Book Blitz: A Royal Mind, by Abigail Elizabeth Black

A Royal Mind

The Kingdom of Ignis, Book 1

by Abigail Elizabeth Black

Young Adult, YA Adventure Fantasy

Date Published: January 10, 2022


Aster has always felt something was wrong with her. Her friends and family have always made her feel crazy for her constant daydreaming. Then one day everything changes all thanks to an old family journal. Now Aster has to decide whether she can accept her purpose and embrace her destiny. Or will she allow darkness to keep her from being who she’s meant to be?


About the Author

Abigail believes in the power of a good book. A good book can take readers of any age on an adventure that will stay with them forever. That is the goal she has for her books, to provide a lasting adventure. Her inspiration stems from reading Ella Enchanted over and over again until the pages started falling apart, and of course traveling through the wardrobe into Narnia age after age. When she’s not teaching or working on continuing her own education. She’s filled boxes of notebooks with stories, and it wasn’t until she was stuck at home that she eventually self-published her first book Adelyn’s Amazing Adventures. When she isn’t writing she’s crocheting, reading fantasy, scanning through Pinterest, and drinking coffee.

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