Spotlight & Guest Post: The Tapestry + Excerpt

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The Tapestry
by Audrey N Lewis
Genre: Magical Realism
Release date June 21, 2022
304 pages

Discover a beautiful and deeply haunting tapestry of love, pain, magic, and healing.

In a single moment, Maia’s life would never be the same. Because when her miraculous virgin birth gifts her a blind, albino hermaphrodite, she never could have foreseen the fate that lay in store for them both. Adopted by a pack of coyotes and seeking refuge deep in the woods, a sheltered cottage and unseen helpers give Maia and her baby Justice a new life together.

But the world of the early twentieth century isn’t kind to unwed mothers or children like Justice… and when they’re forced to leave their hidden cottage, Maia finds herself struggling to survive in a man’s world. Her only solace lies in Justice’s incredible gift – an otherworldly ability to weave colorful tapestries that can predict the future.

But Justice’s destiny will call them, and together they will share her gift, bringing freedom to those whose stories need to be told. And as Justice opens hearts and minds through her magical loom, she discovers the life-changing impact that she was fated to share with the world.

Artfully weaving together a powerful and deeply moving story that touches on profound themes of love, transformation, motherhood and healing, The Tapestry is a magical contemporary fiction novel where the emotions pour out of each page, offering readers of all backgrounds a heartfelt experience that will stick in your mind long after you finish reading.

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For years I would hear stories of a colorless person who wandered the countryside. A person with wild white hair and glaring red eyes. A person who was full of deceit and magic, playing the part of both male and female. A person who was without sight, but could indeed see. A human chameleon, whose many roles included living forever among those who walked before it, beside it, in front of it and behind it. A person whose challenge it was to live life forever. But then, I have to ask, “What is forever?”

Guest Post: How Did The Tapestry start?

The morning after the shootings at The Pulse in Orlando, Fl. The Tapestry was created. It was as if Justices’ birth gave hope and peace to the thousands of unimaginable deaths that were caused over the years because of hate. I felt as if there was no choice but to write.

About the Author:

audrey for book 6 copyAudrey Lewis is an award-winning author, proud mother, and passionate adventurer who loves to push boundaries, take risks, and inspire others. Whether she’s climbing mountains or camping out on billboards in Times Square, she’s a dreamer and a giver who has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid to break the rules. As the author of the critically acclaimed short story collection “Everybody has a story… These are ours”, Audrey’s work has been featured in hit magazines including Short Story Town, Weird Mask Magazine, Spillwords, Active Muse, Evolving, Dissident Voice and Cephalopress.

Armed with her natural-born creativity and a deep passion for her craft, she enjoys nothing more than sharing stories and providing readers with thought-provoking new perspectives. She’s also the founder of the non-profit Families of SMA (Cure SMA) where she served as the executive director for 23 years. Audrey currently resides in Illinois, where she enjoys spending her free time growing vegetables, beekeeping, designing dream catchers, finding vintage treasures, or enjoying a good game of scrabble. For more information about Audrey and her work, visit her website at, Facebook and/or Goodreads.


Book Blitz: The Deep, by Mariam Sheriff

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The Deep

by Mariam Sheriff

Paranormal Mystery

Published: May 19, 2022 

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A tale beyond the waves….

Stanley is going through the motions of life, endlessly seeking employment in the pages of the daily newspaper and frequently coming up short. When he receives a call from his friend, Mrs Anderson, a widow whose only son is giving her cause for concern he thinks the young man is just looking for some space away from his interfering mother.

Stanley’s initial scepticism soon gives way to fears that Mrs Anderson was right about Jason when he witnesses him being kidnapped. Trying to save him, Stanley is also taken by the group and finds himself and Jason far out to sea on a boat. And it’s clear the kidnappers want rid of them both.

Certain of his impending death, Stanley is rescued at the last moment by a woman named Lythea. Her ability to breathe underwater is astounding enough but when Stanley finds he too has the same talent it signals the beginning of an epic adventure beneath the waves, as he desperately tries to track down Jason’s kidnappers and save him from a watery end.

Can Stanley get to Jason before he is killed? And what are the secrets behind his amazing new power? Stanley is about to discover more about himself and his family than he ever imagined.

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About the Author

Mariam Is a Mechanical Engineer from Saudi  Arabia. Despite majoring in an engineering field, she never forgot her true passion which is writing and literature. Her father encouraged her love for reading from a very young age. That at the age of 12 she had already finished reading many books by some of the most widely acclaimed novelists, Such as Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Mariam took an interest in writing, though she never had the determination to become a published author until recently when she completed writing her last novel The Deep.  It was a story that she enjoyed writing so much that she really wanted to share it with the world.

Mariam was busy with her studies during the time she started first mapping out this book’s initial plot. Nevertheless, at any given time she would turn to writing, which helped her escape the stresses and routine of daily life by immersing herself in the details of her story. Which revolves around a mysterious empire deep under the ocean, a place with no shortage of wondrous adventures, and where breathing underwater and mingling with unusual ocean creatures was possible.

It took Mariam many years though to study marine life, and learn more about the ocean in order to be able to build the events in her story. She carefully crafted every detail to weave an anecdote that merges the beauty of the ocean with the art of story-telling. Moreover, her aim was to capture the essence of this hidden realm beneath the waves. And introduce the reader to a glimpse of its magic.

Mariam conceived the idea of the Deep in 2014 when she heard about a friend who got into a terrible diving accident. Fortunately, all turned well for her friend. But this incident captivated Mariam’s attention and she ended up writing the accident’s details on a note. These notes were later developed into a plot. But Mariam had writer’s block and she was about to give up working on the book. During this time, she moved to Australia. She would often wander, and hike parts of this beautiful country’s wilderness. One of the places she would come to love the most is called the great ocean road. A coast area that overlooks beautiful ocean sceneries, these trips helped revive Mariam’s dream to continue writing the story, and finally, bring The Deep to life.

Moreover, Mariam would go snorkelling regularly in order to envision and experience fully the world that her characters are experiencing. Whether it was the murky waters, the beautiful corals, strong water currents, or even not so friendly fishes.

Although finishing the manuscript was a very daunting task, especially since Mariam had to translate her own book from Arabic to English herself. It was an experience that she fully enjoyed, Learned a lot from, and helped her dive into a world that is immensely mesmerizing and not fully explored.

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