Book Blitz: Hope in Liverpool, by T.N. Traynor

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hope in liverpool traynorHope in Liverpool
by T.N. Traynor
Christian Romantic Fiction, Religious Fiction

Can an alliance of convenience heal two broken hearts?

Liverpool, 1958. Hope Bennett longs to feel safe and wanted. Loyal to an alcoholic mother who gambles away all her hard-earned wages, she’s devastated by the announcement her family is moving and she’s not to follow. But her despondent plan to fling herself off the ferry and succumb to the freezing River Mersey is interrupted by a handsome older man.

John Walker expects to live out the rest of his days drowning in grief, isolated and lonely after the loss of his childhood sweetheart. When he spots a young woman in distress he is immediately drawn to help her.

Can the fragile dream of a better life out of the slums provide the security and companionship they both crave?
Hope in Liverpool is an emotional foray into historical women’s fiction. If you like compellingly complex characters, light humour woven through heart-wrenching drama, and gripping romantic overtones, then you’ll adore T N Traynor’s poignant story.


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Author Bio

Growing up with dyslexia I considered myself to be stupid. I had no confidence and when I left school my first job was washing up dishes in a restaurant. I moved onto to be a waitress and then a chambermaid.

At the age of forty, I had a part time job making sandwiches. At this time I got divorced and became a single mum with four lads to bring up on my own. I knew I had to do something to provide for them, so I went back to college to study accounting. Within a few years, I had become a finance manager, and my confidence has grown in buckets-full.

Famous for my scrumptious apricot flap-jacks and my mouth-watering risotto, with a non-existent waistband and greying hair, I am a grandmother extraordinaire! Well not really, but you’ve got to have a dream to have a dream come true. So, I’m a good cook and a chubby Nana who delights in storytelling.

I grew up with the belief that I was stupid. Not able to read until I was fairly old, I lived with a spiritual ‘dunce’ hat on for the largest part of my life. Writing my first book pretty much felt like a miracle to me, that readers are enjoying it is an even bigger miracle. All I can say to you would-be-authors and dreamers out there, success is rarely an accident. Dream, plan, focus, work hard, and most importantly keep a positive attitude.

If you should take the plunge and buy any of my books, then my heartfelt thanks to you and with my eternal gratitude for your support, I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.


Twitter: @tracy_traynor



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