Cover Reveal: A Whisper in the Night, by Tina Marte & Rebel Rowser

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Title: A Whisper in the Night
Author: Tina Marte & Rebel Rowser
Publisher: FM by Faemance
Release Date: Aug 23, 2022
Genre: New Adult Dark Fantasy
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook


An arranged marriage. A kidnapped general. A plot to murder.

Princess Fiadonessa is at the center of them all. To save her people, she’s forced to accept a marriage to Prince Fynnigan, heir to the rival kingdom of Guinyx. When the king of Guinyx’s beloved general is kidnapped, Fia snatches her opportunity for freedom and strikes a bargain: the general’s safe return for an annulment. Her gift of hearing whispers in the wind should make the task easy, but she soon discovers there’s more to the kidnapping than meets the eye. The whispers warn the Bringer of Death, Mikaiel, is after her. Everything about him is lethal, but what scares Fia most of all isn’t losing her life— it’s losing her heart.

TW: Please be aware that this book features mature content not meant for readers under the age of eighteen due to themes of murder, death, and a bit of heat.

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Author Bios:

Tina Marte: Tina is a lost soul finding herself through badass heroines and broody alphaholes. When she isn’t reading about a hot fae with wings, she’s making dreams come true for other authors. Her debut Adult Fantasy comes out in August 2022 titled, A WHISPER IN THE NIGHT.

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Southern born and raised, Rebel Rowser now resides up north and hates the cold. Originally pursuing video game design, he realized he loved writing stories more than computer code. When he isn’t writing, he’s usually playing Destiny or annoying his dog and loveable girlfriend. His debut NA Dark Fantasy comes out August 2022, titled A WHISPER IN THE NIGHT.



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Book Blitz: The Hidden Road, by Martin A. Cullen

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The Hidden Road

The Hidden Road: The Longest Game
by Martin A. Cullen
15th – 26th of November
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages 232

Inara fought for and nearly died for her freedom. But she won a chance at a normal life. Turns out, she hates it. She yearns to move. To do…something.

Then a call from her friend Yukie shakes Inara into action. Turns out Lee is trapped in a magic hardened prison and Yukie needs Inara to break him out.

Inara jumps at the challenge of a prison break. The thrill of her old life sets her heart racing. Unbeknownst to her, this decision sets her on a collision course with her old nemesis, Cyrus.

Can a ballet company of werewolves help? Or can a crippled thief provide the aid Inara needs?

Inara can only hope her luck holds out or she may find herself in a cell next to Lee.

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“Dazed and Confused”
Viggo Somewhere south of Boston

Viggo stopped cold with a forkful of eggs halfway in his mouth. He turned his perfect face left, then right. His chiselled features wrinkled in confusion.
A rundown diner surrounded him: faded linoleum floor, cracked countertop. The overhead lights flickered to life as the sunset outside.
Thomas sat across from him seeming lost in the corridors of his own mind, his dark hair a mess. His brown suit was stained and in disarray. More grey speckled in his hair than Viggo recalled him having. Goosebumps rippled over Viggo’s alabaster skin.
Where am I? This isn’t right.
Movement caught Viggo’s eye and he saw a messy bun bobbing over the counter. An older waitress in a yellow uniform stood up and nodded at him from behind the counter.
“More coffee, hon?”
Viggo had trouble registering her words. His hands trembled as his berserker rage began to build. “No. Tell me. What the fuck is—”

…Viggo found himself flying down a highway uncertain of how he got there. The sun-fried and cracked leather on the seats scratched his back.
The light streaming through the windshield heated the leather making the seat even more uncomfortable as it sizzled against his skin. He stabbed at the air conditioner to no avail. The damn thing didn’t work.

