Cover Reveal: Born in Depravity, by V.T. Do

TITLE – Born in Depravity (Men of Wrath Book 1)
GENRE- Mafia, Dark, Reverse Harem Romance
 RELEASE DATE – June 30th, 2022



She’ll be their ruin, their obsession… their captive.


Once upon a time, there lived a Mute Princess in an ivory tower.
Stuck in her gilded cage, she prayed for freedom.
She prayed that she’d get away from her monster of a father one day. Away from all the bloodshed and away from her destiny.
What she got was a new cage painted in red, trading one monster for three.
Damien Vasiliev, Mikhail Volkov, and Nikolay Sokolov.


Once upon a time, there lived three monsters out for revenge.
Their names were synonymous with death, running in the same league with the Devil himself.
They took me for their own twisted games.
They told me they would own every single part of me—the parts I was willing to give and even the ones I refused.
I was theirs to break. Theirs to use. Theirs to play.
Their broken toy.






Author Bio
V.T. Do grew up in beautiful Colorado with words on her mind and dreams in her eyes. Writing has always been the best way for her to express herself, and she has been doing that for as long as she can remember. When she’s not writing, you can find her talking to herself, daydreaming, hunting magical creatures, and reading. She is the author of The Young and the Sinner, book 1 of the Entangled Past Series, Dirty Professor, book 1 of the Dirty series, and The Mess You Left Behind, an enemies-to-lovers romance, now available on Amazon’s Kindle.
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Cover Reveal: Baggage Claim, by Kristina M.

baggage claim cover reveal
TITLE – Baggage Claim
AUTHOR – Kristina M.
GENRE- Young Adult
 RELEASE DATE – May 1st, 2022


Molly finds her passion in hospitality. She decides to travel to Germany and finish her internship in one of the most elite hotels in the country. During her internship she faces challenges of being an outsider, discrimination, crazy working hours and tough colleagues. When she feels at her lowest point she hangs to her friendship with her roommate, Jiana. At an unexpected turn, she meets a mysterious man, who not only brightens her days, but changes everything during her few months in Germany. Will Molly finish the internship and fight for her passion for the industry and the man she loves, or she will fail to get both? Can you get both? Is that the key to true happiness?
Author Bio

Kristina was born in 1993. Her passion for writing started at a young age. The first short story competition she attended was at age 12. The first book is getting published on the 1st of October 2020. While her passion was always hospitality, there was part of her heart that always told her to write her emotions and thoughts.
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