Book Blitz & Excerpt: Now and Always + Giveaway

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Now and Always

Hearts and Haunts Book 1

by C.J. Burright

Paranormal Romance

Date Published:  01-10-2023

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

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Romance may not be all that awakens while two best friends renovate a mansion rumored to be haunted.

If you kiss your best friend…

Halloween-loving Ren needs a new job. The only problem? The sole accountant opening in her small town requires construction experience, which are skills she lacks. Luckily, her best friend Leo— sexy, grumpy and completely off limits— is a construction hotshot. Their relationship is perfect as is, and, despite the intense chemistry, Ren refuses to ruin it with romance. Leo agrees to teach her, with one condition— she must live on site with him… and somehow survive the temptation. 

You’ d better be sure…

Skeptic, sword-swinging Leo has loved Ren since she mistook him for a hardware employee in the plunger section two years ago. While he took his time winning her trust, she caged him in the friend zone. He’ s done hiding his feelings, and living together— working, sleeping, playing— at the Gothic mansion he’ s renovating will convince her that best friends make the best lovers. 

It’ s meant to be forever.

Ren resolves to resist Leo, even if he bends every rule. Discovering the mansion’ s secrets— and lingering spirits, no matter what Leo claims— offers distraction enough. But with her defenses splintering, one kiss is all it takes to shatter every boundary, one night of passion to believe in happily ever after… and one crumbling letter of unrequited love to awaken ghosts forgotten. If Ren and Leo can’ t piece together the past for two lost souls, they might lose more than their hearts.

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Hours later, midnight darkness lured Karen from some dream she couldn’t remember. She sat up and scrubbed her fingers through her hair. Moonlight spilled through the windows and shimmered over walls, softening the boarded-up hole across the room. The draped furniture slouched in the corner like fallen curtains. She’d left her door ajar after learning it didn’t latch right, another project added to her learn-to-do list, and it remained open a wedge.

A silhouette darkened the doorway, and her pulse jumped. Leo eased past the door, shirtless in the shadows. He looked at her, and his burning gaze stole her breath.


Without saying a word, he padded toward the bed, his bare feet silent on the rug, black boxers clinging to his muscular thighs.

With Leo, she never worried about appearances, but the silky tank top she’d worn to bed left zero to the imagination. Her face warmed. He’d have to be blind to miss how he affected her physically.

Something had to be wrong. He wouldn’t enter a woman’s bedroom without permission or knocking, not even if she happened to be his best friend. But the fire in his eyes erased all words from her brain, and when he crawled onto the bed on all fours, holding her gaze, she melted. Holy hell, he was a masterpiece, the powerful lines of his body hypnotic in the muted light.

As he approached with animal grace, she couldn’t react, lulled by the skewed sanity of the darkness and fantasy coming to life before her eyes. Straddling her legs over the blankets, he didn’t stop until he planted his palms on each side of her hips, caging her. Heat radiated from his bare skin, easing the chill of the air on her naked shoulders and arms. His breath brushed her lips.

“What are you doing, Leo?” The words hardly counted, more a rasp in her throat.

Leaning in, he bypassed her mouth and nuzzled her ear. “Tasting you.” He nibbled her lobe and tugged with his teeth, then licked the sting away. “Hmm. Luscious.”

A shiver trembled through her as the stubble on his cheek scraped her jaw and he pressed his lips to the sensitive spot beneath her ear. She fisted the sheet to keep from touching him. She should stop him, push him away, tell him to leave. But he trailed his lips to her shoulder, and the thought spun away, beyond her power. Her eyes closed of their own accord.

Denying the touch she’d dreamed of for so long was impossible. The fact that Leo was her best friend slithered out of reach. He rested his hot hand on her hip, and the magic of his mouth killed everything except desire.

“I’ve waited too long for you, Ren.” He sat back on his heels, his knees spread on either side of her thighs, and cupped her face.
“Far too long.”

About the Author

Once upon a time, a girl with flat hobbit feet dreamed of adventures in the woods with an elven hero, fighting off orcs and saving magical rings. All grown up now, C.J. Burright resides in Oregon (at least she got the trees).

