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Creatures of Comfort
by E.J. Suh
Historical Fiction

Date Published: April 21, 2021

Publisher: Ellipsis Entertainment LLC

At the height of WWII, Japanese forces occupy the Korean peninsula. Hana and Jina Bak are Korean at heart but divided in their affections for their “new culture.” It would be normal teenage behavior if they weren’t trafficked into being “Comfort Women” for the Japanese military. The girls must learn how to navigate the rules of the comfort station, ally themselves with powerful friends, and resist the temptations many sex slaves succumb to. With a newfound appreciation for sibling relationships and devotion to ones’ family, the girls must decide the best way to get home before they lose their lives, their sanity, and their very souls. In the vein of the Joy Luck Club, Creatures of Comfort imbues the reader with a sense of fate vs. will, good and bad luck, and family ghosts.

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That night, Hana dreamt the war was over. She threw her arms in the air for victory and saluted the allied troops when they came through. They marched into the comfort station and told all the women they were free. The girls had packed what little things they had and left, but Hana stayed behind, waiting for her sister.

You’re free — what are you waiting for?” the American soldier in her dream had asked.

My sister, I cannot leave without my sister.”

The soldier took off his left boot.

What are you doing?”

No answer. He had taken off his right boot and began unzipping his pants. Frightened, Hana had started for the doorway, but Xiang blocked it. “You must service one more — then they’ll set me free,” he had demanded.

Please…I just want to return to Korea with my sister.”

What seemed like such a good dream in the beginning jolted Hana awake. It was late at night, and she couldn’t stop wondering how her little sister was doing. She only wanted to see her face, praying for her to be all right.

About The Author

E.J. Suh is the author’s Historical Fiction pen name. E.J. lives with her big family and rescue pups in Central Texas. She loves all genres of books and people. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, she immigrated to the US at 4 through her uncle’s military sponsorship. She was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated with a BFA in Film Studies. She loves researching for her books and has a soft spot for juvenile literature and screenplays. When not writing she is a serial entrepreneur and educator.

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  1. A lovely cover and an intriguing synopsis and excerpt, this sounds like a deeply emotional and wonderful read. Thank you for sharing the book and author details

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