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Demon Riding Shotgun

by L.R. Braden

Genre: Urban Fantasy


Possessed by a demon since she was eleven years old, Mira Fuentes maintains a fragile alliance with the snarky soul who shares her body. Together they hunt down unstable Rifters– demon-controlled humans bent on causing chaos in the mortal realm. But when a routine hunt leads to a powerful Rifter with plans for Baltimore, Mira quickly finds herself in over her head and at the top of the city’s Most Wanted.

Recently retired from the PTF after losing his partner, Ty Williams now works for the Baltimore PD and keeps his distance from cases involving magic. But when a person dies of clearly magical causes and the PTF doesn’t have any agents to spare, Ty is the closest thing the department has to an expert. Saddled with a new partner he doesn’t want and a mountain of self-doubt, it’s his job to track down a suspect who looks suspiciously like the one-night-stand he brought home from the bar last night.

Mira will have to set her trust issues aside and enlist the help of a man determined to uncover her secrets if she hopes to learn the identity of the demon’s host and prevent the human race from becoming meat puppets for the denizens of the Rift.

On COURTING DARKNESS: “This book was a fantastic second installment to the Magicsmith series… Truly brilliant writing!”–Richelle Rodarte, NetGalley Reviewer

“The plot was engrossing, fascinating and action-filled.”–Pam Guynn, NetGalley Reviewer on Faerie Forged

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demonridingshotgun - excerpt

Mira scooped a handful of shockingly cold water into her palms and splashed it on her face. She gasped and shook. Icy drips trickled down her neck, soothing the raw skin where the collar had burned her. The distorted reflection on the tumbling surface of the water threw back swathes of color with little detail, but Mira could still see that half her hair was white and her left eye shone a brilliant gold. She and her demon were matched equally at the moment, or near enough, each with one hand on the steering wheel—which might seem like a balanced partnership but was a sure recipe for a wreck.

Because her demon was naturally so much more powerful than her, their balance needed to be far from even, like a heavy-handled knife balanced on a fingertip. There was a lot more material on one end because the other was so dense. In Mira’s case, the demon could only keep the smallest portion of itself manifested or the body they shared would be torn to pieces by the force of its presence. Even now, after the feedings that had temporarily stabilized her, Mira could feel the strain on her cells. Purplish stains were starting to form around her fingernails and trace up her fingers like ground cracking in advance of an earthquake.

She pressed her palms to the damp earth and took a deep breath of moist air.

<We need to reset the anchors.> The demon’s voice swelled and faded, as though she was rapidly changing positions, flitting about Mira’s mind, unable to hold still—the incorporeal equivalent of pacing.

Nodding, Mira shifted so she was sitting in a more comfortable position. They hadn’t had to reset their anchors in years, and she wasn’t sure how long it would take. She relaxed her neck and shoulders until her chin rested against her chest, closed her eyes, and took another long, steady breath.

She opened herself up to the energy around her—not in unshielded abandon as she had in the police van, but by allowing a thin trickle to funnel through a specific point that she controlled like a sluice gate. She could feel the rift energy, the energy her demon was made from, seeping into her, filling her reservoirs. At the same time she could feel the pull of the demon’s power, tearing away the energy that kept her alive, the physical bonds of her mortal form.

This was the balance they maintained—the cannibalistic partnership—each devouring the essence of the other for the power they needed to perform magic.

L.R. Braden is the bestselling author of the Magicsmith urban fantasy series, the standalone novel Demon Riding Shotgun, and several works of short fiction. Her writing has won the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Sci-fi/Fantasy, the First Horizon Award for debut authors, and the Imadjinn Award for Best Urban Fantasy (twice). She was also honored to be a finalist for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers 2021 Writer of the Year award. She and her family live in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where she spends her time writing, playing, and weaving metal into intricate chain mail jewelry that she sells in her Etsy shop.

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Book Blitz: Tea & Talismans, by Elle Wren Burke

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Tea and Talismans

Tea & Talismans
by Elle Wren Burke
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age: 13 – 18 years

Alara Beatty never thought her life would change so fast.

She’s only just begun to use her psychic abilities, and she’s already being met with a slew of truths and challenges. In a short span of time, she’s met her biological aunt, solved a murder, and discovered that she was given up for adoption due to a mysterious prophecy.

But that’s certainly not all that’s in store for Alara. Suddenly, her biological family members are flocking to her small town of Prickly Pear, Arizona to meet her…and evaluate her psychic strength.

As Alara begins to get used to her new situation, her cousin Todd receives a mysterious death threat…one that she knows to take seriously. Together, she and Todd must investigate the threats and try to determine who they’re coming from—before it’s far too late.

Not only must Alara learn to use her psychic abilities, she also needs to determine who she can trust. Her newfound family? And what about Rudi Rivera, her charming, handsome police officer friend who has no idea that Alara is psychic?

Author Elle Wren Burke offers this stunning sequel, “Tea & Talismans”, the second book in her cozy yet captivating paranormal mystery series.


tea and talismans

About the Author:

Elle Wren Burke is a paranormal cozy mystery author who writes witty, fun books with strong females as protagonists.

Elle has Master’s degrees in Geography and Business. She lives in Arizona with her husband and fur baby. She enjoys puzzles, baking, and bubble baths.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Knights Errant + Giveaway

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Knights Errant
by Ian D. Smith
Published by: SinCyr Publishing
Publication date: December 1st 2021
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Lonely widower Paul is ready to move on and start a new relationship, but he never anticipated meeting two captivating women at the same time. To complicate matters, Becky and Hayley are best friends-as different as night and day-and both fancy him.

The ladies want to recruit Paul and his jousting team for their television show, yet Paul is worried. This is an amazing opportunity, but can he navigate two love interests without damaging their friendship and the show?

In the midst of his healing, Paul also uncovers a hidden world full of bizarre dog bites, bodies drained of blood, and a mysterious task force. Finding love again is hard enough – can Paul protect his new relationships from this dangerous world he knows so little about?

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As usual, I was early for my dinner-date, so waited in the bar area where I could keep an eye on the entrance. The restaurant was decorated in soft pastel tones with fairly bland artworks on the walls. The room lighting was soft, with a small lamp on every table, and the staff moved quietly and efficiently. The atmosphere was relaxed, just the usual background hum of multiple quiet conversations and cutlery on plates.

Kathy arrived exactly on time. She was easy to spot; good-looking, a little over six feet tall, and nicely dressed in a cream short-sleeved top and a pale green, light summer skirt, both of which suited her height and build. Her light brown, collar-length hair briefly glowed as she walked in the light cast by a downlighter. She’d walked in looking confident and waved as soon as she saw me.

I approached, and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “You look lovely.” She did, too. Her hair framed her face well and she wore only a little make-up. She had a single fine silver chain necklace, two tiny stud earrings, and a couple of rings, but neither on the third finger of her left hand.

Her smile made her seem a little nervous and excited. I felt the same, but over the last eighteen months, I’d learned how to hide my true feelings and look relaxed, happy and confident. For a while anyway. I wanted more than anything to actually be happy and confident¬—to find real love again—but I was still recovering from an emotional train wreck of loss. For the time being, a convincing act was all I had.

She blushed ever so slightly. “Thank you.” She didn’t pull her hand away before I released it a couple of seconds later. Right then, I knew there was a pretty good chance she’d already decided our evening might last well into the morning.

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