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Wicked Coven
by A.S. Green
(Cursed Descendants, #1)
Publication date: September 5th 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Stella Aldren, a talented witch from Salem, has been chosen by her coven to fulfill a seventeenth-century curse that can only end in death.

If Stella doesn’t want to get herself killed, she needs to find Ethan Mather—the infamous witch hunter’s descendant who’s running for governor—pluck a hair from his head, make a poppet of his sexy-as-sin self, and…strike him dead.

No muss. No fuss. But when Stella stalks her prey at a political gala, sparks fly. And it’s more than their combustible sexual attraction. There’s an unforeseen and unknown magic swirling around the mysterious and devastatingly handsome candidate, and Stella can’t bring herself to kill him.

At least not until she discovers who Ethan Mather really is.

Unfortunately, Stella isn’t the only curious witch in town. A second coven from Boston’s underbelly has Ethan in their sights, putting Stella in the middle of a war between covens. One that wants him dead. And one that wants his power for their own dark deeds.

Now Stella is faced with an impossible choice: kill the enemy she’s falling for…or betray her coven by letting him live, putting herself in their crosshairs instead.

Fans of K.F. Breene, Kim Richardson, and Charissa Weaks will soon become obsessed with this enemies-to-lovers, steamy paranormal romance.

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**ALSO! There are 12 pop culture witches hidden in the book. Find all 12 (or as many as you can) and be entered to win prizes. Contest ends on Halloween. Details are inside the book cover!**


Ethan Mather spun Stella toward a corner of the dance floor, then suddenly stopped and pulled her so close she straddled his leg.

“The way you dance,” she said. “It should be criminal.”

Ethan’s eyes sparked with humor. “I’m surprised you think so.”

“I could surprise you in more ways than that,” Stella said, wishing she could think of a spell that would put him in his place without calling her out as a witch.

“Do you feel that?” he asked. His gaze bore into hers.

“People staring at us? Yeah, I feel it.” Not that she blamed anyone. Ethan in his tux. Her O.T.T. dress. The fact that they’d been holding this highly provocative pose for way too long… Who wouldn’t want to watch to see what happened next?

“No,” he said. “This. Do you feel this?”

He tightened his arm around her waist, and Stella’s magic surged, heating her chest and sizzling through her veins.

Oh, yeah. She felt it all right. The pulsing sense of power was impossible to ignore. She only wished she knew what it meant.


Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author A.S. Green lives in chilly Minnesota and spends the all-too-short summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for her paranormal and contemporary romances. She writes complex characters, action-packed plots, and snarky in-your-face banter. And, of course, loads of steamy love scenes.

When she’s not writing romance, she’s probably watching Outlander or pleading (unsuccessfully) with her husband to don the kilt she bought him last summer.

You can find her on most social platforms at @asgreenbooks. For the latest news – and to get your hands on exclusive content – subscribe to A.S. Green’s newsletter today (!

Goodreads / Bookbub / Twitter / Instagram

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Spotlight & Excerpt: The Rise of the Raidin + Giveaway


I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE RISE OF THE RAIDIN by Susan L. Markloff Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


(The Human-Born Era #1)

Author: Susan L. Markloff

Pub. Date: November 1, 2021

Publisher: Susan L. Markloff

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 367

Find it: Goodreads, books2read

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2022 Readers’ Favorite Winner for YA Urban Fantasy.

Jennifer Monroe is an average eighteen-year-old girl, and she knows it.

Which is precisely why no one—least of all herself—would suspect anything extraordinary from the quiet, boring girl who only has a few good friends to call her own. But that all got flipped on its head about a year ago, when two imposing men, a complete goofball, a werewolf, and two large four-legged creatures barged into her life.

Now over a year later, Jen leads a double life. Mild mannered, quiet, high schooler by day; dragon slayer and raw-energy-wielding-warrior (in training) by night. Juggling SAT scores, papers, and mastering the art of flying, she’s managed to keep her friends and family oblivious of her hybrid abilities and continue on a track for college. Everything was going swimmingly.

Until one normal, foggy, November morning, when a dragon crashed through the clouds, heralding a small army to descend on her high school.

All for little, forgettable her.

Making her realize that maybe there’s a whole lot more going on than she originally thought.


