Welcome to Sadie’s Spotlight. We’re new, true, but we’ve been ghosting around in the book/book review world for a while now as Sadie Forsythe over at See Sadie Read.

We’ve finally decided to take a tiny little step into the wilds of book promotion. (Mostly because we’re obsessed with #bookstagram.) If you’ll give us a little time to find our feet, our eventual goal is to be available to authors, publishers, and book tour organizers as a place to highlight their books. Focusing on all things fantasy, softer science fiction, and certain romance and LGBT+ sub-genres (basically our favorite genres), with an eye toward diversity. “Our favorites” is a pretty fuzzy line and, admittedly, sometimes we just like a cover, regardless of genre. But that’s the general arena we plan to play in. The hope is to become a place to come find what’s new and interesting in this little corner of the book world.

We won’t be doing reviews here (as we have the whole other blog for that and don’t intend to merge the two). So, please don’t ask. But we are willing to accept promotional requests directly from authors. Feel free to drop us a line if you like and, in the meantime, go ahead and look around. Let us know what you think.

If you’re still curious, here is a Q & A for you.

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