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BANNER - Concussion and Contentment

Concussion and Contentment - Liz Faraim
Liz Faraim has a new ff contemporary book out, Vivian Chastain series book 3: Concussion and Contentment. And there’s a giveaway!

Vivian, an adrenaline junkie and U.S. Army veteran, goes about her life as a bartender, avid runner, and polyamorous lesbian. Life in Sacramento, California is going well until she is blindsided by unforeseen financial issues which lead her to consider a new career.

In an attempt to recharge and take a break, she visits her best friend, Jared, only to be sidetracked by a motorcycle trip with her other best friend, Bear. The adventure does not turn out to be the carefree break Vivian had hoped for. A mess, she returns to Sacramento where her partner, Ang, tries to push her down, rather than help her pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, Vivian takes big steps with her other partner, Audre, which fills a void in Vivian’s life left behind by her dysfunctional and abusive childhood.

While out on a day trip to her favorite hiking trails, Vivian has an epiphany about what line of work she wants to pursue, and chases after it head first while also beginning to mend fences with her brother, Joey.

As things start to stabilize, one of Vivian’s partners commits an act of grave violence, resulting in life-changing consequences for all concerned.

Surrounded by friends, Vivian turns over a new leaf and finally finds the contentment she has sought for a lifetime.

Warnings: This book contains violence, attempted murder, homophobic slurs, alcohol/drug use, references to suicide, abuse of a child by a parent, abuse of a child by an adult, attempted suicide, racism

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This excerpt is from Chapter One of Concussion and Contentment:

Sweat dripped and bass pulsed as hundreds of women writhed and bumped to the music. Tick, the club DJ, was killing it. The vibe was so good that I was high on it. There was a line at my station ten people deep, customers jostling for position while dancing and shuffling forward each time I finished a drink order. One of my regulars stepped up and waved a twenty-dollar bill at me. She was in her forties, sporting a bowler hat and forearm tats.

“Viv, show me them titties and tats!” she shouted over the thumping and chatter.

I had already stripped down to my sports bra, with my beater hanging from the back pocket of my Dickies. It was hot for April, and the press of sweating, dancing bodies had made the nightclub a sauna.

“Aw, Tig, you know I can’t do that,” I said with a smirk and turned my back to the crowd. Behind the bar was a wall-to-wall mirror. I gyrated my hips to Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty,” which had become a club favorite. I made eye contact with Tig in the mirror as she jumped to the beat, still waving the twenty-dollar bill at me. Shoving down the shyness that crept up, I slapped on the façade of the confident butch barkeep I wore to work. I pulled my sports bra up, just a bit.

She hollered to her friends, “She’s doing it, she’s doing it!”

Amidst the chaos, they leaned to the side to see my reflection in the mirror, their mouths agape, eyes laser focused on me. I kept the tease up for a minute, dancing to the song, pulling my bra up a bit and lowering it again. Each time I lowered it, there was a chorus of “Awwwww’s” behind me. I finally relented and pulled my sports bra completely off. Their hoots and hollers made me grin, and I continued dancing for myself in the mirror.

Just as the song was ending, a bright light flashed in the mirror, reflecting straight into my eyes. I traced the light back along the mirror and saw it was coming from near the front door. Buck, our bouncer, stood on the rungs of her barstool by the door, flashing her Maglite at me. When we made eye contact, she tapped the top of her head three times, which was the sign that the cops were coming. I shimmied back into my sweaty sports bra, which was no easy feat, and turned back to my customers.

Tig pulled me into a hug across the bar. She tucked the bill into my waistband, her rough fingers lingering far too long on my skin. “Thanks, Viv. Looking good. Those tits and tats, you are so fucking hot. If I weren’t married, things’d be different.”

I patted her cheek and ended the hug, doing my best to keep my cool and stay in my role.

“Good to see you, Tig. The usual?”

She nodded and I poured her an Irish Car Bomb. She slapped some more cash on the bar, dropped the shot glass of whiskey and Bailey’s into her pint of Guinness, and chugged the whole frothing mess while her crew cheered her on. She slammed the pint glass down, wiped her mouth on her bare arm, belched, and disappeared into the fray.

Jen, the barback, bounced up to me with her usual level of cheer, and began unloading glasses fresh from the washer. “Tig still trying to get into your pants?” Her voice dripped with disgust as she fingered the American Spirit cigarette tucked behind her ear.

