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Author: Steve Moretti

Pub. Date: April 30, 2022

Publisher: DWA Media

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 467

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Michelangelo believed every block of marble held a statue
inside it. 

Yet he knew that without deep personal sacrifice, it would remain forever hidden. Five hundred years later, New York fashion photographer Michael Angelo Thomas falls in love with every woman who poses before his camera. He is driven to reveal what lies beneath the surface, stripping away the barrier between viewer and subject.

His finished photographs reveal the vulnerable beauty of each model. His work makes him the most sought after fashion photographer in 1994. But rather than enjoy his prestige, he lives a life of anguish, unable to form meaningful attachments or purge the demons of self-doubt and of losing both of his adoptive parents in a freak accident.

After the death of an aspiring young model that his photographs propel to
international fame, he leaves New York for an assignment in Florence to
photograph the world’s leading fashion models.

In the shadows of Michelangelo’s greatest triumphs, Michael discovers a secret that will change his life and those who desire to be closest to him.

Comments from Advance Readers:

“This was a definite page-turner, I could hardly put it down.” – Nevine R.

“All I can say is, ‘WOW!’” – Marianne P.

“I was so engrossed in the story that I lost all track of time.” – Emma D.

“Love, love, loving this novel, it’s got it all.” – Trulyn B.

“I am very impressed.” – Pierre F


Michael fell in love with every woman he photographed.
Unless he exposed his heart, he couldn’t get close enough to what lay deepest inside them. If he didn’t make himself vulnerable, his images only reflected what lay on the surface, missing the connection he needed. Once he felt himself swept away by his subject, sparks flying with each release of the shutter, and every lightning bolt flash, they bonded for hours in the studio.
And many more in the darkroom with Michael and the celluloid history of the session.
The results spoke for themselves. Some of the women revealed so completely in his images wanted to be with him, to touch the man who so deeply touched them. He made it a rule to never sleep with the women he photographed.
But he was never very good at following rules.
“Ginger, you’re already here,” he said, making a fist and holding it to his heart. “But…” he hesitated, moving his face close to hers, their lips almost touching.
“But, what, Michael?”
Even in this light, her features outlined softly with the faint brush of the red safelight, he could see her sadness and openness, her strength and her weakness. Her face was a canvas he could explore a long time. Ginger had a gift unlike the dozens and dozens of models he’d photographed. She didn’t need to strike a pose. Everything was there on the surface, waiting to be captured. Her gift was not knowing she had anything to offer, not knowing she was anything special.
Her innocence was intoxicating. “Would you mind if I took a few more pictures of you?” he finally replied.
“Really?” she smiled. “Now?”
“Yes,” he kissed her lips ever so lightly, then flicked on the light. “Come on.”
She followed him out of the darkroom. His mind raced with ideas about how he would light her, what lens to use and a dozen other tiny details about equipment and settings.
Ginger sat at his table, and poured the rest of the champagne into their glasses, then reached down to her purse on the floor. She took out an envelope, opened it and emptied the contents into her hand.
“I just got these,” she said, laying her palm flat, revealing a clutch of small pink pills.
Michael set down the lens he’d taken from his bag. “What are they?”
“It’s ecstasy… in a pill.” Before he could respond, she popped two in her mouth and washed them down with champagne.
She held out her hand, offering him the pills. “Let’s find it tonight.”


About Steve Moretti:

I have always been drawn to passion and creativity in all its forms. I am equally fascinated by the mechanics of the universe and the characters of history. I have a special affection for the power of music which I believe is the universal language of human emotion. My writing journey started in journalism, public relations and advertising then continued into software development. I have been writing novels full-time for a couple of years now and recently completed my first series, Song for a Lost Kingdom. I also co-authored a biography on the life of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and am currently finishing the first book of a new trilogy called Michael Angelo.

I grew up in London, Ontario (Canada) and also lived in Pompano Beach, Florida as a teenager. I moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University and now live just south of the city with my wife and our two dogs. I look forward to your feedback. Visit my website for the latest news, or email me at anytime! 


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Book Blitz & Excerpt – S.H.R.E.D: Gorgon Rising + Giveaway

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S.H.R.E.D: Gorgon Rising
by Stu Jones
(Espionage and Defense, Super Humanoids for Reconnaissance)
Publication date: May 10th 2022
Genres: Action, Adventure, New Adult


High above earth in a low orbit facility, an experimental clean energy project known as Erebos—which taps into the vacuum structure of space—destabilizes and is jettisoned into the planet’s atmosphere.

Far below, unaware of the danger rocketing toward her, nineteen-year-old Sasha Kino goes night surfing to clear her head after a fight with her father. When Erebos crashes into the ocean the device fuses her DNA with that of an orca and Sasha is altered beyond recognition. She is stronger, can hold her breath longer, and can swim deeper and faster than any creature on the planet—but her newfound abilities may come at the cost of her humanity.