While she faces her duties at the law office day job, she avoids writing legal thrillers and instead turns toward romance—contemporary (sometimes with a supernatural flair), paranormal or fantasy. With a 5th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, it’s no surprise she prefers feisty heroines who aren’t afraid to jump into the fight. Her slivers of spare time are spent working out, gardening, playing the latest Assassin’s Creed, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners, always with music. She shares a house with her husband (not elven, alas, but a fine alternative) and a devoted cat herd while missing her daughter from afar. C. J. is represented by Brittany Booker of The Booker Albert Literary Agency.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Ghost in Her, by Anika Savoy

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The Ghost in Her

by Anika Savoy

Paranormal Historical Romance

Date Published: 01.03.2023

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Narration Publisher: Voquent/Linda Quinn


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Seeing ghosts is literally in her blood. 

Life is hard enough without having to deal with ghosts following you around every day. Maggie O’Connor wishes that she did not have psychic gifts but coming from a long line of Irish female seers, she never had a choice. 

Faced with having to care for her departed sister’s orphaned baby, Maggie struggles to pay the rent while working for pennies at a local Bowery sweatshop. Her life goes from bad to worse when a wicked neighbor steals the baby.

Things look up when the handsome son of Maggie’s employer falls for her. Gershom understands that having psychic gifts does not necessarily make a woman crazy. If only the local judge agreed. When Maggie ends up at the New York City Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell’s Island, she must find a way to escape and return to Gershom’s loving arms.

Will Maggie be stuck in a madhouse forever? Even if she escapes, can she and Gershom rescue the lost baby? The obstacles seem insurmountable, but anything is possible with the assistance of ghostly helpers and Andrew Carnegie, one of America’s richest men. 

Fairy Tales can come true- but not without suffering.

Love the Gilded Age but want more magic? Grab a copy of THE GHOST IN HER, the first book in the new Ungilded series featuring magic among the Bowery Streets. THE GHOST IN HER is a perfect match for fans of Harper Lin’s Southern Sleuth Series or Christina Skye’s Draycott Abbey series.

“The first book of Anika Savoy’s Ungilded series, The Ghost in Her is a dark, immersive fairy tale, dusted with Gothic whimsy. It is a story for the romantic and the history buff, a rich page-turner that forces us to consider the ongoing social ills that, to this day, continue to haunt us.”—Bestselling author- Mike Robinson.

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About the author:

Anika Savoy is a retired attorney (i.e. 20 years in the trenches) and author of paranormal historical fiction and nonfiction.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Cuddling My Chuchunya + Giveaway

Cuddling my Chuchunya Teaser Tuesday Banner

Cuddling My Chuchunya

Book 1 of Snuggling in Siberia 

by Marilyn Barr

Monster Romance

Date Published: 01-13-2023 

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Dr. Vera Thompson

I am one reindeer sleigh ride away from academic notoriety and the corpse excavation which will catapult my career from junior anthropology fellow to tenured professor. Crossing the Siberian tundra is not for the faint of heart but with modern technology like a GPS, cell phone signal, and all-climate winter gear, I’ll reach the suspected Australopithecus body unearthed by the melting permafrost. One more day of dodging methane gas pockets under the ice and my life will change forever… 


The hairless ones swarmed around my brother’s body like flies from the southern land. Tradition dictates his next of kin perform his last rites, so I follow the erratic driving of the hairless ones from a foreign land. If these invaders discover my chuchunya clan, I fear we are too few to defend our territory under the ice. I don’t understand why the sled driver throws his passenger into a ground popper, but the cruel deed activates my coupling (dushevnayasvyaz) instincts to heat my body to an inferno…the first sign of a soul bond…

Stuck between loyalty to his clan’s secrecy and his biology, will Artyom trade injured Vera for Denis’s body? Will Vera choose modern conveniences in Ohio or stay in Siberia with the chuchunya who promises to cherish her? In such an unforgiving landscape, will Artyom prove his dushevnayasvyaz by pushing her toward an easier life, even if her leaving breaks both their hearts?