The stale odour of old beer assailed his senses. The air vibrated with a rhythmic thumping making his body shake. The pounding beat came from the radio blasting, “The Way You Move.” He jabbed the power button with his finger bringing an end to the assault on his ears. Thomas sat beside him snoring. Viggo searched for a sign to tell him where he was. He saw one-off in the distance and squinted. “Let’s see wh…”

…A piercing stab of pain in his stubbled head made him jerk the wheel.
The tires screeched in protest. He slammed on the breaks causing the vehicle to swerve back and forth. The metal machine slid so easy there might as well have been ice on the concrete. Gritting his teeth, he regained control and pulled the car over.
Where am I? How’d I get into this car?
His arms shook. Sweat soaked through his My Little Pony Fluttershy t-shirt. He had to peel his hands off the wheel now twisted into a half-formed pretzel by his strength. Breaths came in ragged gulps while his heartbeat so fast the muscle wanted to explode.
Several minutes passed before he was able to calm himself. Viggo turned to Thomas who was still passed out in the passenger seat. His boss’s chest raised and lowered with steady breathing. He shook his boss but Thomas didn’t wake. Viggo dropped his head back letting out a long breath before righting himself and stepping out of the car.
The black of night greeted him. Cool air licked his face. A highway ran in both directions. The thicket of pine trees on either side of the road seemed to close in around him. No moon. Creatures of the dark buzzed and groaned. The sacred symphony of the nighttime.
Damn, my head hurts. Where are we? Why can’t I remember?
He turned back to inspect the car. The rusted out, beat-up car appeared to be a Camaro.

Author Bio:
Martin Cullen has been a musician, bouncer, infantryman, and worked in museums. He immigrated from Ireland at a young age (sorry no accent), walked the storage rooms of the American History Museum, worked backstage for a magician, drank more than he should, and sang more than most folks would have liked. Now he brings some stories into the world for your enjoyment.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: Beneath Stone and Sacrifice + Giveaway

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Beneath Stone and Sacrifice
(Between Ink and Shadows, #3)
By Melissa Wright
Epic Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook
February 26, 2022


An outcast queen. A stolen crown. A war with magic.
Magical contracts, blood-debt accountants, and a deadly game. An epic fantasy with regency flair, an improper and slightly stabby heroine with a penchant for trouble, clean, slow burn romance, and a dark and twisty plot that pits magic against kings, love against power, and a gothic underworld against a kingdom built on lies. Perfect for fans of Sorcery of Thorns and The Shadows Between Us.
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Rhen leaned forward on the fireplace iron as if it were a cane. “Nimona, my dear, you do see that I have just saved you from certain peril, do you not?” He gestured vaguely toward Wes with his chin. “Though the boy might be able to prevent a direct attack by magic, he certainly has no power to keep a serpent from puncturing your precious skin.”

“As if it were not you putting the serpents in my path in the first place.” She let the full force of her disgust seep into her tone.

Rhen sighed. “No faith.” He straightened, tossing the iron to land with a clatter near the wall, then showed his hands in a gesture apparently meant to prove his innocence. “Of course it was not I who placed the serpent in this desk. What would I have to gain from such an act?”

She opened her mouth, but no response found its way out. Rhen had drawn his magic back, had kept his intimations safely out of her head. It felt as if he might be telling the truth, though she wasn’t fool enough to trust it.

He tapped his nose. “Yes, there, you see. My best play is to stay safely on the gameboard. Warrick knows it, as well as the rest.”

“Calum was in a cell when the snakes began popping up in my path.”

He shook his head. “You are cleverer than that. There are far more involved than just my brothers and me.” He gave a distasteful glance at the pieces of snake. “Though, to be fair, it’s likely you’re right that this was one of his.” His eyes met hers again, something like concern behind their playful glint. “You have made quite an enemy of Calum. I can tell you from experience, he does not take well to being outmaneuvered.”

Excerpted from Beneath Stone and Sacrifice by Melissa Wright. Copyright © 2022 by Melissa Wright.

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About the Author
Melissa is the author of more than a dozen YA and fantasy novels, including The Frey Saga and SEVEN WAYS TO KILL A KING. She is currently working on the next book and encourages readers to stay updated on works in progress at Instagram and Twitter.

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