Cover Reveal: Baggage Claim, by Kristina M.

baggage claim cover reveal
TITLE – Baggage Claim
AUTHOR – Kristina M.
GENRE- Young Adult
 RELEASE DATE – May 1st, 2022


Molly finds her passion in hospitality. She decides to travel to Germany and finish her internship in one of the most elite hotels in the country. During her internship she faces challenges of being an outsider, discrimination, crazy working hours and tough colleagues. When she feels at her lowest point she hangs to her friendship with her roommate, Jiana. At an unexpected turn, she meets a mysterious man, who not only brightens her days, but changes everything during her few months in Germany. Will Molly finish the internship and fight for her passion for the industry and the man she loves, or she will fail to get both? Can you get both? Is that the key to true happiness?
Author Bio

Kristina was born in 1993. Her passion for writing started at a young age. The first short story competition she attended was at age 12. The first book is getting published on the 1st of October 2020. While her passion was always hospitality, there was part of her heart that always told her to write her emotions and thoughts.
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Cover Reveal: Lawsuit and Leather, by Vivian Mae

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TITLE – Lawsuit and Leather
AUTHOR – Vivian Mae
GENRE- Contemporary Romance (Recommended 18+)
 RELEASE DATE – February 22nd, 2022


He loved me like a sister, and that alone made me want to die. Parker Jones was not only New York’s fiercest lawyer, but my childhood best friend and truest love. Moving in together was supposed to be a dream come true, but doing so because my business failed was a nightmare.

Out of options—both with love and money— my future depended on the most important interview of my life. Never could I have expected how missing that single opportunity could land me in the lap of Hollywood’s baddest boy, Alex Rivers.

Arrogantly persistent and devilishly handsome, Alex was determined to break through my walls and grant me the chance to follow my dreams as a fashion designer.

But the closer I got to Alex, the more Parker began to change. Once only a friend, Parker had now turned completely protective and stubbornly jealous, blurring the lines of what we once were.

All I wanted was a chance to start fresh, but being caught between two protective alphas had changed it all, both with their hidden secrets and untold desires.

What will happen when Hollywood’s biggest star and New York’s most vicious lawyer fight for the same woman? Every battle needs a winner, but who can win when a heart has to break?





Author Bio
Vivian Mae is a Latina indie author, living out of Phoenix, AZ who writes sexy contemporary romance for her naughty readers. Her debut, Burning Little Secrets, released April 7th, 2021. In her new novel, you’ll find a sweet whirlwind romance, packed with drama, secrets, and desirable steamy action.

She’s written a number of pieces and was recently published in “A Short Book of Short Stories”, featuring her addition entitled: Love at First Disaster. She is married to her best friend, fulfilling her own trope of best friends to lovers.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her laughing alongside her husband, binging trashy T.V., sneaking chocolates, reading her favorite naughty novels, and dreaming about pizza and wine

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