Cover Reveal: Shade of Light, by Kimberly Grymes

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We are so excited to share this stunner! Pre-order Shade of Light by Kimberly Grymes and stay tuned for the book tour in October!

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Shade of Light
(Three Shades Trilogy)
by Kimberly Grymes
Expected Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Not all monsters are evil. Some choose to do better. So, which one am I?

Eighteen-year-old Adele believes she’s a monster because of her ability to infiltrate minds. She has come to terms with the fact that she may be alone for the rest of her life in order to avoid hurting others. For years, she’s been kept captive at Castle Forge, living comfortably under the watchful eye of a tyrant general. But after secretly witnessing her aunt heal someone with her blood, Adele knows the only way to get answers is to escape. Even if that means leaving behind the one person who’d shown her compassion during her captivity.

She travels far to her childhood village, and while trying to uncover the mysteries of her past, she encounters the Shade. The same mysterious attackers who changed her life eight-years ago. The Shade have been raiding Adele’s childhood village, capturing its inhabitants for their queen, the ruler of the Under Realm. It isn’t long before Adele realizes these attackers possess similar powers, drawing more questions about who she is, where she comes from, and how she’s connected to these evil beings.

After a childhood friend is captured and taken to the Under Realm, Adele must decide whether to stay and help the village or return to Castle Forge, where a dear friend might be in danger from the general’s wrath. With evil all around, Adele must choose who she wants to be and what her future holds.

This young-adult dark fantasy story promises a captivating and thrilling journey filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists. Book one in the THREE SHADES TRILOGY explores themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the power of choice as Adele navigates a dangerous medieval world to find her place in it.

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Author Note:
This book/series is young adult fiction and appropriate for 14+ years of age to read. It is considered “dark” fantasy, but appropriate enough for teens to read. There are mildly violent scenes, but nothing that falls into the “gore” or “horror” category. And the magic is more abilities that can either be used to help other or for torturous reasons.

This is a story that takes place in a medieval fantasy world with arrows, swords, and other non-gun-like weapons.

If you enjoy “dark” fantasy TV shows such as Wednesday, Vampire Diaries, or Shadow and Bone then you’ll be okay with the level of “darkness” in Shade of Light.

About the Author


Kimberly Grymes loves being sucked into science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and paranormal worlds.

After many, many years of reading books and watching other people’s stories on TV and film, she finally took the plunge and started writing and sharing her own stories, starting with her debut novel, Isoldesse. She’s also released a companion novella, The Red Umber Forest. Besides storytelling, Kimberly enjoys baking, crafting, and taking bookish pictures for her Instagram page.

She and her family live on the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas with their two crazy miniature pinschers, Cori and Jubilee.

Kimberly Grymes

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Book Blitz: The Crimson Witch, by Ashley Oliver

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Have you read The Crimson Witch by Ashley Oliver? Now’s the time to go back and read the first two books in The Royal Thieves Trilogy before the final installment is released!

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The Crimson Witch
(The Royal Thieves #2)
by Ashley Olivier
Publication Date: September 2022
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

She will make them pay, even if it destroys her.

The Crimson Witch is determined to free her undead army and wreak havoc on the world, both seen and unseen. Death would be too kind a mercy for those faerie traitors compared to the torment she has endured. And she will get her vengeance, no matter the cost.

Four enchanted objects, each sealed by dark blood and ancient magic, have bound her. But they also hold the power to set her free once and for all.

After being captured and imprisoned in the Black Lake, Enya and the others must find a way to undo the wicked damage done once they escape, even if that means uniting feuding faerie courts, runaway royals, and rival gangs. Deals have been made in the shadows, each at an impossible cost.

But with lies and secrecy around every turn and two more hidden relics remaining, Enya can’t be sure whose word she can trust, if anyone’s.

With everything hanging in the balance, can unlikely alliances keep the world from falling into darkness?

Fans of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, and The Wicked King by Holly Black can’t get enough of this action-packed story!

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The Raven Thief
(The Royal Thieves #1)

Enya has a few very simple goals in life.

Take down a tyrannical king, give her gang a decent life, become the leader of Skeyya’s rebellion, and maybe become slightly more rich along the way.

Okay, so maybe those goals aren’t so simple. And everything comes at a cost in the capital streets of Arden; King Eamon is after her head, and shadows lurk around every corner, waiting to spill secrets and blood.

After being captured and sentenced to death in the esteemed royal palace, Enya never expected to run into three princes who need her help—and especially not ones thought to be dead for over a decade. An impossible quest is proposed; an ancient evil is rising, and only they can stop it. The Crimson Witch, a faerie demon imprisoned in the Black Lake, along with her undead army of ghouls.

Enya has now found herself caught in a web of darkness and deceit as she guides these princes and her right-hand man, Carson, on a journey to track down the magical artifacts needed to take down the Crimson Witch once and for all.

Love, friendship, and bravery will all be tested. Can three princes and a thief save the world?