“A must-read, action-packed adventure that combines the real-life challenges of high school with that of an epic, otherworldly armageddon. I highly suggest The Rise of the Raidin for YA fantasy fans—you won’t be disappointed!” – Reedsy Discovery, ★★★★★

“Susan L Markloff has pulled off a fantastic story here, with depth of plot and characters that leave you wanting to read more. Young Adult Fantasy readers will find a whole world to love in The Rise of Raidin, and the premise fits nicely within the genre. Superbly written, with great humor and attention paid to each character that makes the whole read thoroughly enjoyable.” – ManyBooks

“A highly original YA urban fantasy, The Rise of the Raidin is an engaging mixture of everyday high school pressures, and the pressure of confronting mythical beasts. The well-choreographed action scenes and snappy dialogue result in a work of YA fantasy that will satisfy traditional YA readers and fantasy readers alike.” – Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

The Rise of the Raidin delivers an original take on dragons and dragon slayers with a secret world, a double life, coming-of-age discovery, and action-packed fight scenes.” – Reader’s Favorite, ★★★★★

The Rise of the Raidin is an exceptional science fiction/high fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of those genres, as well as readers who enjoy high school drama.”-  BookLife, ★★★★


Training in the Dark 

Ar’on smacked her shoulder with his wooden practice sword, and  she let out a yelp, hopping a little toward the side to avoid any further hits. He frowned and rolled his eyes with a small shake of his  head. An exasperated sigh left him as he let his arms fall, the sword  rocking back and forth in his loose grip.

“You’re still not guarding properly,” Tyron said from the corner  of the room, his arms crossed as he surveyed his charge’s progress.  He resisted the urge to remind her, again, that she was supposed to  focus on her opponent’s movements.

Rolling her eyes, Jennifer Monroe rubbed her wounded shoulder  as she looked over at Tyron. “You’re having me train with a wooden  sword; what could this possibly teach me about fighting with energy?”  She was only eighteen, still young in any hybrid’s eyes, but picked  up fighting tactics faster than he would have anticipated, especially  considering she had only been aware of her abilities as a Human Born for a little over a year.

She was short and athletically built, but never would he consider  her tiny. Her medium-length brown hair framed her face, sometimes  obscuring her hazel eyes when her bangs got too long. She usually  had her hair hidden under a baseball cap when she trained to keep  the locks from flying into her face.

Tyron’s gaze hardened as he pushed himself off the wall and  made his way to the middle of the room where they stood. “It’s not  about the weapon.” He took the practice sword from Ar’on, and the  elder warrior stepped aside as the Team Leader took his place. “It’s  about how you wield it. Your energy is a part of you, and any good  swordsman will tell you that a blade is an extension of themselves.  The great ones learn to treat it like a part of their bodies. You need  to learn to do the same in order to keep your power in check.”

“In check of what?” She shrugged. “I thought I was wielding  it pretty well.” To accentuate her point, she held her left hand out  and twinged her fingers a bit as smokey blue tendrils flew around  her digits.

Flicking the tip of his sword at her hand, Tyron smacked her  and the energy dissipated.


“You don’t have full control of it yet. Being so lackadaisical  about it will only lull you into a false sense of confidence. That’s the  worst thing you could do.”

Jen let out a disgruntled sigh. “What harm could it possibly do?” “That’s a loaded question.”

“It wasn’t a question.”

“It sounded like one,” Tyron said as he lifted his sword. Mirroring his stance, she was quiet for a few seconds before  she said, “I really do want to know.”

“You might hurt yourself, or someone else, or you could blow  something up for all we know,” he said as he jabbed forward. With a  clack, clack, clack, the wood met in succession as he gently pushed her backward. Jen hopped with each movement fluidly, just as she had  seen on shows and in movies. A simple movement. He was testing  her on something, but she didn’t know what.

“I can’t blow things up,” she said sarcastically. When Tyron didn’t  respond or move, she jutted her sword forward. He countered, and  she pushed forward again, trying to force him backward. He kept  his feet grounded, and despite her efforts to move him, he blocked  each of her blows effortlessly and sent her stumbling back.

“We don’t know that,” he said as the wood clanked with each hit. “You don’t know anything about my energy,” she retorted,  getting ever angrier as he calmly and easily deflected her attacks. He wasn’t breaking a sweat, but she could feel her pulse beginning to speed up, trying to get some movement out of him. Every  now and then, she might cause him to lean back slightly, but his  feet never moved. She could swear not a single hair on his head  shifted. Jen felt like she was dancing around, trying to find his  vulnerable spot.

A smile tugged at his lips as he watched her struggle. “We know  that it’s just like ours, but stronger. That being said, you should learn  the basics. No one’s above the basics.”

Her frustration bubbling, Jen jabbed forward and let out a small  yell. Tyron side-stepped and brought his blade around, smacking  her in the back with little effort. He didn’t hold back on the power  behind his hit, though.

He wasn’t going easy on her. He never did. Clearly, he had never  learned to not hit girls when he was growing up.

