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Runaway Mate

A Fated Mates RH PNR

by Romy Lockhart

Genre: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance


Jillian is ecstatic when she finds out she’s become more than a wolf shifter. The instinct she’s always had that she was meant for something different is validated when a gator-bite turns her into a hybrid shifter with two distinct animal forms.

Her parents are the opposite of thrilled, and plot to have her gator exorcised before it can fully emerge. She’s been promised to the Alpha’s son, and he won’t accept a hybrid.

She does the only thing she can. She runs.

Her new animal form skews her senses when she goes into heat and every gator shifter she comes across looks like an appealing option.

Are the guys she just met the mates she’s truly meant for, or are they destined to break her heart?

Runaway Mate is a standalone new adult fated mates reverse harem romance with college-aged characters, serious steam and an HEA.

runawaymate - excerpt

No matter what I do, the heat I’m under doesn’t cool one little bit. I shift back to human form eventually, and every part of me aches with the need to be touched. It’s almost excruciating.
I can’t walk without spreading my arousal down my thighs, and I know I’d do anything either one of those guys asked if I got anywhere close to speaking to them.
Damn. I seriously need a plan that doesn’t include sexual favors as an appetizer.
It really doesn’t help that I’m naked. I need to sneak into that motel and steal a sheet or something.
At least give the illusion of modesty and self-control.
Sighing, I pace around the edge of the forest until I realize I can see a gas station across the road.
Maybe I could pull a Terminator and pretend like I’m a robot from the future who needs to steal someone’s clothes. I guess at least this isn’t the motel, where the hot gators are.
Fuck it.
I stalk out of the woods and straight across the empty road toward the gas station.
I try to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve putting on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent as I walk. The best I can come up with is amnesia. I don’t know who I am, or where I came from, but I’m here now so can someone lend me some clothes? Ugh. I don’t know. It’s the best I can come up with while I’m going out of my mind with desire.
I push open the glass fronted door and step inside.
The breath is knocked from me when I see the red-head from the motel is standing behind the counter, hunched over a notepad. The sexy flutters come back at lightning speed. He has bright green eyes, fair skin with light colored freckles and the hottest lip-chewing habit I’ve ever seen on a guy.
Drown me in my own saliva. I’m gone.
Then, he looks up, and his startled stare reminds me I’m naked. He drops his pencil and it rolls away, under a shelving unit. He opens and closes his mouth, and then just locks gazes with me. It’s weirdly intense. If he was staring slack-jawed at my tits I could handle it. This?
It makes me want to believe in the Goddess of Wolves so I can beg her to make sure this guy tastes as good as he looks. A swell of possessive desire rushes over me.
He’s mine. I don’t want anyone else to have him.
Not now. Not ever.
I forget all about my amnesia plan. I walk over there and shoot him a smile.
“I kind of lost my clothes. Can you help a girl out?”
He nods. “There’s a rack full of T-shirts over there. Take anything you like.”
I take a look and pick one that’s big enough to hang down over my thighs. I yank off the tag and sling it over my head. The door’s opening when I turn back to him.
The air goes out of the room when the big guy from before steps inside.
He’s a real mountain of a man, and my gaze takes in every inch of him hungrily.
There’s definitely muscle going on under his shirt, but he’s also just kind of big built. Thick neck, thick arms. Inked up arms, which is even hotter. I can’t wait to see what else is thick about him.
I raise my stare to his face and I can see his expression is kind of scowly. His eyes are dark and his hair is dark with lighter ends in a natural highlights kind of way.
I don’t know whether to be sad he missed seeing me naked or kind of relieved.
I bite down on the compulsion to ask them both to come into the woods with me.
My wolf likes that idea way too much. Wait. Why does my wolf like it so much?
Are these guy’s hybrids too?
“I’m Jillian,” I introduce myself, when it seems obvious these two are not great at starting conversations. “I think one of you brought me here in a car?”
“Sorry,” the big guy tells me. “I thought you were hurt.”
“I’m not mad,” I tell him. “I got sick when I tried to shift. A gator bit me, and I was shifting into a gator for the first time. At least, I was trying to. It didn’t seem to work.”
“It worked,” he tells me. “You were a gator when I picked you up.”
“No shit?” I ask, breaking into a smile.
He gives me a small smile back. “No shit.”
“It worked then. I’m a hybrid.”
“You wanted to be?” The red-head asks.
“Can you guys give me your names? I really don’t want to be calling you Red and Big Guy in my head all night.”
Red snorts. “I’m Phoenix, this is Mason. It’s nice to meet you, Jillian.”
“Nice to meet you too,” I tell him.
“So, you wanted to be a hybrid?” he asks, as if it’s unbelievable to him.
I guess hybrids get kind of a raw deal. “I always knew I was meant to be more than a wolf.”
“The hand of fate,” he says, surprising me. “It works in mysterious ways.”
“It really does. You guys are hybrids too, right?” I ask, needing to know for sure.
“We are,” Phoenix admits. “Wolf-gator hybrids.”
Just like me. I’m honestly shocked that I’m so attracted to guys who are part wolf.
I’ve never been into wolves before. Not once. Not ever.
Is the heat changing who I’m attracted to, or doesn’t it matter as long as there’s a gator side in there somewhere? I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure I even care anymore.

