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Bound by a Ring and a Secret
(Wedding Bells at Lake Como #1)
By Jennifer Faye
Contemporary Romance
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 175 Pages
May 25, 2021 by Harlequin Romance

A mistaken identity…
…a proposal that changes everything!

Photographer Gianna is done with men. Retreating to her villa on the shore of Lake Como, Gianna is stunned to find gorgeous Dario renting her house! When Dario is mistaken for her long-gone fiancé, they realize a fake engagement could solve problems for them both. Pretending to be in love should be easy, but what happens when very real feelings start to grow?

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At the end of the lane was her home; the stately pale pink villa with white trim and a terracotta roof that she’d inherited from her grandmother. Its beauty was timeless. It sat upon a hillside, providing a stunning view of Lake Como.

And what the villa lacked in modern style, it made up for with rustic charm. With seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, it was far too large for one person. And yet Gianna couldn’t imagine parting with it. Just like her grandmother, she loved it here.

Woof. Woof.

A medium-sized dog with short light tan fur emerged from the bushes. It rushed into the lane, blocking her.

It stopped.

Gianna stopped. Now what?

Her grip on her luggage handle tightened. Her body tensed. She stared at the dog. He stared back at her. Then, drawing on the knowledge of animals she’d gained from working on nature documentaries, she averted her gaze ever so slightly. She didn’t want the dog to misinterpret her staring at him as a sign of aggression.

She searched her memory and was certain she’d never seen this dog before. She wasn’t sure if he was friendly or not. But they couldn’t just stand here trying not to stare at each other.

“Hi, boy.” She forced a smile.

His tail swished back and forth. That was a good sign.

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About the Author

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages. She is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, the CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.


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Book Blitz: Heavenward, by Olga Gibbs



Celestial Creatures, #1
by Olga Gibbs

When angels initiate a war, humans on Apkallu die.

Deprived of human worshipping, angels resort to burning human souls to sustain themselves, when the ancient Qal of an assassinated archangel wakes up on Earth inside a human, disturbing the precarious peace.

Holding the key to all three realms, the allegiance of this archangel will mean eternal dominance in a game on a global scale.

Thrown into a battle of courts, tangled in a web of intrigues and palatial games, naïve Ariel is surrounded by powerful factions, chasing their own agendas. There’s no one she can trust; everyone stands to gain something from her death.

In the “CELESTIAL CREATURES” series you will find immersive world-building, Sumerian language and religion, re-imagined Christian mythology, new blood-thirsty creatures, plenty of sword fighting, the final grand battle and high-octane adventure throughout

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About the Author:

Olga Gibbs is a mental health expert who has experience of working with disturbance in adolescents and young people. Using her Masters in Creative Writing, she explores taboo topics such as borderline personality and social effective disorder, effects of abuse and insecure attachment in young people and the inner world which is so rarely spoken about.

She was born and raised in USSR and now lives in UK.

Olga Gibbs is also a creative writing coach and mentor.

Please visit author website for more information on upcoming books.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Accident Among Vampires + Giveaway

accident among vampires


Accident Among Vampires
Standalone, set in the Paper Flower Consortium world

by Elizabeth Guizzeti

Paranormal (Vampires)

Date Published: June 21, 2021

Publisher: ZB Publications


Issaquah, Washington, USA


My name is Norma Mae Rollins. I’m fourteen and an illegal vampire. I miss my mom, but new ghoulish appetites force me to remain with my creator.

Bill didn’t mean to transform me. At least, that’s what he claims. His frightening temper, relentless lies, and morbid scientific experiments makes it hard to know what to believe. However, someone snitched about Bill’s experiments to a nearby coven. Now both of our corpses will burn.

Bill won’t run. He is curious what happens to a vampire after final death. I don’t want to die again. It hurt so much the first time. Bill thinks his vampire boyfriend might shelter me. I must brave an eternal existence with elder vampires and other monsters who don’t think I ought to exist. Oh and figure out who I am allowed to eat.

A vampire’s reality is nothing like the movies.

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Accident Among Vampires Teaser Tuesday


From the diary of Norma Mae Rollins

Icy fingers, too big to be Teddy’s, gripped my arms.

The Fuzz, I thought.

The sheriff would call Mom. I had a few sips of beer and smoked, but I wasn’t blitzed. At worse, Mom would be “very disappointed” and give me extra chores.

My feet lifted from the ground. Wind bit the bare flesh of my arms, legs, and face. Branches whipped past me in frenzied movement. Nothing made logical sense. I seemed to fly underneath the dark shape which held me. I was dropped onto the concrete floor of somewhere cold that smelled of rotten meat and filth. Fangs loomed in front of me.

Vampires aren’t supposed to be real!

I screamed and struck the vampire with my flashlight. His pale lip split open and quickly stitched back together. He yanked the flashlight from my hand. I protected my throat with my arms, because in the movies, vampires always bite people in the throat.

He punched me.

Dazed, I fell backward into a metal table. He lifted me onto it and rolled me over.

I spotted the pit half-filled with rotting bodies. Their mottled flesh twisted in bizarre angles. Cloudy eyes stared at the ceiling.

I wildly kicked backward. I felt air. I connected. He grunted and leaned one hand on my back, pressing me into the metal. With his other hand, he ripped off my shoe and bobby-sock. His fangs pierced my heel. When he reopened his mouth, he whispered something about Achilles.

I tried to lift myself off the gurney, but the vampire still had me pinned as he dictated into an old Sound Scriber.

Cold leeched through my summer blouse. My muscles ached, then spasmed. The barn spun. Darkness.

No! Mom’ll wake up…I won’t be home… She won’t know what happened. I’ll be a rotting body covered in lye.

The vampire loosened his grip to check his stopwatch. I twisted. With my uninjured leg, I kicked the vampire as hard as I could.

Freed but light-headed, I sat and elbowed him in the chest. Agonizing pain radiated into my arm. Ignoring the throbbing, I punched him in his mouth, maybe his nose. Blood sprayed onto my face. My eyes teared, burning with his fiery blood. My lips tasted like copper.

The vampire grabbed me.

With one final burst of strength, I lunged and clamped my teeth onto his hand. Salty, syrupy blood coated my mouth….

About The Author

Elizabeth Guizzetti is an author, podcaster, illustrator, and a collector of dragons — the ceramic kind. Elizabeth lives in Seattle with her husband and poodle. When not crafting stories, she can be found hiking, birdwatching or hanging out at the dog park.

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