Cover Reveal: Forsaken by Shari Cross

📖Today we are revealing the cover of Forsaken by Shari Cross. (@sharicross_author) This is book 2 in The Divided Kingdom series.

📖Cover Reveal hosted by @readzbooktours


It’s so close now that I have to tilt my head back to see its peak: a sheet of black glass with a jagged point penetrating the clouds. The Forsaken Mountain. It’s appropriate really, that what awaits me lies in its shadow. Maybe one day stories will be told about my journey into Incarnadine. They can call me Addalynne the Lost. Addalynne the Forsaken . . .

After being sold to the enemy, Addalynne finds herself in the place her childhood mind conjured whimsically. But her mind never could have prepared her for the horrifying truths she’s about to uncover. Refusing to once again become a victim, Addalynne will fight for much more than survival.

Once I step foot in Incarnadine, I’ll be that much closer to her. We will no longer be separated by kingdoms, just the Faenomen Forest and our own recklessness.

Drake only has one objective: to find the girl he loves. But returning to the land of his past will reveal secrets once lost and long forgotten. As Drake comes to terms with not only who he is, but what he is, his loyalty will be tested.

Whispered warnings. A forbidden kingdom. A past revealed. Book II of The Divided Kingdom will take you into the heart of Incarnadine where you will find that fear runs much deeper than what’s hidden in the shadows of the Faenomen Forest.

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