As Jen fell to her knees and let out a hiss, he said, “No one here  would doubt for a second that you’re powerful, Jen. But all that  means is that your energy needs to be treated with even more care  than a normal hybrid.”

She glared at him from over her shoulder. “Was that necessary?” “You’re not thinking through your attacks.” He placed the tip of the sword on the ground and leaned against the hilt. “You’re just… flailing the weapon at your enemy, hoping it’ll connect. You’re not  actually taking in their advantages or disadvantages. It’s like your  mentality is that you’ll wear them down.”

“Maybe that method works,” she said, gritting her teeth as she  stood. Gently touching her back, she felt the muscles flinch at her  soft inspection. It was going to bruise, and badly. She hated that he  never held back. He never treated her like a fragile human.

Sure, fine, she wasn’t a fragile human, but it still hurt to be  whacked with the full strength of a Chief Master of the Agerian  Defense.

Tyron tilted his head slightly and scrunched his face. “Mm,  that’s not likely.”

“Look, it works in video games,” she said, deadpan. He sniggered. “Right, because that’s the best argument for why  things should work in reality.” He closed the distance between them  and snatched the sword from her. Turning around, he walked to the  far wall and put the swords back on the racks.

“Did you have to hit me so hard?” she whined.

“A little bruising never killed anyone,” Ar’on said from his spot  in the corner.

“Easy for you to say.”

The elder hybrid grinned, an action that showcased his wrinkles  most prominently, and said, “Trust me when I say that I’ve had my  fair share of sore mornings.”

“Sure you have.”

“We’re going to keep working on this,” Tyron proclaimed,  walking back toward her. “These methods will help you learn how  to focus what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You can’t just  go shooting your energy around like a leaf in the wind.”

Jen let out a short breath before she said, “Hypothetical question.”


“Let’s say there are enemies around, and only enemies. And,  like, you’re not there. And no one’s there. And it’s just me.” “Jen,” Tyron said with a slightly bored look.

“Let’s just say I’m alone, and I get attacked. And there’s no one  around that could get hurt.” She shrugged. “What’s to say I can’t  just unleash some energy then?”

Tyron glanced at Ar’on before returning his gaze to her. “I’m  not saying never use your energy. I’m saying you need to learn how  to properly wield it so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.”

She glanced at the swords hanging on the wall and asked as she  pointed at them, “And those will help with that?”

With a nod, he said, “Yes.” As she opened her mouth to say  something, he held up a finger and added, “With time and practice.” As though he were asking her to do a dance recital in front of  the whole school, she grumbled, “Fine.”

“You’ll thank me for this, eventually.” Glancing at his watch,  he continued, “All right, it’s almost two. You’d better get home and  get some sleep before—”


All three of them turned toward the doorway where a five-foot  tall, tan grovix, named Archer, skidded to a stop just past the thresh old. Archer had a more canine structure to his face, with big ears  that sat erect on his head, and large feet. Jen had never asked, but  she thought it was fair to guess that Archer’s weight rivaled a lion’s. “There’s a Ferveos loose,” Archer said.

“What?” Tyron asked, pulling his brow together.

There was a swirl of silver dust, and a lean man appeared in  front of the grovix, lackadaisically holding a tablet. Called a Jumper,  he had the ability to shift into and out of the third and fifth dimensions. He used it in a cavalier manner, frequently choosing to close  the distance between floors rather than towns. Krelien easily could be called the most fashionable of the group and, without a doubt,  the shortest.

“Hey, there’s a Ferveos out in a cow field.”

“Hey, dingus, I said I would get them,” Archer barked. “Obviously, not fast enough,” Krelien said with a smirk. He  turned back toward the others. “It’s like fifteen miles from here.” The Alpha Team Leader flitted his eyes around the room for a  moment before he turned to Jen, who stared at him apprehensively.  A little uneasily, Tyron asked her, “You up for slaying a dragon?”


About Susan L. Markloff:

2022 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner.

Susan Markloff spent a majority of her childhood pretending to live in other worlds. Coupled with her admiration for fantastical stories, she crafted one of her own. Studying writing at Houghton College, she learned how to hone her skills as an author, writing first drafts of five books during her college career. The Rise of the Raidin is her debut novel and the first in the Human-Born Era series. Susan resides in her hometown of Sellersville, PA with her faithful dog, Pinkerton.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Rise of the Hunter, by Barb Jones

Rise of the Hunter blitz banner

Vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my!

Happy publication day and congratulations to author Barb Jones on the release of Rise of the Hunter. Read on for more details!