“Always.” I uncapped some beer bottles and rang up my next customer. “You know, I’ve been doing this job a few years now, and know that there’s a certain level of shit we have to put up with if we want those tips. And I need those tips. But it’s getting less amusing when people forget we are human and not a piece of meat.”

Author Bio

Liz has a full plate between balancing a day job, parenting, writing, and finding some semblance of a social life. In past lives she has been a soldier, a bartender, a shoe salesperson, an assistant museum curator, and even a driving instructor. She focuses her writing on strong, queer, female leads who don’t back down.

Liz transplanted to California from New York over thirty years ago, and now lives in the East Bay. She enjoys exploring nature with her wife and son.

Pronouns: She/Her

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Spotlight: Ink + Giveaway


ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Ink - Queer Sci Fi's 7th Flash Fiction Anthology
Queer Sci Fi’s annual flash fiction anthology is finally here – and this year the theme is Ink. There’s a giveaway too!


Five definitions to inspire writers around the world and an unlimited number of possible stories to tell:

1) A colored fluid used for writing

2) The action of signing a deal

3) A black liquid ejected by squid

4) Publicity in the written media

5) A slang word for tattoos

Ink features 300-word speculative flash fiction stories from across the rainbow spectrum, from the minds of the writers of Queer Sci Fi.

Publisher | Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback | Amazon Hardcover | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Scribd | Thalia | Vivlio | Goodreads


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Ink meme
“Vervain had watched, one by one, as her childhood friends blossomed with red, the words of their soulmates inked into their skins. The stories of their lives together, from the day they met to the day they would die, unfolding each day. Her sister Iris, an aspiring bard, had woken one morning after meeting a girl in the village, the words poet meets potion-makershining bright and scarlet. Vervain’s friend Raven had dashed across the marketplace the day two separate lines had sprung forth on their skin—two loves, three souls entwined in the ink of their hearts.” —Lauren Triola, The Unmarked

“I love our sentient AI high school, EduTron 6000 (kids call her “Edie”). She plays soothing classical music in study hall and always listens when you have a bad day. But she’s a stickler for rules, and hates graffiti, which put a major damper on my epic prom-posal plan.” —Brenna Harvey, EduTron 6000 + Principal Vertner 4Ever

“I get out of the shower and it’s there. Dripping down the mirror—splip—and forming a rivulet of color across the tile floor. Thinner than paint, more vibrant than water. Sometimes it’s iridescent, but today it’s just…bright. A stream of colorful consciousness leading me across the bathroom, down the hall, out of…wait. I go to my bedroom and hastily put on whatever I can reach. Yesterday’s bra, the jeans from the floor, finger comb my short hair, a random t-shirt—purple. The same color the ink is today. Does that mean something?” —Geneva Vand, The Colors of Fate

“Marianne paced the length of the small hall that connected the living room, and the door to the outside, to the bedroom, and the door to the inside. Temporary steps, tracing a path towards a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Beyond the crack of the door, she saw her wife sleeping soundly in the cool of the late night. Temporary wife, temporary bedroom.” —Brooke K. Bell, Temporary/Permanent

“The round stone room that they lock the poet in contains nothing but a writing desk. The desk, of course, is fully stocked. Piles of creamy paper, elegantly carved sable-fur brushes, a pyramid of neatly-stacked inksticks, and an inkstone, its well full of perfectly still water. Sunlight streams down from a single window, high overhead and barred. Too high to reach even when she stands on the desk, its thin legs wobbling beneath her.” —Jamie Lackey, Inksticks and Paper Swans

“Rna’la arrived at Intergalactic Date-A-Thon and signed in using zir own gelatinous fluid (no scratchy ballpoint for zem, thanks!) The human woman collecting signatures blushed pinkly. Rna’la’s hearts throbbed in zir throat. Probably not attending. Ze passed several individuals in the hallway. Some bowed, some ignored zem. Not everyone recognized the current ruler of Th’ul.” —M.X Kelly, To Have and to Hold and to Hold and to Hold


