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Title: Call of Kythshire

Author: Missy Sheldrake

Narrator: Penny Scott-Andrews

Length: 14 hours 12 minutes

Series: Keepers of the Wellsprings, Book 1

Publisher: Missy Sheldrake

Released: Dec. 22, 2020

Genre: Fantasy


A peaceful kingdom under threat. Can one girl find the courage to save her family and two worlds?

Sixteen-year-old Azi Hammerfel has finally achieved her dream. Inducted as a squire into her parents’ honored guild of knights, she’s excited to set out on her first quest for the king. But when she isn’t chosen and her father returns badly injured without her mother, the young apprentice is shocked to discover herself stuck by a curse.

Unable to even raise a sword without experiencing excruciating pain, Azi despairs at her mom’s disappearance. But after a fairy appears with a dire warning for the realm and begs for her assistance, the brave teen journeys forth towards a destiny that will put her in the path of a sinister sorcerer.

Can Azi stop two lands from falling to a deadly darkness?

Call of Kythshire is the enchanting first book in the Keepers of the Wellsprings YA fantasy series. If you like strong female characters, immersive world-building, and electrifying adventures, then you’ll love Missy Sheldrake’s award-winning tale.

Listen to Call of Kythshire to defend the source of magic today!

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Missy Sheldrake is an epic daydreamer and a muse of positivity who weaves worlds full of character-driven, complex fantasy adventures. In 2014, she dusted off an unfinished, Tassy Walden Award-winning manuscript from her college days, started writing her first novel, Call of Kythshire, and never looked back. In four short years, she completed the five-book Keepers of the Wellsprings series, an epic high-fantasy young adult adventure that was awarded the Golden Squirrel Independent Book Award in 2017 for Best Fantasy. When she isn’t writing, Missy can be found creating fantastical artworks in paint and clay, wandering hidden forest paths, and concocting plots for imaginary people who are beyond real to her.


Narrator Bio

Penny trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama. For many years she performed in The West End, as well as on the fringes of London, Brighton and Edinburgh. She also has plenty of touring experience playing leading roles such as Gwendoline in The Importance of Being Earnest, Helena in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Olivia in Twelfth Night. However, she is at her happiest in the recording studio and has had the pleasure of recording dozens of audiobooks, podcasts and radio dramas.




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Spotlight: A Rendezvous to Remember + Giveaway

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Title:  A Rendezvous to Remember: A Memoir of Joy and Heartache at the Dawn of the Sixties

by Terry Marshall, Ann Garretson Marshall
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +), 378 pages
Genre:  Memoir, Romance
Publisher:  Sandra Jonas Publishing
Release date:   Feb 2021
Tour dates: Feb 9 to Mar 1, 2021
Content Rating:  R. This memoir contains mature themes, explicit sex scenes, one f-word, and occasional profanity.

In June 1964, Ann Garretson skips her college commencement to tour Europe with Lieutenant Jack Sigg, a tank commander on the German-Czech border, with the hope of returning as his fiancée. A month into their rendezvous, her best friend, Terry, proposes marriage—by mail—throwing all their lives into turmoil.

Jack offers the military life Ann grew up with. Terry, a conscientious objector, will leave for the Peace Corps at the end of the summer—unless the draft board intervenes and sends him to jail. Her dilemma: she loves them both. Caught between the old mores and winds of change, Ann must make an agonizing choice.

In alternating voices, A Rendezvous to Remember presents firsthand accounts by the two who eventually married, enriched by letters from the rival, whose path led him elsewhere. Provocative and delightfully uncensored, this coming-of-age memoir, anchored in the tumult of the sixties, is a tribute to the enduring power of love and family.

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Meet the Authors:

Terry Marshall and Ann Garretson Marshall taught English in the Philippines as Peace Corps volunteers and later served as Peace Corps country co-directors in the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Tuvalu. Back in the States, they worked side by side as community organizers and activists in Colorado. Terry went on to write fiction and nonfiction works on discrimination, poverty, rural development, and intercultural conflict. Ann has thirty years of experience as a writer, editor, and community-government go-between for issues related to nuclear and hazardous waste cleanup. Always seeking adventure, Terry and Ann have traveled to forty-three countries. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: Sylvie Denied + Giveaway

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Sylvie Denied
by Deborah Clark Vance
Genre: Women’s Fiction


