Spotlight & Excerpt: Ever After + Giveaway


by Eden French
Publication Date: November 16, 2020
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Scorched, Erotic, Cinderella Retelling, Forbidden Love, Menage, Romance

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Former heiress Ashe Pembroke can’t believe her life has turned into a freaking cliché, a modern day Cinderella living under the thumb of her ruthless stepmother, hated by her perfect stepsister, and treated as a servant in her own home. Then on her worst day ever, she meets Sebastian Bradford, a handsome prince charming if ever she’s seen one. Their chemistry is hot and instant. But imagine her surprise when he brings along his hunky spec ops lover, Elijah, who issues panty-melting orders in a deep voice like smooth cut velvet. Suddenly her life—and she—is turned upside down in ways she never, ever dreamed of!

The sex is ridiculous. Exciting and…well, just plain mindblowing. The two men are clearly madly in love with each other, and it’s rubbing off on her in all the best ways. They treat her like royalty, and cater to her every sexual fantasy while indulging in a few of their own. As she gets to know Sebastian and Elijah, she finally understands the power of true love, and begins to fight for her freedom. She desperately wants to accept the unique life they are offering her. But is it really possible to fall in love with more than one person at the same time, and together have a happily ever after?


Ashe let out a derisive laugh. That would never happen in a million years. The forest floor would ruin her stepsister’s precious Louboutins.

So, who, then? Who could be this deep in the forest? And for what purpose? Certainly no one she knew. She pushed herself farther into the hollow between the tree’s snarled roots and waited for whoever it was to pass by.

“C’mon Bastian, it’s just up ahead,” a deep voice echoed through the forest.

Hold on. Wait a minute.

“Elijah, we’ve been walking off-trail for at least a mile now. Are you sure you know where you’re going?”

The deep-voiced man named Elijah let out a hardy laugh. It rumbled around in Ashe’s belly and tickled her insides. The corners of her mouth pulled up into a wobbly smile. Her insides were somehow drawn to the sound.

“Yes, I’m sure. Have you no faith? Since when have I ever steered you wrong?”

The playfulness in the other man’s—Bastian’s—voice was apparent. “Well, let’s see, there was that one time when we were kayaking in Costa Rica and you led us down the waterfall—”

“Micro-waterfall,” Elijah interrupted.

The other man laughed. “Okay, fine. Micro-waterfall. But, what about the time we were backpacking in the Sierras and you lost the map?”

“How else were we going to practice our orienteering skills? And might I remind you who distracted me.”

“Mm-hmm. Well, then what about last month when you invited that girl Sarah to the club and she stole my wallet?”

“Allegedly stole your wallet. And I invited her only because someone was salivating down his shirt over her. It was really quite unbecom—”

“Never mind. I’m sorry I brought it up. But how about—”

“Okay, fine. I get it. I’ll admit I may have gotten us into some, uh, special situations in the past, all of which we emerged from unscathed. But this time, Bastian, you’re just gonna have to trust me.”

Ashe blinked, intrigued despite herself.

Who were these men? She ducked farther down and waited until the voices faded into the distance. She never thought she’d say it but thank God for her tiny stature. The two men had passed right by her. It was kind of too bad, though. She’d desperately wanted to see their faces. And that one deep voice…it sounded like warm caramel. Delectable.

She pulled herself up and searched her surroundings. Undetected, she climbed out of the hollow. It would probably be best if she just went home, but those voices… A rivulet of excitement trickled through her. Screw it. She turned after them.


Eden French is a North American author of erotic queer romance with swoon worthy heroes and happy ever afters. A hot yoga junkie, she often gets some of her best ideas while in a difficult pose. She’s a relentless daydreamer, chocoholic, and Scotch whisky aficionado who likes life a bit kinky, and spends as much time as possible playing with the sexy characters in her head.

A born and raised California girl, she graduated from San Francisco State University with an English Lit degree, and has a borderline obsession for Mexican food. Eden currently resides in the quirky Pacific Northwest with her amazing spouse and four…yes, four, fur-babies.

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