Captain Alric Jager, head of the U.S. Navy’s Special Projects Division, is sent to clean up the Erebos situation. But when Jager learns of what the device did to Sasha he decides to steal them both. Driven by a dark and twisted legacy, Jager is determined to create the ultimate super soldier – no matter the cost.

Torn between the land and the sea, and ruthlessly hunted by Jager, Sasha must rediscover who she is and for what she is willing to fight.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble


With one last yank, Sasha tore the restraint collar, popping and fizzing in a shower of sparks from around her neck. In a single stride, she vaulted forward. Her body crashed through the dark glass of the observation room, slamming one of the two men inside against the far wall. In a bumbling fit of terror, the other fell to the floor, scrambled to all fours, then ran screaming for the hallway. As he did, he slapped a large red button on the wall labeled containment breach.

The screaming high-pitched wail of an emergency beacon filled the air, the walls around Sasha flickering with intermittent flashes of red. Instinct, strong and powerful, told her to run, but her higher brain held her fast: what they’d done here was illegal, and she needed evidence. She scanned the various consoles. There, a flash drive. No time to waste. Jager’s men must be on their way. Any data she could grab was no good if she couldn’t get it off the ship.

Snatching the data stick from the console and looping the lanyard around her neck, Sasha gave one last look to the unconscious man slumped against the floor and turned for the door. She stepped into the strobe-lit flash of the corridor and hovered there, her heart beating fierce in her breast.

On either side of the corridor, two pairs of Strykers squared up, the dark brown tones of their flesh offset by midnight black BDUs. They tensed, the banded muscles of their arms taut. No one moved.

“I don’t want to fight,” Sasha said over the wail of the alarm, her heart still thrumming. “But I’m not staying locked up here anymore.”

“You don’t have a choice.” The one named Alvarez said through clenched teeth. “Get back in, or we’ll put you back in.”

Sasha knew she should be afraid of these men, but then she remembered about how easily, accidentally even, she’d killed the whalers. How moments ago, she’d torn a titanium collar from her neck and crashed through a seemingly impenetrable two-inch-thick layered sheet of armored glass.

Sasha steeled herself as the four Strykers advanced on her from either side, their fists raised. “I don’t want to hurt you,” she said.

The Strykers stopped, exchanging amused glances. One of them closest to her, a man with a cropped mohawk, let out a chuckle. “We’re not the ones who are about to get hurt, darlin’.”

Sasha’s skin flushed hot. Her eyes narrowed to slits as she flexed her clawed fingers. “That’s what you think.”


Author Bio:

SWAT Sniper. Adventurer. Multi-Award-Winning Author of Epic Genre-Bending Thrillers.

A veteran law enforcement officer, Stu has served in patrol, narcotics, criminal investigations, as an instructor of firearms and police defensive tactics and as a team leader of a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team. He is trained and qualified as a law enforcement SWAT sniper, as well as in hostage rescue and high-risk entry tactics. Recently, Stu served for three years with a U.S. Marshal’s Regional Fugitive Task Force – hunting the worst of the worst.

He is the author of multiple sci-fi/action/thriller novels, including the multi-award-winning It Takes Death To Reach A Star duology, written with co-author Gareth Worthington(Children of the Fifth Sun).

Known for his character-driven stories and blistering action sequences, Stu strives to create thought-provoking reading experiences that challenge the status quo. When he’s not chasing bad guys or writing epic stories, he can be found planning his next adventure to some remote or exotic place.

Stu is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo-Helin-Fountain literary.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube

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Cover Reveal: Wicked, by Karina Espinosa



Title: Wicked
(Joey Santana Book 4)
Author: Karina Espinosa
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Cover Designer: Orina Kafe
Publication Date: June 10th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Once you’ve felt love, it’s hard to let it go.

The curse has been unleashed at the stroke of midnight and everything has changed. Everyone who once cared for me is now indifferent. And the one person who loved me unconditionally now hates my guts. I’ve never felt more alone before in my life.  

Hiding out with the seelies has been my only option, but when truths unfold, even the seelie aren’t safe anymore. With nowhere to turn to and no one to trust, I find an unlikely ally who amidst it all, doesn’t hate me.

Putting myself first for once, it’s a race against the clock to break this curse and free myself from this torment while the supernaturals deal with their war against the humans. Nothing is what it seems and nothing will ever be the same again.

Karina Espinosa is the Urban Fantasy Author of the Mackenzie Grey novels and The Last Valkyrie series. An avid reader throughout her life, the world of Urban Fantasy easily became an obsession that turned into a passion for writing strong leading characters with authentic story arcs. When she isn’t writing badass heroines, you can find this self-proclaimed nomad in her South Florida home binge watching the latest series on Netflix or traveling far and wide for the latest inspiration for her books. Follow her on social media!
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