Romy Lockhart writes paranormal reverse harem and M/F contemporary romance. All of her books contain steamy scenes between consenting adults. All of her reverse harems have harem ever afters, and all of her romance novels have happy endings.


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Book Blitz: Snowball’s Chance in Hell, by Harper A. Brooks & Mila Young



Title: Snowball’s Chance in Hell
Author: Harper A. Brooks & Mila Young
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem
Editor: Dara Horcasitas
Cover Designer: Xenia Sukhareva
Publication Date: Dec. 16th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Four demons for Christmas? It pays to be naughty.

Being the Queen of Hell has its perks… Like having four sexy demon lovers at your beck and call, and the power of the underworld at your fingertips.

It has its downsides too, like everyone trying to kill you for your throne. And that includes Krampus.

But when the winter demon steals someone close to me, my family and Christmas are thrown into the fire.

Looks like it’s time to rain Hell on this Hallmark holiday.

There’s a snowball’s chance in Hell I’ll let anyone take what’s mine.

A holiday epilogue novella with a little bit of sugar, spice, and A LOT of sin. Don’t wait for Santa. Grab your copy now!

Snowball’s Chance in Hell is a book Holiday Special Edition of the Sin Demons Series.

Harper A. Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore. Even though classic authors have always filled her bookshelves, she finds her writing muse drawn to the dark, magical, and romantic. But when she isn’t creating entire worlds with sexy shifters or legendary love stories, you can find her either with a good cup of coffee in hand or at home snuggling with her furry, four-legged son, Sammy.

She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

RONE Award Winner

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

International Bestselling Author

Author Links:

Amazon | Twitter | Goodreads | Website

Instagram | Facebook | Bookbub | Reader Group

Bestselling Author, Mila Young tackles everything with the zeal and bravado of the fairytale heroes she grew up reading about. She slays monsters, real and imaginary, like there’s no tomorrow. By day she rocks a keyboard as a marketing extraordinaire. At night she battles with her mighty pen-sword, creating fairytale retellings, and sexy ever after tales. In her spare time, she loves pretending she’s a mighty warrior, cuddling up with her cats, and devouring every fantasy tale she can get her pinkies on.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: The Spell of the Rose + Giveaway

The Spell of the Rose Blitz Banner-1

The Spell of the Rose
by Toni Behm
(Fleex: Adventures Around the Worlds, #1)
Publication date: December 11th 2021
Genres: Fantasy

 Magic may take many forms, but love shall rule supreme 

Though wholly shorn of memories like all who dwell in the village of Fogland, Fleex knows this: his heart will always beat for Fin and Fin alone. However, when his dearest friend is hoodwinked by the Gossiper, he’ll need to venture beyond the safety of “home” to somehow save her.