As she enters adulthood in the turbulent 1970s, Sylvie thinks the way to change a violent world is to become a peaceful person. Yet she slowly sees how a childhood trauma thwarts her peaceful intentions and leads her to men with a dark side – including Enzo, the man she marries. Even as his behavior becomes increasingly volatile, she believes she can make things better with love and understanding. But finally living in terror. Sylvie must find a way to escape with her daughter and a way to claim her place in the world.


sylvie denied

Enzo took the wheel when he was up and drove all morning, saying he’d never seen such empty spaces. When the map told them they were near the Wildrose Reservation, he pulled over at the sight of a hitch-hiking man with long black hair and a deadpan face who ambled to the car and climbed in, reeking of alcohol. “I want to talk to Indians. The real Americans,” Enzo said.

The man didn’t reply, but as they approached a crossroad with no signs, trees, buildings or anything that distinguished it, the man gripped the doorknob and said, “I’ll get out here.”

Enzo pulled over. “Is this the reservation?” The man released the doorknob. “OK, you keep going. You go talk to Strong Hawk. Very, very wise man.” Then he ducked out of the car and walked backward, bobbing at them before turning down the crossroad.

Enzo said, “I heard Indians are alcoholics. I hope we find a sober one.”

“Do you realize how many stereotypes you have? You also say the Indians are an oppressed proletariat ready to rise up.”

Enzo said, “That’s social science, not a personal stereotype.”

“Not everyone is Italian, you know. Or even European.”

At an intersection where a small sign indicated Wildrose Reservation, Enzo turned onto a two-lane road of bumpy, cracked asphalt. Along both sides lay rusting cars, some with flat tires, others at such odd angles Sylvie couldn’t figure how they’d ended up that way. She’d been right in wanting to leave the States, she thought. This place proved its violent nature, its enduring abasement of those most vulnerable.

Enzo observed, “Don’t they have mechanics out here?”

“Please stop it,” she said.

They drove through barren snow-dusted plains dotted with naked trees until reaching a row of angled parking spaces. Unpainted clapboard buildings—two tourist shops and the post office—comprised the town. Enzo kept the engine running to stay warm while Sylvie entered the larger store called, with little imagination and a nod to tourists, “The Trading Post.” Tables were laden with necklaces and bracelets of Venetian glass beads, an array of turkey feathers dyed in gaudy colors, silver jewelry and Wildrose souvenir key chains and ashtrays. She visited the other store and found shelves of books and spinning metal racks of postcards presided over by a white man in a plaid shirt and bolo tie sitting on a stool behind a counter. She picked up two postcards and a few books about Lakota history and took them to the counter. Through the window she saw Enzo standing by the car smoking.

“That’s a good book, but here’s some better ones.”

The owner-proprietor-cashier walked her to the bookcases and pulled out one on the Lakota and Cheyenne. Sylvie wondered how he was allowed to operate a storeon the reservation.

“Have you heard of Strong Hawk?” she asked.

“Of course,” he answered. “James Strong Hawk.”

“How can I find him?”

“Funny, that guy’s becoming famous. Stay on this road, go ‘round the first curve, cross the bridge, then go about ten miles to another big curve. There’s a sign in front of his house with his name on it.”

She carried her purchases to the car. “Why didn’t you come inside?”

Enzo shrugged. “Wanted a smoke.”

They followed the directions until there at a curve where the road turned sharply left stood two small houses, a modular house and another house pieced together with found objects like an art installation—wooden crates, car windows, sheets of corrugated metal, tree trunks holding up the roof, even a pair of antlers. A sign between the houses read, “Strong Hawk’s Paradise.”

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Deborah Clark Vance has lived throughout the US and in Italy. While raising her children, she earned a living by teaching piano lessons, selling her original artwork, editing a health journal, translating Italian, writing freelance articles and textbook chapters, working on a children’s educational TV series, teaching in a day treatment program for adults with mental and emotional illnesses, creating garden designs and teaching as a college adjunct. After completing a Ph.D. in Communication and Culture at Howard University, she taught and served as Chair of the Department of Communication & Cinema at McDaniel College in Maryland. Although she also contributed articles and chapters to academic publications, those only earned her a modicum of prestige rather than income. She’s keenly interested in the natural world as well as in social justice, spirituality and women’s issues. “Sylvie Denied” is her debut novel.

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