I Have Big News on the Personal Front.

i have big news

This housekeeping note is primarily for the people I post book promotions FOR, not TO.  And some already know or suspect, since I took myself off all auto-post lists back when I applied. But anyone is welcome to join in, if they like.

Soooo, as I said, I have big news…

acceptance letter

I obviously deleted my identifying information in that image. But the above is a big deal for me and Fall 2022 starts on August 24th! I’m announcing it on Sadie’s Spotlight because, as you can imagine, there will be some changes around here.

I don’t plan to shutter Sadie’s Spotlight. But I won’t have anywhere near as much free time and, more importantly, my time won’t be anywhere near as predictable in the coming months. This means that some days I might have a few hours to sit down and put together several posts to schedule out over future weeks, other days I won’t even have the wherewithal to check the blog at all.

I will honor any and all commitments I’ve already made. However, my plan at this point is not to sign up for any new tours. In fact, I’ve already pulled back significantly.

My email is still up and running though. The reason is that, on those days I can sit down and put together some posts, I will pick up any open blitzes (with content) I find there.

I know not all tour companies do as-needed or open invites. But enough do that I’m confident I can fill the pages. One company sends out a weekly list, for example. Several companies whose mailing list I’m on send out occasional ‘we’d appreciate anyone/everyone sharing this today’ type posts. And I frequently get variations of ‘something happened and now I’m short on hosts, could anyone help’ short notice sort of emails. Any of these are welcome and the sort of thing I’ll be aiming to pick up. As is any form of ‘Hey Sadie, do you think you could…’ Just so long as everyone remembers it’s a maybe.

My main concern at this point is that I don’t want to make commitments that I end up not being able to keep. So, while I might make an exception for a particularly and personally exciting book, I am primarily going to consign myself to posts I can pick up on a moment’s notice. Please feel free to utilize my email for that purpose, even if it’s not your normal procedure.

All in all, I’m super excited and look forward to seeing how Sadie’s Spotlight and I adapt to our new normal in the near future.

And…I’m gonna be a doctor.



Hello World


Welcome to Sadie’s Spotlight. We’re new, true, but we’ve been ghosting around in the book/book review world for a while now. We’ve finally decided to take a tiny little step into the wilds of book promotion. (Mostly because we’re obsessed with #bookstagram.) If you’ll give us a little time to find our feet, our eventual goal is to be available to authors, publishers, and book tour organizers as a place to highlight their books. We won’t be doing reviews here (as we have a whole other blog for that and don’t intend to merge the two). So, please don’t ask. In the meantime, feel free to look around and let us know what you think.

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