Rise Ebook 1600x2400

Rise of the Hunter
Of the Dark Prophecy series
By Barb Jones
Publication Date: June 15, 2023
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy/ Supernatural Horror

🩸Deadly Romance
🩸Life-Draining Curse
🩸Morally Gray Characters
🩸Dark Magic
🩸Deadly Creatures
🩸Multi POVs


The queen and her friends threw me into the dark pit three years ago, and I sought a way out, having used the power and life force of the others who were also thrown in. Today, I am free and planning my vengeance against her and the others.

In a supernatural world filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and angels, I will have my revenge against them. I am the epitome of evil and didn’t die like they thought. There’s a third prophecy with a nice little catch! This prophecy is meant for me; my revenge will turn the tables on the queen and her friends. I will turn them all against her, and according to the prophecy, the avenging angel be mine. Forever. As for the others, they will serve me.

It’s time for me to rise, beginning with the birth of a new hunter, new demons, and an angel that will be mine. Vengeance against the queen will be mine.

Rise of the Hunter is the fourth book in the Blood Prophecy series and is the first book of a new trilogy for the Tall Dark Man. It is full of dark magic and vengeance with a twist of good vs. evil but will good win this time? This supernatural book is set in the modern-day world between supernaturals to control the world and unleash evil as the world prepares for peace.


The Tall Dark Man called forth his witches of great power. He called upon their spirits, regardless of flesh and blood. He owned their souls, and because of that, they lived to serve only him. Thirteen powerful witches stood before him. His coven. Tapping his right fingers on the stone armrest of his throne, his left hand cradled his chin. His chin, left crooked from falling in the pit, never straightened and distorted his face. As he looked over towards his coven of dark witches, he watched them as they bowed in reverence to him.

“My coven. I call upon you to create an army of demons from that stone. It is the oldest stone and can be bent to obey my will. Create this army using that stone as it holds the strongest and hottest fire in the world. It is a volcano fire. Give this army strength, cunning, and power, for it will have to rise against the queen, the angel Zaraquel, and the witch. This army can’t be destroyed except by one word. I will give you that word when it is time.”

The witches stood whispering in front of him. One of them dared to speak.

“And what names shall we give these demons? To know one’s name is to command it.”

“When the demons are ready, I shall name them myself. This way, there is only one master. Do you remember Krieg, the Stone Demon? These need to be even more vicious. Krieg was the perfect Stone Demon, but a vampire and his witch wife destroyed him. Raise my army or suffer my wrath. When you have succeeded, I have more tasks for you in the days ahead.”

The same outspoken witch came to the Tall Dark Man and bowed to him. “Yes, lord. Your wish is our command.”

He saw all the witches standing before him, bow in servitude, and retreat to create his army. However, the Tall Dark Man summoned one witch back to him. She was a dark-skinned woman, and he admired her beauty. She was one of his favorites because, despite her physical age, he ensured her youth and beauty. The witch would lie with many men and bear their children, instructing all of them about dark magic, and causing speculations during the trials. He saved her after her time in jail by replacing her with a demon molded into her image. The Tall Dark Man wasn’t about to let anything happen to his witch after the Salem Trials. Not as strong as his sweet Elizabeth Hexham… Her loins bore him many demon sons and daughters.

She asked, “Will we create stone demons, or will there be more?”

The Tall Dark Man smiled and shifted his position on his throne. Motioning her to come forward, he grabbed her breasts and titillated them, stimulating her body in response to him. He watched her close her eyes and sway her hips, spreading herself open to him. His witches knew his needs and when to service him. This was one of those times… He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, her back arched.

“You, my sweet Tituba, shall give birth to a hunter. A hunter whose only purpose is to kill the queen and bring me the avenging angel. He will rise from your womb. He will kill the queen and her pets and bring their lifeless bodies to me so that the coven can raise them from the dead and command them to serve me. Only the angel will be left alone.”

Tituba nodded and replied, “I am honored, master. Will this hunter succeed? The last failed miserably, and you were in a terrible rage of anger.”

Scratching his chin, he thought for a moment and answered her. “Yes, because through him, all the demons and beings that serve me will follow his command while he is on his mission. He won’t be alone. Be calm. I won’t make that mistake again. Now, concentrate on something else, my sweet.” Then, he covered her with his body and implanted his seed into her womb.

Available Here

About the Author


Barb Jones is an award-winning supernatural thriller/horror author, living in Florida. While she is an accomplished IT professional by day, she fulfills her passion for writing supernatural thrillers by night. Born and raised in Hawaii, Barb deeply connects to legends, the supernatural, and all things that go bump into night. Her Hawaiian heritage plays a significant part in a lot of her writing. Her family roots return to Ancient Hawaii, involving a royal lineage and being descended from a long line of kahunas.

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