Spotlight & Excerpt: The Vampire Cure + Giveaway

The Vampire Cure
The Vampire Cure Series Book 1
by Kat Stiles
Genre: Urban Fantasy, SciFi


In the search for a cure to a viral pandemic, scientist Liz Meyer discovers something far more deadly…Vampires exist. 

And what’s even more amazing, they’re immune to the virus.

Liz is both afraid and intrigued. Gifted with dreams that reveal the future, she sees how bad the pandemic will become. A blood sample could be the solution to a cure.

Sexy vampire Ryan awakens a desire within Liz, something she’s never felt before. Too bad the rest of the coven want nothing more than to feast on her blood.

Can Liz get the blood she needs to find a cure? Or will it be her blood that’s taken instead?

Please note: If you’re a die-hard believer in the MAGA movement, for the love of God don’t buy this book. You will NOT be amused.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries series and authors like Ivy Smoak, Richelle Mead, and Bella Forest will love this sci-fi take on vampires.

Kat Stiles is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and huge fan of both sci-fi and urban fantasy. Nearly all of her stories include a super power of some kind and a strong, funny heroine. If you like The Vampire Cure, check out her other series:

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“Before you leave, I have to ask you something.” I stood and grabbed a pen and a scratchpad from the adjacent end table. “How exactly do you kill a vampire?”

Ryan cocked an eyebrow. “You want me to tell you how you can kill me?”

“Not you, obviously. Galen has a way of showing up, like everywhere. I mean, do I need to carry a wooden stake around with me?”

The warm laugher that rang in the air was a welcome sound. “No. We die the same way as humans. Only it’s harder to kill us, because we’re stronger and faster.”

“Good to know.”

“And sunlight. Prolonged sunlight exposure could kill us.”

“Some kind of advanced version of hematoporphyria… interesting.” I scribbled a few notes, already eager to do research on it.

“Hema what?”

“It’s a kind of skin sensitivity to sunlight.”

“Oh.” He rested his hand on my cheek. “I will protect you. You have my word.”
For a moment, we said nothing. I didn’t want him to leave—his cold touch was somehow comforting. I could smell his musky scent, standing so close to him. His gaze moved down from my eyes to my lips.

Patience was never one of my virtues. And even though I knew it was dangerous, I couldn’t resist brushing my lips against his.

He groaned and kissed me back. I felt the most delicious sensation of cold, as his tongue intertwined with mine, kissing me deeper. His fingers burrowed under my hair, spreading the cold throughout my scalp and sending an exquisite chill down my spine. I’d never been so turned on in my life.
He made his way to my ear, nibbling the lobe, and that almost sent me over the edge. My whole body felt warm, alive. I slipped my fingers into his hair and pulled it, beckoning him to go further. He groaned again, but this time it was deeper. Scarier.

And I could feel myself getting more and more turned on.

He left a trail of kisses as he moved from my ear down to my neck. He pressed his lips to it for a moment, and then that amazing cold suddenly disappeared.
He took a step back from me. As I opened my eyes, I could see why. His fangs were fully extended, his breath jagged.

“I… I’m sorry,” he said, as he moved past me toward the door. “This was a mistake.”

“Ryan, wait!”

But he didn’t stop.

I realized two things that day. First, making out with a vampire was dangerous.

And second, I didn’t care.

I wanted him.

USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult Fiction.

Originally a Jersey girl, sunny Texas is where I now call home, in a town way up north in the panhandle called Wellington. I write super-powered urban fantasy that’s sexy, fun and dark. For fun I like to read urban fantasy, horror, and existentialist fiction, as well as watch cartoons, movies, and sometimes even cartoon movies. I try not to take anything in life too seriously and I tend to smile often. Hop over to my website, for bonus material, fun blog posts, news about upcoming releases, and awesome giveaways!

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