This book is for adults with cursing characters, mild violence, and steamy romantic scenes between a consenting human and a monster. To survive while isolated in Siberia, they must eat whatever food is available—whether it is a reindeer companion or not.

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I land cradled in his arms about a foot off the ground. My feet scrape along the stone floor as he draws me inside a small chamber. A high-powered flashlight tied to the ceiling illuminates his face…

Without the mask over his mouth, I get a view of a living Australopithecus…

A flat nose, thin lips, and intelligent blue eyes are inches from my own. His muzzle juts out to accommodate his enlarged tongue that I don’t need to see to know it’s there. I’ve studied his form in books for half my life. In a surprisingly human gesture, he swings his chin to shake ice crystals from his hair. Those monstrous fingers comb back the strands from his brow, along the back of his head, and over his furry left shoulder.

“I must have a concussion,” I murmur. My fingers have a mind of their own and investigate the contours of his face before shrinking back in mortification.

“Or you just find me that repulsive,” he says as his chin lowers to his chest. With a grunt, he lifts me to his chest and carries me to a stack of furs. I can’t breathe. My research. My studies. My obsession for the last eight years of post-secondary education has emerged from my anthropology articles to rescue me.

My Pleistocene Epoch Chapters…written about the Earth two million years ago…

Maybe I hit my head and I’m passed out at the bottom of the methane pit…but there was water, so I would have drowned by now. Did I imagine swimming, Balky, Artyom, and perhaps the entire accident? I rip off my gloves to pinch the back of my hand. My heart pounds as the sting registers.

I’m not dreaming. My imagination couldn’t have conjured him.

“Please don’t run,” he says when I attempt to scramble to my feet. “If we don’t secure your hip, you may injure yourself permanently.”

I wish I could say I’m focused on my hip, but it’s numb so I push my injuries to the bottom of my problems list. He would be more confident if he incapacitated me with his herbs, right? So why aren’t I screaming in fear? Being isolated with a monster should scare the hell out of me, but he kneels before me like a queen as I rest on a pile of furs. I’m dumbstruck with attraction. Bright blue eyes blaze with compassion from a nest of ivory hair. The thick coarse locks cover his face and hang in a neat beard. Finer, whiter hair is swept backward on his head. It drapes over his shoulders over coarse fur. He isn’t wearing furs but is covered in thick white hairs with strands of auburn peeking through. When my eyes trail to the darker patch over his lap, I snap them up to his face.

Where he’s blushing…without his half-face mask.

Could he be more fascinating?

“But you are from the Pleistocene Epoch and using a modern flashlight! You are like Schrodinger’s cat—both extinct and alive at the same time!”

“I do not know this Schrodinger, his cat, or half the words you said. Polina is a hairless one like you, who is the mate to our leader, Timor. She trades our skins and fish for batteries and lights in the leto season,” he says with a severe frown. I miss half his explanation because I’m too busy watching his thin lips form the sounds. I could study his speech patterns for decades and not have all my questions answered.

What would it feel like to kiss a mouth with a pronounced maxillary bone and an enlarged tongue?

The thought is so wrong. It makes me want to kiss him…and explore our differences. My fingers itch to touch him. I have a million questions to ask him about his life. First and foremost, is there a female he keeps in this cave…if not, where do I sign up? I could study his handsome face for years and not lose interest—amazing since my dating life has been as exciting as reading the dictionary. Should I be shocked my mind is contemplating blowing off my dig to study this specimen?

 And I can’t blame my body’s response to him on a head injury…

About the Author

Marilyn Barr currently resides in the wilds of Kentucky with her husband, son, and rescue cats. She has a diverse background containing experiences as a child prodigy turned medical school reject, published microbiologist, special education/inclusion science teacher, homeschool mother of a savant, certified spiritual & energy healer, and advocate for the autistic community. This puts her in the position to bring tales containing heroes who are regular people with different ability levels and body types, in a light where they are powerful, lovable, and appreciated.

When engaging with the real world, she is collecting characters, empty coffee cups, and unused homeschool curricula. She is a sucker (haha) for cheesy horror movies, Italian food, punk music, black cats, bad puns, and all things witchy.

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