him).
  • Favorite pastimes: Swimming and spending time with Pearl. He could happily spend every moment with her.
  • Strongest positive personality trait: When Hake is at his best, he is gentle, honest, and exceedingly brave.
  • Strongest negative personality trait: At his worst, Hake can be fearful, resentful, and cruel.

K.C. Lannon graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in English. When she is not writing or co-authoring the Winter’s Blight book series, she tutors English, walks dogs, and dabbles in art. She enjoys cooking vegetarian meals and playing tabletop RPGs.


Narrator Bio

Fran Burgoyne is a British stage actor and voice artist, with work ranging from classics such as the deliciously awful Natasha in Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Lady Utterword in Shaw’s Heartbreak House and Mistress Quickly in Henry IV Part 2, to playing the world’s worst tour guide in modern pieces such as the ground-breaking immersive show Madhouse Re:Exit by Access All Area’s. An award-winning narrator, she can be heard reading fantasy, romance and young adult novels in all good audiobook outlets, and snippets of the action can be seen on Instagram @frantellsstories.


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