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Author: Hunter Chadwick

Pub. Date: December 9, 2022

Publisher: Clarity 4 Truth Press

Formats: Special Edition Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 304

Find it: Goodreads

As long as anyone can remember, the Dominion has held the land of Cairn within its iron grasp. Using overwhelming force and powerful magic, they are seemingly unbeatable. Now the Overlord, ruler of all, is failing. He has ordered the Guild of the Helm, powerful sorcerers and magic users, to find a cure for his wasting health.


A young soldier…desperate to return home to help his mother on their family farm, volunteers for their experiments, with unexpected results.

A young girl…taken from her family, abused, and handed over for a life of servitude is called to join the experiments.

Can these two young heroes overcome their fears to stand against such a great evil? Read The Force of Magic to find out.

  • Blending magical fantasy adventure, with super heroes and villains, this is a fantasy story unlike anything you’ve ever read.
  • Book One of the Trilogy – Book Two is coming mid-2023 and Book Three in time for Christmas 2023.

Readers are saying:

  • A fantasy world to get lost in
  • You begin to ask yourself what a hero really is, and what you would be willing to do for freedom
  • This genre isn’t my usual choice, but I started reading and it’s gripping!
  • The story is very character driven and I want to know what happens
  • This is exceptional writing. I have to keep reading


“Magic is all around us and every person has some magic and some connection to the magic of this world, but most people live their lives unaware of all of this. The average person might notice it in a feeling or a sense, like when you know that you are not alone or someone is watching you from afar. Some people use their connection for trivial things, like finding water or hunting game. They have no idea that they have tapped into the force of magic. Magic can be used as a tool, as Karven does, but that is a more difficult path. The Guild of today has chosen to try and manipulate the magic to act as they will, or at least, to attempt to do that and this is why Karven will ultimately fail at this great task he has undertaken,” Marda said.

“As to what Karven did to Trace and you, Perin…Karven didn’t do anything to you. There is a magic that lives in every person, and it is stronger in some than others. The Elixir that Karven gave you is a very old creation, dating to long before Karven and I were part of the Guild. Karven believes that he is able to alter and control this elixir, but he is no more able to fundamentally make changes to it than he would be able to turn off the sun. What this Elixir does is to take the magic that lives within a person and combines it with the fundamental desire of their heart before manifesting those two things into a physical representation. The Elixir of “Life” doesn’t grant life or extend life, but it allows the magical potential of a person to become something more, something greater. Instead of being connected to the magic of the world the way I am or other magic users are, the magic is bound up inside of you, a part of your physical essence of being. You no longer access the magic of this world through that connection, instead the force of magic lives inside of you and will from now on. You don’t possess the magic, instead, you have become it.”

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About Hunter Chadwick:

As a lifelong lover of books, I’ve always had a great appreciation for writers and their craft. Over the course of my 50+ years living in different places around the world, I’ve written a few things, but never took the time to sit down and try to write down any of the books I’ve dreamed up. In 2021 that changed. A new opportunity to share stories, one episode at a time, prompted me to try my hand at it.

I never could have imagined the positive response my writing received and now I’m happy to expand those stories to a wider audience to build upon what I’ve already written. Nothing would make me happier than to know that you enjoy my stories. Please find me on social media @HunterCAuthor to send me your feedback. 

About me: I grew up in the Midwest and went to a big state school known as much for their football team as anything else. I studied English Literature and History. It was there that I met my wife and we fell in love. We were married when I was in graduate school and during our first few years working after graduation, God showed us the opportunities to be involved in His work around the world.

Since 2000, we’ve lived outside of the United States, having many amazing experiences and meeting people from around the globe. My experiences traveling and my background in counseling are highly influential in my writing.

Once again, thank you for being my reader! It is my privilege to share my stories with you. 

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Spotlight & Giveaway: A Shimmer of Magic, by Jane Shand

a shimmer of magic banner

A Shimmer of Magic

The Crystal Mages Trilogy Book 1

by Jane Shand

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy


Elin believes she will never belong
Her magic is too dangerous.

This is the first book in The Crystal Mages Trilogy, a young adult coming-of-age epic fantasy series.

Elin is pulled into a dangerous quest and her life is changed forever when she is found by Kamaria, a mage with her own issues, and a group of rangers. Kamaria is desperate to prove herself and Elin could be the key.

Elin struggles with her burgeoning friendships, learning to control her magic, and her feelings for the grey-eyed ranger, Kai. All while contending with renegade mages, assassins, and deadly creatures from legend. She also learns secrets from her past and the reason why her parents abandoned her as a baby.

She discovers that her dead parents have bequeathed her a heavy responsibility, as well as a key. A key that could release a dark mage.

Elin will need to rein in her dangerous magic before evil is unleashed across the world.

If you enjoy strong heroines, richly imagined magical worlds, adventure, mystery, and stories about friendship, then you will love A Shimmer of Magic.

Try this brand-new YA coming-of-age, epic fantasy series today!

Jane Shand has always been an avid reader of fantasy and mystery and is an author of YA Fantasy.

She got hooked on fantasy after reading ‘Lord of the Rings’ at a young age and was determined to write books full of magic and adventure.

She lives in Hampshire, England with her family and two cheeky cats who would love to help her write.

She has published The Darkling Duology plus a prequel novella, a standalone book, and is now working on The Crystal Mages Trilogy which will be followed by a longer series set on the same continent.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads


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BBNYA Semi-Finalist Spotlight – Duckett & Dryer: Dicks For Hire, by G.M. Nair

BBNYA 2022 Spotlight Banner

This year, the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA) is celebrating the 50 books that made it into Round Two with a mini spotlight blitz tour for each title. BBNYA is a yearly competition where book bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors, ending with 15 finalists and one overall winner.

If you want some more information about BBNYA, check out the BBNYA Website or take a peek over on Twitter: @BBNYA_Official. BBNYA is brought to you in association with the @Foliosociety (If you love beautiful books, you NEED to check out their website!) and the book blogger support group @The_WriteReads.

Duckett _ Dyer_ Dicks For Hire by G.M. Nair Cover Photo

Duckett & Dryer: Dicks For Hire
by G.M. Nair
Publisher: dSdF
Length: 300 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Comedy
Age Category: Adult
Date Published: 1 April 2019

Michael Duckett is fed up with his life. His job is a drag, and his roommate and best friend of fifteen years, Stephanie Dyer, is only making him more anxious with her lazy irresponsibility. Things continue to escalate when they face the threat of imminent eviction from their palatial 5th floor walk-up and find that someone has been plastering ads all over the city for their Detective Agency.

The only problem is: Michael and Stephanie don’t have one of those.

Despite their baffling levels of incompetence, Stephanie eagerly pursues this crazy scheme and drags Michael, kicking and screaming, into the fray. Stumbling upon a web of missing people curiously linked by a sexually audacious theoretical physicist and his experiments with the fabric of space-time, the two of them find that they are way out of their depth. But unless Michael and Stephanie can put their personal issues aside and patch up the hole they tore in the multi-verse, the concept of existence itself may, ironically, cease to exist.

Amazon CA / US / UK

Author Bio:

G.M. Nair Author PhotoG.M. Nair is a crazy person who should never be taken seriously. Despite possessing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, he has written comedy for the stage and screen, and is the author of the highly unlucrative Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire, which has received the 2022 Indie Fantasy Fund Award and is a Finalist in the 1st ever Self-Published Science-Fiction Competition.

The third book in the series – The Mystery of the Murdered Guy – was released this year and continues to lose money.

G.M. Nair lives in New York City, if you can call it living. Am I right?

Twitter: @GaneshNair
Instagram: @NairForceOne



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