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The Dragon of Ynys
by Minerva Cerridwen
Genre: Clean LGBTQ Fantasy


Every time something goes missing from the village, Sir Violet makes his way to the dragon’s cave and negotiates the item’s return. It’s annoying, but at least the dragon is polite.

But when the dragon hoards a person, that’s a step too far. Sir Violet storms off to the mountainside to escort the baker home, only to find a more complex mystery—a quest that leads him far beyond the cave. Accompanied by the missing baker’s wife and the dragon himself, the dutiful village knight embarks on his greatest adventure yet.

The Dragon of Ynys is an inclusive fairy tale for all ages.

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thedragonofynys - excerpt

He had thought he would be terrified. After a lifetime of having both feet firmly on the ground, flying had not sounded appealing at all. But secretly…it was amazing! He could see all of Ynys behind him, glimpsed what was beyond the other bank of the river, saw the fields shrink into a green and brown chequered carpet.
Even as they rose into the fog and he had to look over the side of Snap’s wide back to see the jagged rock beneath them, he was quite certain that this was the best thing that had ever happened to him.
So of course the dragon had to ruin it.
“Please stay in the middle,” he said. “It’s exhausting to make adjustments for your weight all the time, and if you fall, I doubt Holly will appreciate the nosedive. That is, if we are in time to catch you at all.”
“Point taken,” Violet mumbled, centring himself once again. “It’s just— You never told me how beautiful the world is, seen from the sky.”
“You were walking on it,” Snap said. “I thought you knew.”
As Violet marvelled at the feeling of the cold air around his head and at the white landscape of ridges and crevasses to their sides, he almost forgot that they were on a quest. It might have taken almost an hour, but it felt far too soon when the dragon started his descent.
“Hold on tight,” he warned, and Violet became aware that he liked this part a lot less.

He reluctantly picked up his pace so he’d be closer to Snap. Which, of course, meant he bumped into his tail when the dragon stopped suddenly.
Once again, he landed on his back in the snow.
“Sorry about that,” Snap said. “I found it!”
“Oh, it’s nothing,” Violet answered as he scrambled upright again. “Who needs dry trousers when they’re already freezing to death?”
Holly was looking at the ground between Snap’s front paws. As Violet stood beside her, he saw a small, round, silver object in the snow.
“You think that a bell will lead us to Juniper?” Holly asked, puzzled.
“Oh. No, this has nothing to do with Juniper.” The dragon frowned. “I understand why you might think so. But no. This just caught my eye as we flew over. It’s smaller than I expected from the gleam, but look.” He hooked the tip of a claw behind the ring at the top of the bell. “It’s very pretty. And it smells only a little bit of sheep.”
“Pretty?” Holly grabbed the bell and threw it as far away as she could. “You’re telling me we’re wasting time here because of such a ridiculous thing?”
“Hey!” Snap followed its flight with his eyes. “I was going to hoard that!”
“You can grow your hoard when Juniper and I are back home!” Holly took a deep, trembling breath. “Please. Until we’ve seen that she’s safe, I want no more distractions. From you or Violet.”
“Now what did I do?”
Snap’s gaze lingered in the direction where the bell had flown and he looked sadder than Violet thought was possible for a dragon. But then he seemed to pull himself together. “Fine. I’ll return for it later. We’ll just hope no one else ever comes here to hoard things, right?”
He dropped to his belly and for a moment Violet thought it was his way of mourning the lost treasure, but then Holly climbed onto Snap’s back and Violet realised he should do the same. Hopefully the warmth would dry his clothes a little faster.

Minerva Cerridwen (she/xe) is a genderqueer aromantic asexual writer and pharmacist from Belgium. She enjoys baking, drawing and handlettering.

Since 2013 she has been writing for Paranatellonta, a project combining photography and flash fiction. Her first published work was the queer fairy tale ‘Match Sticks’ in the Unburied Fables anthology (2016). Her short stories have also appeared in Atthis Arts anthologies Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (2019) and Community of Magic Pens (2020).

For updates on her newest projects, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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Spotlight: Finding My Sunshine + Giveaway

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Book Title:  Finding My Sunshine (A Memoir)
Author:  Shannon Leith McGuire.
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 198 pages
Genre:  Memoir
Publisher:  Sunshine Street Press
Release date:  March 2021
Content Rating:  PG+M for bad language, anger, and suicidal thoughts, clinical depression, and assault

Book Description:

“What if that someone was you?” Shannon had been so quick to blame others for her anger. She knew she was drowning in darkness and pain; being born with a learning disability made her feel defeated by life. She tried drinking heavily in order to quiet the demons. After being kicked out of college, Shannon took a leap of faith and started working in a nursing home. That’s when her angels appeared and the miracle began. The insight and wisdom she gained from those elderly new friends led her on an inspiring journey of discovery and self-acceptance. Each of us has our own path. Some of us just need angels to help us find it. This is her story.

