Book Blitz: Photog, by K. R. Ruth

TITLE- Photog
AUTHOR- K. R. Ruth
GENRE- Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE- August 23th, 2021





My life was filled with colors, patterns, and beautiful soul-stirring songs.
Then he barged into my life and swept me along with him.

Don’t ask me.

Yes, I resisted him right from the beginning.
But truthfully, I’m not that immune to him.
Besides, who doesn’t want a perfect life?

That’s why I’m on the verge of saying yes to his proposal, which I know he’s about to make soon.

And he did.

Shockingly, he hasn’t knelt in front of me on one knee with a breathtaking, picturesque background, but with the heart-stopping truth staring me in the eye.

Now I could no longer see the burst of colors, only thick clouds hovering above me, the gray scales coupled with haunting music.

But, God, help me!

I cannot say no to this world-class renowned photographer. And I also cannot stop him from chasing what he’s been chasing his entire career.

I just wish that there is no Aiden Silver in the first place.

Am I stupid to say that?

No. You will wish the same once you know my story with the husband-to-be.

Oh, only he doesn’t know that I bleed the same way as he does.





Author Bio

She lives in Pluto and lives with Pluto–do not confuse with Plato.
That’s how you’re WARNED: she can confuse the h*ll out of you.

Also, you can see her accounts almost on all the social platforms, posting nothing at all.
Because she’s–anti-climatically–anti-social, but stubbornly refuses to believe that tragic factor.

You can’t see her anywhere other than in her crate, tapping heavily on her phone and drinking gallons of caffeine to stay awake and sane.
And then she passes out, when humans are busy working, and finally, wakes up along with Zombies to rule the night.

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