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BookCover_The Seven Spires

The Seven Spires
by Russell Archey
GENRE: Fantasy

An incredible high fantasy adventure set in a world based on familiar fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, “The Seven Spires” is an epic story of dragons, magic, conquering evil, and discovering magnificent new places.

When a fearsome creature known as Wyvern begins terrorizing Emrallt, one of the seven realms of the continent of Septer, a group of heroes are brought together seemingly by fate to rally against him. A prince, warrior, wizard, and mysterious, sorceress-like sybil try to discover why a common maiden could be the best chance their kingdoms have against Wyvern’s growing forces that threaten to dominate each and every one of the ancient, arcane spires that bind their kingdoms, and world, together.


Wyvern recognized their broken language and knew that White-eye spoke of more than just a town guard or good-natured passerby. Ratlings cared little for the difference between common humans, merchants, and even nobility. It was only a difference in what goods they could pilfer; however, when a ratling described one as ‘important,’ that often meant ‘royalty’.

“The important man—what did he look like?” Wyvern asked.

The two deplorable rodents looked up at him in confusion. They looked through arms held in front of their faces as if toward off a pending strike. Wyvern leaned forward on his forelimbs.

“You said he was ‘important.’ He wore blue clothes. What did he look like? Face, hair—what?” he growled with small tongues of fire licking around his teeth.

“Also pretty, like lady!” Moss Blossom squealed. “Nice clothes! Long blue vest with another tower—different shiny stone, blue shiny stone…”

Wyvern growled in frustration. The Blue Prince of Avallonis. The little fop could bring Wyvern no end of misery; an army’s worth of misery to be exact. Especially if he had his sights set on the Maiden.

“He threatened you?” Wyvern asked of them.

“Y-yes, with sharp metal. He threaten blood,” White-eye answered. Moss Blossom nodded her head vigorously in agreement.

“Indeed, you had no choice but to flee,” Wyvern said. “But, rules are rules…” he added with menace.


What draws you to fantasy, and what’s your favorite aspects of it?

I’ve always enjoyed both sci-fi and fantasy, but something about fantasy has always appealed more to me. When I was younger, I feel it may have been the idea of armored knights, colorful settings, and dragons (I was definitely a boy obsessed with dragons). As I grew older I found an interest in history, from ancient times through the medieval and renaissance eras to modern times. Of course, the medieval and renaissance eras I found most appealing. This eventually grew to a love for dark fantasy and even historically-based fantasy. My favorite aspects of the Game of Thrones TV series and the A Song of Ice and Fire books are actually those that involve political intrigue and military strategy, not the dragons or wights! Fairy tale themes, such as those in the comic series Fables, and darker, grittier fantasy settings such as Excalibur, Dragon Age, and The Witcher have as much appeal to me as historical based stories like Kingdom Come (the video game). Of course, mythology stories and settings are also a huge favorite! I still love the colorful and more light-hearted settings, but all my life I’ve had some fantasy leaning or another that, really, I think is just in my DNA.

Russell ArcheyRussell Archey has been writing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. His love for narratives, world-building, and story-telling has fed into nearly every aspect of his life: from his video and board game hobbies to pressing his most cherished books onto his unfortunate children (who will, one day, read the Lord of the Rings trilogy whether they like it or not). When he’s not creating new worlds and horrifying things to threaten them with destruction, he’s bringing other author’s fantastic works to life as an audiobook narrator, spending time with his two children, and pressing his dear wife’s eternal patience with his quirky habits.

Twitter: @RSArchey
Instagram: @RussArchey


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