  • Amarilys Acosta – Heart Ink
  • Emilia Agrafojo – Mixology
  • Addison Albright – Cave Drawing
  • Tam Ames – The Autograph
  • RE Andeen – The Skinchanger’s Art
  • Laura Antoniou – A Most Rewarding Quest
  • Blaine D. Arden – Mending
  • H. Argent – Impending Affair
  • Aten – Power
  • Ryley Banks – Right Place, Right Time
  • Jorane G. Barton – Alternate Endings
  • Joe Baumann – Babbler
  • Brooke K. Bell – Temporary/Permanent
  • David Berger – Indelible
  • Eytan Bernstein – I Never Knew
  • Gordon Bonnet – Nexus
  • Die Booth – Faith and the Thorncutters
  • Charlie Boynton – He Bleeds Ink
  • Ryan Breadinc – The Ink Reader
  • M. Burns – The Final Line
  • Meghan Byers – Unmoored
  • Aron Caer – Writer’s Blood
  • Elsa M. Carruthers – I Am Happy to Be Here Today
  • Foster Bridget Cassidy – Unfamiliar Waters
  • Minerva Cerridwen – Not Alone
  • Amanda Cherry – Signed
  • Gwen Coholan – Ballpoint
  • Rory Ni Coileain – All Myths Are True (but some are truer than others)
  • Comer – Her Very Comfy Couch
  • Georgia Cook – Butterfly
  • Elliot Cooper – The Collection
  • Bryan Crystal-Thursdton – Fluid
  • Monique Cuillerier – The Present
  • Claire Davon – Squid on the Beach
  • Nicole Dennis – Hidden Spell
  • Toshi Drake – Indelible Ink
  • James Dunham – Lydia’s Back
  • Allen Dyen-Shapiro – To Share the Sky
  • Eason – On the Conjoined Practice of Demonology and Scribal Longhand
  • P. Egry – Confessions of an Inkaholic
  • B. Eyre – A Prisoner and a Captain
  • Kim Fielding – Devil and Advocates
  • Sheila Finch – Love is Blind
  • Steve Fuson – Blank as the Page
  • Jasie Gale – Pandora’s Row
  • Magaly Garcia – rough draft #9/grocery list
  • Isobel Granby – The Date Book
  • Jacqui Greaves – A Dish Served Hot
  • Sacchi Green – S/He Who Remembers
  • D. Grimm – Companions
  • Kaje Harper – The Pen is Mightier
  • Brenna Harvey – EduTron 6000 + Principal Vertner 4Ever
  • Kelly Haworth – Off Spectrum
  • Sheryl R. Hayes – Panagram
  • Chisto Healy – The Fine Print
  • A. Hunt – Untitled
  • S R Jones – So Let it Be Written, So Let It Be Done
  • Dale Jordan – The Summoning
  • Kim Katil – Heart Bound in Ink
  • April Kelley – How to Create a Monster
  • Ava Kelly – Soullink
  • Laura J. Kelly – Rougarous Inc.
  • X. Kelly – To Have and to Hold and to Hold and to Hold
  • Adrik Kemp – Meet Cute
  • Jessica M. Kormos – The Tattooist
  • Barbara Krasnoff – The Inker, The Cat and The Parrot
  • Jamie Lackey – Inksticks and Paper Swans
  • Benoit Lafortune – Dragon Blood
  • Tris Lawrence – Soul Afire
  • Anja Hendrikse Liu – Stranger Stories
  • Ainslie Lloyd – Off the Wall
  • Nathan Alling Long – It’s What’s Inside That Counts
  • Lily Luchesi – The Angel With Demon Blood
  • K. Mads – The Dragon’s Price
  • L. McCartney – Risotto Nero
  • Paula McGrath – Free Hugs
  • Helen M. Merrick – The Rose Tattoo
  • Lynn Michaels – Battleground
  • R. Moler – Ink is Memory
  • Fiona Moore – The Muse’s Gift
  • W. Murks – Just a Nudge
  • S. Murphy – Love’s Portrait
  • RJ Mustafa – Shadowbird
  • Mary Newman – Graven Images
  • Thea Nishimori – Glossaderma
  • L. Noone – Openings
  • Raine Norman – The Morning After
  • Orion O’Connell – The Midnight Librarian
  • Bradley Robert Parks – Guilty Pleasure Reading
  • Dale Parnell – Belonging
  • Terry Poole – Sign on the Dotted Line
  • Brooke Prado – Cursebreaker
  • Taylor Ramage – Inkshader
  • Robin Reed – Printed Love
  • S. Reinholt – Colours of Union
  • Jen Rivers – The Aerium
  • Jeff Ronan – Inked
  • Herminia Root – Aedan
  • Taylor Roth – For Death Doesn’t Part
  • Jamie Sands – Toby’s Tattoo
  • Rodello Santos – Told
  • F. Schraeder – Spider Legs
  • Ziggy Schutz – Renaming
  • RJ Scott – Blood
  • Alex Silver – Summoned
  • Alex Sobel – Tense
  • Ada Maria Soto – The Marks of a Knight
  • Anna Stacy – Livename
  • Susan Stradiotto – Moon Child
  • Lou Sylvre – The Flight of the Telorites
  • Nathaniel Taff – For Posterity’s Sake
  • Naomi Tajedler – Oddities
  • Sara Testarossa – Subversion
  • Lauren Triola – The Unmarked
  • Geneva Vand – The Colors of Fate
  • M. Walker – The Hurt Patch
  • Dean Wells – A Flacon of Ink
  • T. Wyant – Future Perfect
  • Rina Youngblood – Proof in the Telling
  • Aubrey Zahn – Jumper
  • Rainie Zenith – Blind Date

