Book Blitz: Little Bit, by Henry A. Burns

Little Bit

Alsoo Rising

by Henry A. Burns

Science Fiction

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Twenty years have passed since a small group of galactic refugees sought shelter on Earth. Frightened, defeated and traumatized they huddled in their. artificial burrows for years, Little Bit, born on Earth, has experienced none of the horrors her parents escaped, she grows up pampered and protected, a pet of the god-like humans. When her home world is discovered she starts having a strange dream where the spirits of two long-dead humans speak to her. They tell her she must return to her home world and faced the horrors her parents faced and save her people.

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About the Author

Henry Burns lives in San Francisco with his wife, two feral cats and three bearded dragons. He writes when they let him.

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