Book Blitz: 58 Farm End, by Natasha Murray

58 Farm End
Waterfall Way series, #1
by Natasha Murray
Genre: Noir
Pages: 222
Out 18th December 2020

After Ivy Brown is found dead in a silent pool at Farm End, Julia Bridgewater and Seth Hearn, from two rival farming families, declare their love for each other.

Their passionate affair does not go unnoticed.

As their bond grows stronger, dark and twisted secrets are unearthed and cause chaos.

Somebody is watching Julia and is becoming impatient.

Julia and her brother Peter are finding their new life at Farm End challenging. Their dairy farm in Findon, is not doing well. Their Dad, who is struggling with depression, wants to sell the farm and move on. One night, Julia meets the enigmatic Seth Hearn, from the neighbouring Crow Farm and she is instantly drawn to him. How does he know so much about her?

Are Julia and Seth star crossed, lovers? Will they be able to deal with those that mean to harm them?

The question is: Who killed Ivy Brown?

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“Absolutely brilliant! Really, really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the next in the series.” –reviewer

Author Bio

Natasha Murray is an award-winning West Sussex author. She is a diverse writer and produces books for all ages. During a lockdown, Natasha has written a romantic crime thriller series 58 Farm End, Julia’s Baby and Waterfall Way (The Waterfall Way Series). These books are set in Findon, West Sussex and Cork, Ireland. She says, “I love writing and it is both a pleasure and a compulsion. My dream of course is for my creations to be well known and to make people smile.”

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