Spotlight & Excerpt: Happy HallowScream + Giveaway

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Happy HallowScream

Monster Erotica Collection

by Eva DeMoan

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


I always wanted to go to Sleepy Hollow, especially for Halloween. Now my dream has come true! Except I didn’t count on the legends being at least half-true, nor did I ever consider the Headless Horseman who ran me down then made me scream in pleasure would be anything other than an actor. Now I’m in another realm, where monsters roam freely, and I’m completely at his mercy. No, not just his, but his brothers too – all creations of the Devil.

The Horseman calls me his whore, and he’s about to prove to me just how true that is… I either submit to him and his brothers or pay the consequences. And if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s to be on the Devil’s bad side!

WARNING: Happy HallowScream is a collection of interconnected monster erotica stories with subject matter some readers may find objectionable. It’s not warm and fuzzy. There’s no romance. This collection is 100% erotica with very little plot, minimal character development, and lots of hot monster sex. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!

**This is a short novella and is 9000 words long or 38 pages**

Halloween had always been my favorite time of year. I loved dressing up, the decorations, scary movies, and most of all, I loved all the jack-o-lanterns. The crisp scent in the air, and the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet, always left me feeling invigorated. And this year was even better. I’d finally saved enough money to spend Halloween in Sleepy Hollow!
The town felt magical! I had to admit some of the costumes were a little cheesy, and meant more to entertain the kids, but I still loved every second of my visit. I wished I could stay forever. The long skirt of my costume swirled around me with every step, and my cape billowed behind me. The hour was growing late, which meant the little kids would be retiring soon. I couldn’t wait to experience Sleepy Hollow closer to midnight.
I tipped my head back and looked up at the full moon. Closing my eyes, it almost felt as if the rays reached down to caress my face. A shiver raked my spine and I inhaled sharply, taking in the scents of pumpkin and spice.
Excitement buzzed in the air around me, and I felt it humming under my skin.
I approached the cemetery and peered inside. The tombstones seemed eerie in the darkness. Even this part of town had been decorated for the festive occasion. I stepped inside and let my fingers trail over the tops of the headstones. The sounds of the other people faded, making me feel as if it were just me in this magical place.
I danced among the graves, head tipped back, and arms spread wide as I spun.
I felt like I’d come home. A loud crack made me stop, and I stared into the darkness, wondering if I was no longer alone. I didn’t see or hear anything else, not matter how hard I strained.
“Hello? Is anyone there?”
An owl hooted, but nothing else stirred. Until… a faint sound in the distance.
The clip-clop of a horse’s hooves. I’d seen a few around town, usually as part of someone’s costume, but I hadn’t realized they came to the cemetery. I moved further into the sacred place.
I jolted, looking around. Had someone called my name? “Hello?”
Isabel. I’m coming for you.

Eva DeMoan loves erotica, both writing and reading it. The filthier, and the kinkier, the better. Monster erotica is one of her favorites, and in her opinion, there’s not nearly enough of it. She also enjoys dino erotica, tentacle erotica, and more. Trolls, dragons, gargoyles. She has a story for them all. If you’d like to be notified of future Eva DeMoan releases, follow her on Amazon.


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Spotlight & Excerpt: Tools of a Thief + Giveaway

Tools of a Thief

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. D. Hale Rambo will be awarding 1 of 3 print copies of the book (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Tools of a Thief
by D. Hale Rambo
Genre: Fantasy Novella

How do you stop being a thief? Zizy assumed quitting her job, stealing from her boss, and flitting magically across the continent was one way to give it a go. Getting in and out of sticky situations is typically Zizy’s specialty. A little spellwork here, a pinch of deception there, and she’s home free. Quick-fingered, fast-talking, and charming the gnome knows traveling across a shattered continent won’t be easy. Still, she has the skills to keep herself from getting killed.

Too bad she was followed on her one-way trip. Pressed into a mission she can’t say no to, Zizy feels desperate, out of place, and as lonely as before. But when she meets a charming book hoarder with bold curiosity, Zizy can’t help but want to bring her along on this one last job. She’ll just hide her past, her present, and complicating info about herself. What could go wrong?


Tools of a Thief

Read an Excerpt

Zizy was taught growing up that expanding the Vault had been a request of the gnomes creator, the Trickster. The gnomes had built three glorious cities over the course of the last hundred or so years. Arovein, their original city, Zumi to the southwest along the coast, and Hadu on the northwest coast. All built in the tunnels and caverns of the Vault with small trading settlements above ground. But everything else after that had been gnome ingenuity. The waterworks pipeline, the spellwork-powered carts, the mechwork creatures—all made life grand for them. Enabled them to focus on their particular pursuits and research without worry for the busy motions of just living life.

She missed the clanking of metal as someone walked down the street testing out some new contraption. She missed her favorite tavern. Discussing over mugs of brewbeer what new idea a friend had thought up and watching—or sometimes being—the one who had agreed to be a tester. She missed being in charge of her daily life. Zizy let the pang of homesickness for Zumi and her old life wash over her.

What the minds of her people could come up with would be mesmerizing to a Brix. Simply astonishing. Or frightening, if they were ignorant sticks in the mud. She had encountered many like that since she entered their lands, those who saw her and understood she wasn’t like them. Some had been polite and ignored it when interacting with her. But others, scared beyond sense, had been more harmful and even attacked her unprovoked. So she’d tried to pass straight through, not standing out, with only mild altercations like yesterday’s.

But then there was Laysa. Something about this Brix was different, intriguing, and though Zizy had thought, as she drank in the inn the evening before, that the best way to avoid Emba’s bad side was just to do as she said, the spark of defiance she felt every time she saw Emba had reared its head. Her mind returned to Laysa off and on all night. The way she didn’t hesitate to ask and answer. The volley of words she seemed happy to spill. Zizy sensed she could talk for ages, and Zizy wasn’t unhappy, she mused, at the prospect of talking to her again. Around in circles Zizy went, drink after drink, until she just decided to do what she was best at: ignore all reasonable suggestions and do what she wanted anyway.

About the Author:


D. Hale Rambo is an avid reader, Pathfinder/Dungeons & Dragons player, bubble bath connoisseur, and author. She has been writing and creating other worlds since she was old enough to mark them on her bedroom wall. As a dungeon master and in life, D. Hale Rambo believes in the fun of morale bonuses, inspiration, and always using cover. Get updates on the series, say hello, or debate with her about the versatility of gnomes at her website.

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