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The Guy From The Internet
Birdie Song
Out November 2nd 2020
Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A sweet romance with a touch of family drama.

Holly Chee does not have her life together. She’s flip-flopped on uni courses and career choices, and somehow scared off her long-term fiancée-to-be, much to the chagrin of her immigrant parents.

But she does have her channel, where she livestreams her art from her one-bedroom Mount Lawley apartment. And she has that guy from France… assuming he’s even who he says he is.

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“I didn’t know Nick was engaged, jie,” Candy remarks over water filling the sink. At first, I pretend not to hear, but she nudges me. “Did you?”

“Yeah, I knew.”

“They haven’t even been together as long as you guys were. Are you still friends with him?”

“Not really.”

“How come?”

Oh, Candy… She has no idea. Inside, I’m busting to tell her the whole story, but the words are all tangled up inside me. She’s only fifteen. How can I possibly explain the mess that was my relationship with Nick? If she wasn’t so conscientious with the dishes, she’d see me standing here, mouth opening and closing like a fish, with a dirty fork still in my hand.

“It was too hard,” I finally manage. “Different schedules, you know?”

“Ugh, great… Now they’re wet.” She flicks water off the wrist and pushes the rainbow of yarn bracelets up her arm. She holds them up to her face and grimaces. “And they smell like prawn sambal.”

“Want help taking them off?”

“No, it’s fine. They’re already wet. Gross.” She takes my plate from me. “Why did you break up with him, jie? I thought he was really nice.”

“He, um…” Could I tell her Nick cheated on me with his now-fiancée? Even just pulling the thought together makes the back of my neck burn.

“Oh…” Candy drops the plate into the water. “You didn’t break up with him, did you?”

I won’t cry in front of my little sister. She doesn’t need to see that. My lips aren’t trembling and nothing pricks my eyes, but there’s tension in my face. I can feel it. It’s the ache that lets me know I shouldn’t try to speak, lest everything fall to pieces.

I shake my head.

She puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head. “Well, it’s his loss.”


Author Bio:

I write sweet stories about people falling in love.

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Cover Reveal: Leather and Lace, by Magen Cubed

Leather And Lace Reveal Banner

Leather and Lace
(Southern Gothic Series, #1)
Magen Cubed
Out February 16th, 2021
Adult, LGBTQ+, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Falling in love with a vampire bites—and sometimes loving a human bites back.

Dorian Villeneuve is an unlucky vampire from the slums of Devil’s Row. He makes ends meet for himself and his emotional support Chihuahua by working sleazy bars and nightclubs, doing what it takes to get by. Cash Leroy is a monster hunter from East Texas with a golden voice and an unrivaled devotion to Stevie Nicks. Hunting does not leave time for friends, let alone love.

When their paths cross during a bloody run-in with the vampire mob, Cash upends Dorian’s life—and takes Dorian under his wing to teach how to hunt monsters.

The unlikely pair become partners, and soon, best friends. However, their deepening bond grows complicated when Dorian falls in love with Cash. Their friendship is too important to throw away over an interspecies attraction, especially in a career that is already nasty, brutish, and short.

And things become even more complicated when Cash finds himself returning the vampire’s affections.

When an unusually deadly case lands in the hunters’ laps, their ill-fated affair takes a backseat. A pair of man-eating weredeer are on the loose taking victims’ hearts. With the pressure on to end the killing spree, Dorian and Cash must set aside their feelings and hunt down the blood-thirsty deer.

Can Dorian and Cash’s friendship survive this monstrous romance, or will they lose their hearts in the process?

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Author Bio:

Magen Cubed is an Eisner-nominated writer, essayist, and occasional critic, best known for her queer monster-hunting urban fantasy/paranormal romance series SOUTHERN GOTHIC. She has appeared in the critically acclaimed TWISTED ROMANCE comics anthology from Image Comics and has bylines on the award-winning Women Write About Comics. Magen lives in Florida with her girlfriend Melissa and a little dog named Cecil.

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram


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October Recap

october recap - Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

So, the blog is just over a  month old now. I started it on a little bit of a whim and I’ll fully admit that it’s taken a lot more time than I anticipated to run it. Mostly because, in my early excitement, I agreed to far more tours and blitzes than I should have. I had to learn how long they take to format and how many I could post in a day without something getting buried. So, I’ve had a few minor early growing pains, but it’s balancing out now. And importantly, I’m still enjoying it.

I thought I might try and institute an end of the month re-cap of posts. I’m still hunting for an archival widget or page that I like. I want one that will list monthly posts, not simply take you to the first post of the month. I wouldn’t have thought this an unusual request. But my inability to find one proves me wrong. And I don’t want to have to do it by hand. When you see how many posts we’re talking about, you’ll understand how this could eventually seem overwhelming. In the meantime, here’s what posted in October.

Moon in Bastet was the first one (my first ever, truly) and Full Balance was the last to post in October.

So, what do you think; that’s one hell of a first month, right? I imagine November will look very much the same. But as I learn to pace myself, practice saying ‘No’ even when a book and it’s tour looks interesting, I’m hoping to slow things down a little. I actually love having so many books to post, but it’s too much, both for me time-wise and to fairly promo the books on the blog.

So, that’ October wrapped up. Don’t forget to join my newsletter on the home page (I promise not to spam you, in fact, I haven’t even sent one out yet) and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.