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Elite Starfighter + Giveaway

Elite Star fighter Blitz Banner

Elite Starfighter
by Grace Goodwin
(Starfighter Training Academy, #3)
Publication date: August 17th 2021
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction

Two friends have disappeared playing Starfighter Training Academy. No one cares because it’s just a game. Right?

I know something is wrong. Messed up. Completely off. And no one is paying attention.

My BFFs went missing after beating the hottest new multi-player game on the planet, Starfighter Training Academy. They won. They celebrated. They vanished. So what’s the girl left behind supposed to do?

Beat the damn game, that’s what. Find out the truth, even if that includes being recruited to fight in an alien war, lusting after the hottest alien I’ve ever seen, and marching into a battle there’s little chance of winning.

I will find my friends. I will learn what the heck is going on. And I will kiss the alien hunk I’ve been staring at for weeks.

Watch me.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play




I had steered clear of men. In all honesty, foraging around for a penis to take my virginity hadn’t seemed worth the effort when a discreet, electronic toy gave me perfectly acceptable orgasms with none of the drama. After one disastrous dating montage in college, I had learned to ignore men. All men, except digital versions who couldn’t break my heart.

Standing here was wrong. Big mistake. Darius of Velerion had become flesh and blood and he had heartbreak written all over him in bold, capital letters.

Not that my body was listening to a hint of common sense. My nipples hardened into aching pebbles. My core was tight and pulsing and so very empty. I wanted him to pound into me like a beast.

“Lily, talk to me.”

The air left my body in a woosh and I licked my lips, my tongue brushing the tip of his finger. He stared at my lips, taking the opportunity to slowly stroke my damp bottom lip with his thumb. I lifted my hand to his chest and settled it above his heart. “I don’t want to talk.”

His turn to stop breathing.

My words were honest. The absolute truth. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to lay my soul bare or ask him for anything. I sure as hell didn’t want to tell him the only knob I’d ever handled had been battery powered. Playing by the rules had done nothing but earned me a lonely, dead-end job I was tired of reading about adventures and never having one of my own.

Darius, tall, dark, sexy Darius was standing in front of me looking at me like he wanted to rip my clothes off. I was on another planet.

I could be brave and sexy and wild. Powerful. Fearless. Important. Adored.

Could I not?

If I were so brave and sexy and wild, why did my heart threaten to pound its way out from behind my ribcage? Why did I feel like I was about to faint? My body drifted and swayed like whispers and smoke, the only thing anchoring me to reality the heat of Darius’s thumb on my lip.

I watched as he lowered his head slowly, his gaze moving at the last moment from my eyes to my lips. So, so close. The heat of his breath was like fire in my throat as I breathed him in…


Author Bio:

Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi and Paranormal romance with nearly one million books sold. Grace’s titles are available worldwide in multiple languages in ebook, print and audio formats. Two best friends, one left-brained, the other right-brained, make up the award-winning writing duo that is Grace Goodwin. They are both mothers, escape room enthusiasts, avid readers and intrepid defenders of their preferred beverages. (There may or may not be an ongoing tea vs. coffee war occurring during their daily communications.) Grace loves to hear from readers.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Newsletter


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