Cover Reveal: The Last Great American Tragedy, by Mary Spencer

The Last Great American Tragedy - Ebook (2) The Last Great American Tragedy
by Mary Spencer
Cayelle Publishing
Coming 2022


As dictated in Plato’s Symposium, Zeus separated humans out of fear, damning them to a life of searching, leaving them with a glimmer of hope, a memory, a longing for their original other half.

Cordelia, an esteemed author, meets her other half under the most unusual circumstances. Grieving her mother’s death, she moves to the sleepy little city of Asheville to end her life. After a near successful drowning attempt, Doctor Locke saves her, thus starting a love affair that rivals the gods.

Both broken and troubled, the two hearts dance around each other in a shifting battle of willpower. But as Cordelia starts exhibiting the telltale signs of a body fading away, will the good doctor be able to keep her soul attached to this mortal coil, or will she force him to walk his life alone, never to be complete?

last great american tragedy cover reveal

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