About the Author


Ashley Olivier is an aspiring writer based in the busy capital city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When she’s not writing, she’s working as a full-time editor with a specialty in fiction and fantasy. You can usually find her spending an unusual amount of time in coffee shops taking advantage of free Wi-Fi and refills.

She prefers matcha green tea almond milk lattes over coffee, sushi over pretty much anything, and cats over humans.

When she’s not working, she’s getting her zen on with yoga, reading young adult fantasy—usually on the adventurous side, running her bookstagram, creating messy masterpieces in the kitchen, petting her cats, and going on midnight adventures.




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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Child of Prophecy + Giveaway


I am so excited that CHILD OF PROPHECY by M.G. Darwish is available now and that I get to share the news! This blitz also includes a giveaway for a THREE Amazon GC’s courtesy of M.G. & Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info below.


Author: M.G. Darwish

Pub. Date: April 6, 2023

Publisher: M.G. Darwish

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 248

Find it: Goodreads, Books2Read

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A hero with a destiny. A prophecy that could save or doom the world. A final battle that will decide the fate of legends.

Griffyn Haikrou has become Titanlord. He has fought his way through gods and monsters, friends and foes, lies and truths. He has sacrificed everything for a chance to stop the prophecy that threatens to destroy all life.

But his journey is not over yet. The sky has turned red, and the hour of reckoning has come. He must face his ultimate enemy: himself.

Will he fulfill his destiny or succumb to his own power? Will he save the world or doom it to eternal darkness?

Titanlord: Child of Prophecy is the third and final book in the Titanlord Series, an epic fantasy for adults. If you like heroic quests, mythological twists, and breathtaking action, then you’ll love this thrilling conclusion.


Grab all 3 books today!


The Calm Before The Storm

Robrin, also known as Colossal, walked through the dust of Hollow Land, feeling the peace that reminded him of the calm before a storm. He had done something unthinkable: he had interfered, and now an old friend was waiting to see what he had done.

“Ceris, come out. I know you’re here,” Robrin said calmly. A man dressed in black silk robes approached him, covering his mouth.

“Do not smile, do not show joy,” Robrin warned him.

“I am eternally grateful to you, my king. You have done a good thing. You stopped something far greater from happening, and you know that.”

Robrin gritted his teeth and balled his fists. “I…have doomed us all.”

“You have chosen illumination over vindication. It may not be noble, but it remains a path.”

“One that you forced upon us,” Robrin eased his palms, stepped closer to Ceris, and grabbed him. “Do you realize what you have done? Do you?” he spat.

“It was the Creator! He spoke to me!”

“The Creator…” Robrin mocked as he pushed Ceris away. He walked back and forth, holding his head before turning around.
“It was thousands of years ago, Ceris! All those men that came before you perished, and those born after you died… do you not see that he abandoned us?
All for some shrewd hope lost in the depths of Dragonhead!”

Ceris shook his head. “You cannot speak like this, you cannot, Robrin… you were there…”

A raging bolt fired within Robrin as he covered his eyes with his hands. Tears fell down his face. “It is all a game to you… just a game.”

“No, it is not,” Ceris said as he crawled on his knees and held onto Robrin’s shirt.

“Your eyes, your ears… you will lose them before the night of the daunting crowns. When the prophecy is fulfilled, and the Creator’s will manifests not as divine but as anarchy, it is then that you will weep: woe unto me, the pretender.”

“I have not pretended,” Ceris pleaded as tears ran down his cheeks. “I have not forgotten this, I swear to you, Robrin,” he shook his head violently. “But know that a great sacrifice comes in the birth of a great thing. You knew the price, Robrin… when you severed the link, you knew what would come for you.”

“I pray for you, a soul eternally damned…”

Ceris began to laugh hysterically. He clapped his hands faster than he could smile. “It will be glorious!”

Robrin stepped closer, grabbed his neck, and lifted him high in the air. “What now, old man? You stink of foul treachery. Do you take me for a fool?”

“I… can’t breathe!”

“Good!” Robrin replied. “For the future you have set us on is far worse than any ending you could foresee,” he said, letting go.

Ceris fell to the ground, face first. “He will not turn!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Robrin shook his head as he panted, grasping for air to calm his breathing. “Fool… you’re a mad fool,” he added before he turned around and began walking.

“Colossal!” Ceris shouted. “Do not forget your ancestry! Where are you going, Colossal?” he bellowed once again.

“To resume my slumber. And for your sake, you best not wake me this time, lest I turn the sky blue again.”

“You will do your duty as divined by the Creator you shun! Do you hear me, you ignorant fool! You will do your duty!” Ceris shouted into the abyss. His voice faded from Robrin’s ears.

About M.G. Darwish:

M.G. Darwish is an award winning author who writes dark, twisted and action-packed fiction. He tries his best not to base his characters on anyone he knows in real life to avoid that extra weird conversation about how they were brutalized and killed in the book. Oh and he’s terrified of a penguin uprising more than ghosts and demons.

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