Armed with but the oddities his guardians had found him with—a cryptic book and broken necklace—Fleex must find his way through countless worlds, collecting scattered clues. Accompanied by Flip and Flop, two Greenies sent by Fog Almighty, Fleex soon finds his quest means rather more than simply saving Fin. In fact, the very universe is hanging in the balance now, for music, knowledge, and all things good are slowly being swallowed by a monster made of light.

Awaiting Fleex are riddles from the Reader in the World of Word, demands from the Collector, and a slew of wicked on the path to where the High Priest lives.

Only time will tell if Fleex can mend the fractures greed has caused, but either way, he’ll reclaim Fin or meet his fate en route.

Goodreads / Amazon


‘I travelled through many lands and, you know what? People outside Fogland don’t look like us. They are taller and they don’t have…,’ she hesitated for a moment, ‘for example, your family, you have tentacles which you call hats. The Gerions, on Round Street, have three arms. The Soleys have a light on their foreheads and they shine like torches all night. Where I come from, hair is hair, people have two arms, and their heads are not like bedside lamps in the dark. This is a strange place here.’

Fleex was thinking. Fogland was definitely a land which you could enter but could not leave. Not on your own. It was a place with a purpose. But exactly what that purpose was, none of the locals knew.

He turned to Fin, ‘What’s the last thing you remember before you came here?’

‘I remember a small forest, all green. I was walking along a path leading downwards. There was no other way, only down. In the thickest part of the forest, the path just disappeared. I was tired and sat down to have a rest. I must have fallen asleep because I remember that the path had reappeared when I woke up, and I followed it to the Rose Garden.’

Bright tears filled her eyes, held on for a moment and then ran down the silky skin of her cheeks. Fleex was looking at her with a heavy heart. So heavy that his face turned pale and the tentacles in his hair hung down like the dead limbs of an octofruit. He felt sorry for Fin. It was nice that she had chosen him to share her story with, and he was not going to tell anyone. And if she kept quiet, the fog was not going to take her.

A creepy, accusing shriek jolted him out of his thoughts. ‘Gold digger! Greedy, insensitive cow!’ Somebody was screaming and the voice was coming from the vines twisting over the café. Then there was a rumble as something round and clumsy rolled down the path and sped away.

‘The Gossiper! She’s been hiding above us all the time, eavesdropping!’ Fleex whispered, as he held the hands of his loved one. ‘Fin, whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you and…’

Before he could even finish, white and grey clouds of fog suddenly descended from all sides and surrounded Fin, blackening the sky and the garden. Wet cold froze them. The fog formed into the ugly face of an unknown creature, with black holes for eyes and sharp teeth. Fin was still squeezing Fleex’ hands when strangely fleshless yet strong fingers suddenly grabbed at his, forcing them apart. A powerful pull and then the fog monster pushed him aside with its enormous paw and opened its mouth. Fin sank inside, in a flood of tears. The fog spiralled up, taking Fin with it.

Fleex was stunned. It took him hours to realise she was gone and he was never going to see her again. Without looking at it, he took the piece of paper from the table and put it into his pocket. She had merely decided to share her secret with him, but the fog had taken her. Because of the Gossiper.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Toni Behm graduated MA in Bulgarian Language and Literature from the University of Plovdiv and later certified as a TEFL teacher. She worked for a time at a local radio station, newspaper, then she taught English at school and university. In 2008 she moved to the USA and started writing this story. The initial idea was that it would be a short humorous fantasy story, but later it turned into a longer fairy-tale.

Published under the pen name A.V. Osten as an e-book is her dystopian novelette The Head Employee Precedent, part of the Hemisphere series.

Toni lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and their two cats.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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