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Meet the Author:

Shannon was raised in a small town in Eastern Montana, where you leave your car keys in the ignition and your front door unlocked all the time. The kind of place where sunsets and sunrises can be seen for miles on the horizon. Where the spring crickets and frogs resting in the irrigation ditches helped transition the days into a calm resting night. Where the winters can get so cold, air can freeze. It was only after she was academically suspended by the college she was attending, that she became a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA). She did her training in Billings, Montana and it was there she learned how to take care of others and bonded with the geriatric population. For over five years, Shannon worked in the same nursing home where she received her training. The work was hard, but it grounded her and helped her find balance in what had become a deeply unbalanced life. It was not until she was a CNA, at one of the hospitals that she had a dream-three nights in a row-that she was going to become a nurse. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where you may hear her laughing with her husband of over 10 years,  scuba diving in the ocean, taking walks with their rescued pit-bull dog- Darby, or dancing together to life’s music.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Wraith + Giveaway


by Mere Joyce
(Oracle of Senders, #3)
Publication date: June 15th 2021
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

When Callum Silver arrives in Greenland for his third summer at Camp Wanagi, the only thing he feels is dread. Last August, camp took a terrible turn. Since then, things have only gotten worse. Mim is still in a coma. Meander is practically non-existent. And Cal’s not the only camper suffering from bouts of insomnia and night terrors. Because this isn’t just another summer with the Oracle. This year, the members of the Shade sector are turning sixteen—the age when the full aspects of their abilities finally come to fruition.

Cal is terrified of seeing his first post-birthday spirit. But as the bright Greenland summer wears on, he discovers there are things more disturbing than sickness-inducing ghosts. New revelations, changing talents, and daring missions twist Cal’s understanding of the past and alter his expectations for the future. But even when he thinks he’s finally got a handle on what it means to be a Sender, the summer’s final encounters prove more deadly than anyone expects. Cal’s not sure how camp is going to end. But whatever happens, one thing is clear—this is a summer no one in the Oracle is going to forget.

Happy birthday, Shade…

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“Hey, Cal,” Dylan says from inside the car.
“Hi, Dylan,” I reply with a nod I’m not sure he sees. I can’t make him out through the

open slit or the tinted window frame. I wonder if he’s still jet lagged from his arrival, or if he’s too lazy to get out of his seat.

Kornelía motions for me to follow her to the trunk so I can store my bag and backpack. I keep hold of my violin case as I move to the vehicle’s far side.

“Speaking of different,” she whispers, nodding towards the car.

I quirk a brow, but she only shrugs one shoulder before opening the front door and sliding into her seat. I pause, taking another deep breath and pushing down the slight queasiness born from knowing this is the last stretch before camp is officially upon me. Then I open the car door and duck inside.

The hired driver I’m guessing is a local starts the vehicle and heads away from the Ilulissat Airport. I settle into my seat before turning to Dylan—and promptly doing a double- take.

Dylan Benowitz has always had a sickly, sallow complexion. But his skin looks nearly gray in the car’s interior light. The bags under his eyes have darkened, and there is a definite yellow tint to the whites. Combined with the disheveled, shaggy state of his dark hair, the discoloration makes him look like he’s contracted a fake illness only ever seen in the movies.

“Hey,” he says again. His eyes are wary and expectant, like he knows what I’m about to say.

“Are you… okay?” I ask, unable to refrain from posing the question I’m positive he’s heard many times since his arrival.

“I’m not dying,” he mutters with a sigh. He scrapes his hair back, scratching his scalp. “Trust me. Between my mother and my stepmom, I’ve been to at least a dozen doctors over the last six months. Not to mention consultations with the rabbi. I’ve taken enough tests, I’m shocked I haven’t earned some kind of degree. My blood work checks out, my oxygen levels are ideal, and my liver function is fine.” He rolls his eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Well that’s good, I guess,” I mumble.

Dylan smiles, dropping his hands to his lap as Kornelía turns in her seat to face us. “I can still function, at least,” he says. “Unlike poor Korni.”

I shift my gaze forward. “They still haven’t figured out what’s going on with your eyesight, then?”

“Nope,” she says with another shrug. “According to tests, I’m fine too. Except my eyes keep getting worse. I never thought I’d miss my old glasses.”

The slight release of tension offered by the open air dissolves as worry coils back around my chest. I didn’t expect to see my friends in such a bad state. I’ve talked to both Dylan and Kornelía over the last ten months, but our conversations didn’t prepare me for how they now appear.

From the looks of it, our third summer with the Oracle of Senders isn’t off to a smashing start.

“We’re all falling apart, aren’t we?” I muse.

Author Bio:

Mere Joyce is a Canadian author of short stories and novels. Her writing includes contemporary tales, high-action mysteries, fairy-tale fantasies, and her personal favorite–ghost stories. When she’s not writing, Mere can be found recommending books as a librarian or spending time at home with her family. She’s also been known to be a selective – yet highly enthusiastic – fangirl.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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