Book Spotlight & Guest Post: A Child of Szabo, by M.J. Webb

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A Child of Szabo
by M J Webb
Genre: Thriller
Out Now
323 pages
Intended audience 18+

A teenage rebel with a tragic past is on the edge of the abyss. Offered one final chance of redemption by an enigmatic stranger, she is recruited into a secret society of assassins formed by Winston Churchill. She must battle for survival against unknown enemies in a do or die existence to become the best. Only then can she take out those who killed her family. Those who are now trying to kill her.

Should appeal to fans of Lee Child, Mark Greaney or Tom Cain.

It is exciting, thought-provoking and realistic. Consequently, there are the occasional swear words (especially when she undergoes SAS E and E training, firefights, torture…..). It has an immensely tough female anti-hero and she pulls no punches.

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‘She studied the face in the mirror for a good half hour. Scarcely recognised the individual staring back at her. Wondered how much truly remained of the person she was. The turbulent existence, the traumas, the wear and tear, the physical injuries and mental scars… all left indelible marks over time on people like her. They warned her of that from the very outset. Baggage, they called it, because you carry it with you wherever you go. Some bags were heavier than others. Too heavy. Most eventually broke under the enormous strain, succumbed to the inevitable and just burned out. Or ended things in the only way they knew for sure was permanent, removed any variables in favour of a dead cert, you might say.

Humans are frail creatures.’


These books are easy reading, penned for anyone above the age of twelve who has a little imagination.

In September 2022 A Child of Szabo was published. This is a high octane adult thriller which will grip you from the very start. It’s a little bit different and routed in British history.

Guest Post:

A Child of Szabo is my fourth novel. It follows on almost ten years after the publication of my first novel in the Jake West Trilogy, which was relatively successful. Why did it take me ten years therefore to write again? Part of it was work. It is a HUGE commitment writing a novel when you work full time and have a family/other interests. It was also a sense that I did not want to write for writing’s sake. I was waiting for an idea which really enthused me. A project I believed in and couldn’t wait to explore. Something different, you know?

I had been encouraged to write again by fans of Jake West and friends of my own. I was kicking an idea around in my head for some time and then I verbalised my thoughts to another good friend, John Dunning. J.D.’s enthusiasm was infectious and the main reason this novel saw the light of day. From the very first jottings I became engrossed in the whole experience. It rekindled a passion in me which lay dormant for a while.

I wanted to write a novel which was basically non-stop action. All thriller no filler as they say. I like to think I succeeded. Something happens in almost every chapter which moves the story on at a pace rarely seen.

The novel is a work of fiction. However, there are elements which hopefully will have the reader thinking, ‘What if…?’

The future? I genuinely do not know. I’d like to see what others make of this novel I think. I am in full time employment so there is no pressure and I am able to choose what, when and how I write. I just know that I enjoy the whole process and I love the idea that, on the other side of the planet, someone is reading and hopefully enjoying my work.

Also by M.J. Webb

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The story tells of two ordinary boys who unlock by accident a deadly secret which threatens to destroy us all. Hunted across worlds the teenagers escape to a fantasy land. There, our intrepid heroes will have to rely on each other and the alliances they make in order to survive against the overwhelming forces of evil who now seek their destruction. The exciting novels contain heroes in abundance, battles, wizards, dragons, spirits, warriors and beasts, the undead, prophecies… and just plain human guts and determination. There are strong themes of loyalty and friendship. These are books all parents will want their children to read and be inspired by.

About the Author:

mj webb
M.J. Webb lives and works in the heart of England. A short while after the birth of his two children he found himself wanting to do something for them. To give them something from him they could hopefully be proud of. Something which would inspire them in times of need, comfort them in times of sorrow and enthuse them as they navigate their way through adolescence and adulthood.
The Jake West Trilogy was the result. He intended to pen just one novel, maybe two (one for each child) but in the end, the tale simply took on a life of its own and evolved into a real epic. There are wizards, dragons, an army of the living dead, different species of warriors, spirits, Gods….

M.J. Webb is also an avid reader. He reads historical fiction, fantasy, young adult novels, military and thriller/adventure stories mainly. He is active on Goodreads. Writing is a passion started and fuelled by his love of reading books. The feel of that page turning is something wondrous for him. His favourite authors are John Gwynne, Stieg Larson, Lee Child and Conn Iggulden. Names which highlight the diversity in his library.


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