Personalized Marketing Inc’s 13th Anniversary

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🎈🎉Join Personalized Marketing Inc on their 13th Anniversary!!🎉🎈


Can you believe it has been 13 years since Personalized Marketing Inc opened its doors? (Dee opened the doors and still can’t believe it either!) Her first book was released 16 years ago … which was the unknown start to #PMInc. When La Roe’s Curse was originally published, she was given a basic webpage, had to learn marketing the hard way, was asked to help a friend, which then Personalized Marketing Inc being born.

Over the past 13 years, #PMInc has evolved from doing small websites and marketing, to WordPress, HTML, and others. While their marketing has remained true to Whitehat Methods, they now offer Organic Marketing which is designed to help you grow beyond your current reach.

As some of you may know, Dee got a Bachelors in IT, with an Advanced Software Development Certificate. Followed with a Master’s in Business and Graduate Marketing Certificate.

Before attending college, Dee met and became close friends with Cindy, who then in Feb 2019 became #PMInc’s Manager and her editor, cover artist, and guru.

#PMInc offers the following main services but are always open to adjusting for their clients’ needs.


Organic Marketing

They analyze your various online locations ensuring that you are reaching your viewers when they are available and putting out content that interest them.

Web Design

To enhance your online presence, #PMInc implements styles and features that focus on your branding and incorporate them into your social media networks.


You have put forth the effort of creating a great product or service. Now it is time to make sure your website is showcasing them while ensuring that you populate on Search Engines.


Join Personalized Marketing Inc clients, Silver Dagger Book Tours, and #PMinc in a 10 Day Party with giveaways!


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Check out the #PMInc Anniversary Party! Participating Authors Video Playlist!


Participating Authors


Dana Littlejohn

A Package Deal The Seven Year Switch The Power of the Bayou Ivy's Hot Shots Tri-Romance

Lynn Chantale

His True Love His True Protectors True Family Lies Pride Wrath (Sin-Eaters)

Laura Tolomei

Virtus Sex To Seduce a Soulmate Bondage Slave for Hire Deadly Karma (Club Sortilege Book 1) Christmas Deadline (Club Sortilege)

Beverley Bateman

Hunted: Hawkins Ranch Series Missing: Luke's Story Targeted: Hawkins Ranch Series - Kye's Story by [Beverley Bateman] The Fourth Victim: Sara's Story (The Foundation Book 1) Death Southern Style

Kayelle Allen

Wulf (Tales of the Chosen) Alitus (Tales of the Chosen) Kayelle Allen Jawk (Tales of the Chosen Kayelle Allen)

B.L. Scott

Adrenaline (Laurel Glen Series Book One B.L. Scott ) Foreign Threat (Laurel Glen Series Book Two B.L. Scott) Tortuga Sunrise (Laurel Glen Series Book Three B.L. Scott )

Dee Carver

Fay's Wish (Dee Carver) La Roe's Curse (Dee Carver)

Join us in a 10 Day Party with a giveaway HERE!!

$25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate
1 eBook From Each Author (From the titles listed)
Print Copies of La Roe’s Curse and Fay’s Wish

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Dating Season Announcement

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Laurelin Paige AKA Daddy & Kayti McGee AKA Your Mom love each other very much, and they decided it was time to bring the glimmer in their eye to life…

with a new book baby!

Name: Dating Season

Length: 6 novellas

Weight: Light & Fluffy Romcom

Delivery Date: May 3, 2021, Bk 1: Spring Fling will enter the world.

We’re sooooo excited, so prepare for lots and lots of pictures!

(no presents, please, our little peanut is already rich in love. Just look at what all its new aunts had to say)

“A delicious, sexy, clever story with fun, modern twists that feels like a night out with your best friends as they share their hilarious dating tales!” – Lauren Blakely, #1NYT Bestselling Author

“The best Melanie Harlow book ever written by Laurelin and Kayti. Minus the dapper black beanie. There’s no such thing.” – Melanie Harlow, USA Today Bestselling author and noted fashion critic 

“A fun, smart, and highly addictive romance read guaranteed to give you a smile.” – Kylie Scott, NYT bestselling author

“This is SuperFun! I can’t wait until the next installment. Chloe is hilarious, and I feel seen!” – Sarina Bowen, USA Today bestselling author 

“Sexy and hilarious. Dating Season is an absolute delight!” – Claire Contreras, NYT bestselling author

“Dating Season is a hilarious hit of rom-com goodness. I laughed, I cringed and laughed some more over the hilarious dating antics.  I can’t wait for more of Chloe’s adventures in dating!” – Helena Hunting, NYT bestselling author

“Five OMG fun, bantery stars for the can’t-miss romcom of the year! Buckle up for swoony slow-burn action, quirky side characters, and workout fiascos that will tickle you down to your toes.” ~Annika Martin, NYT bestselling author

“Short, sweet, and funny AF! Dating Season is everything you love about listening to your BFF’s dating drama, but better because you can actually laugh out loud without feeling like a jerk. A guilt-free guilty pleasure!” – BB Easton, USA Today bestselling author

“Delightful, sexy, spunky and fun, I can’t wait for more of Chloe’s dating adventures. Is it too early to say #TeamAustin?” – Tessa Bailey, NYT bestselling author

“Dating Season is a hilariously goofy, humorously insightful romp of a series from Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee. As Chloe pines for her friend Austin but doesn’t have the courage to announce her feelings, she dates her way through bad match after bad match, love dangling under her nose as the slow burn builds. I love what McGee and Paige have done and can’t wait to read more! Infectious rom com fun!” – Julia Kent, NYT bestselling author

Series Blurb:

They say the best way to get over one man is to get under another one… and another. And another.

Chloe is on the wrong side of her quarter-life crisis. Dead-end job, lease ending, and single af. It’s made all the harder by knowing exactly who the perfect man for her is: her super hot, incredibly kind, and extremely taken friend Austin. What’s a girl to do but drown her troubles in pinot and let her bestie open her an account on a dating app?

If there are other perfect men out there, she’s determined to find them.

Her ensuing series of boyfriends spark several revelations for Chloe: 

Never date a man with step-mommy issues.

Always ask about criminal records on the first date.

Swimsuits were never intended to be made from leather.

Maybe perfection is as overrated as her new app. 


Release Date: May 3rd


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They say the best way to get over one man is to get under another one… and another. And another.

I’m on the wrong side of my quarter-life crisis. Dead-end job, lease ending, and single af. It’s made all the harder by knowing exactly who the perfect man for me is: my super hot, incredibly kind, and extremely taken friend Austin. What’s a girl to do but drown her troubles in pinot and let her bestie open her an account on a dating app?

If there are other men for me out there, I’m determined to find them. Spring is for new beginnings, and Finn’s abs are a perfect introduction to dating.

Unless, of course, perfection is as overrated as my new app.


Release Date:May 17th


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Release Date: May 31st


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About the Laurelin Paige:

With millions of books sold worldwide, Laurelin Paige is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author. She is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. 

When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Killing Eve or Letterkenny, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She’s also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn’t do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. 

She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.

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About Kayti McGee:  

Livin’ deliciously in beautiful Kansas City Missouri, where everyone else loves the Royals as much as I do. I like wine and murder shows and mountains and art.

I’m represented by Rebecca Friedman at Friedman Literary because I am a lucky, lucky girl. Call her if you want me to do Iron Chef, otherwise just hit me up on Facebook, on Insta @KaytiMcGeeWrites, and stay sexy.

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