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The Dream Keepers
by Ali Lucia Sky
Publication date: October 11th 2021
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

This World is just one of thousands of Worlds the Makers have created. The Universe and Makers are playing with those who live on it.

No one who had met Michaela Beauchamp could come away from it unscathed. She was a shrew–argumentative, crass, and the focus of all my wet dreams. I loved to hate her. We were at war and I was determined to win. I didn’t want her to just go away, I wanted to watch her fine ass as she went in that direction.

Whoever thought Gabriel Langdon was more than a pretty face never met the douchecanoe.
He had very few redeeming qualities. He was dumb, frustrating, and constantly featuring in all my sexiest dreams. I wasn’t difficult to please. I was reasonable. All I asked was that the Universe bless me with the absence of this jackhole!

What is one to do when you summon a hitchhiker and they take up residence inside your head? No fifteen-year-old girl has a good answer. With my brother and neighbor circling one another in a strange mating dance, I barely know how to ask for help.

I mean really, all I did was a little spell to Invoke Helpful Spirits and Positive Energy Beings.

Note: THE DREAM KEEPERS is a mature Young Adult/New Adult book and for readers over the age of 18 due to sexual content and profanity. This is part one of a trilogy and ends on a CLIFFHANGER.
This book is rated M for Mischief.

October 2021 – The Dream Keepers
February 2022 – Wishcraft
October 2022 – TBA

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Chapter 1

Rule #6: Give A Girl Your Undivided Attention


“Kiss my ass, Gabe Langdon.”

I couldn’t help smirking. “Keep wishing for good things, Beauchamp. You know what Aunt Dora says about visualizing the things you want.”

“Nothing good could ever come from you, Langdon. And that wasn’t an actual invitation, dipshit. I don’t want to catch whatever retardation you have going on. It’s got to be terminal. You have a vacant look in your eyes that says it’s eaten away everything upstairs.”

Four days ago, Thea and I got to McKeesport with all our belongings, not currently under lock and key in some storage facility in Santa Morena, California. Our clothing and electronics, Thea’s books, some flotsam and jetsam sports equipment, and an endless supply of emotional baggage came with.

My parents’ plans, originally, were to go to the Middle East. Those fell through due to the sensitive political affairs in the region. My dad was worried that he and my mom could be targeted, as they are Americans. So they are headed to Central Africa, which isn’t much better. They’re going to work in some area that is recovering from extremists or sickness. I really don’t care. When Thea says that, I know for a fact that she’s trying to convince herself. Me? I honestly don’t give a shit about them.

They aren’t here, and my sister is fifteen and without her parents. That is flat-out bullshit. I graduated two weeks ago and they left the day after. They asked me to finish up closing out the house and getting us ready to go. I wish I was a more vengeful soul. If it were just me, I’d have burned the fucker down and couch surfed until fall.

For all intents and purposes, my mom is trying to do a good thing. She really is going for the children.

I just happen to think it’s a bad idea.

Oddly and frustratingly, even more baggage met me at the airport in the form of a guttersnipe who answers to the name of Michaela Beauchamp.

Next-door neighbor or not, she has a tongue that can filet an elephant hide and teeth so sharp she could chip a diamond in a single bite. I’m completely unsure if I want to wrap my hands around her throat and do filthy things to her, or gag her and leave her on a remote mountain road.

The facts are Dora is her Godmother. Thea adores her and has taken to spending time next door. And she’s my date’s best friend.

Currently, I’m out at the movies with said best friend, and Michaela invited herself just to be a pain in the ass. It’s working. The girl is a plague.

It’s not like we haven’t known one another since we were little. She has always been a pain in my dick. Literally. I’ve dreamt of her all my damn life and no matter what, or who I do, she is always there, so it makes sense that she’s here too. I don’t like her. As a matter of fact there isn’t much about her to like. She’s abrasive and crass.

At the moment her head tilts in a manner that reminds me of a husky puppy that Thea and I had when we were small. It’s name was Myke, pronounced meek, which she wasn’t—neither the dog nor the girl in front of me. Michaela’s eyes comically roll then, and I fear they could lodge in the back of her head.

“You do realize you just insulted your best friend who has been happily swapping spit with me all night. She’s been getting two things from me: attention and,” I pause to lick my lips, grinning. “Wet.”

When I got here, I was tired and testy. I met Gwen at the Price Chopper, the day Dora collected us from Avoca Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International. Don’t sneeze, or you’ll miss the airport. Gwen, however, is Michaela’s hot best friend. My aunt wanted to stock up on Thea’s and my favorite foods, which I’m thankful for because her fridge has a scary amount of all-natural shit I fear might be good for me in it.

Gwen’s an aggressive woman. She walked up to me as if we were old friends, and not complete strangers, to inform me that I’d pick her up for a movie on Friday. I didn’t see a reason to say ‘no.’ I didn’t realize at the time that the hot girl came equipped with a hag or I’d have thought twice before saying yes.



I’d have still said yes, because I’m a dude, she’s a sure thing, and the two of us deserve one another. But I would have given it more consideration, and somewhere, maybe then, I might have guessed I’d get a third wheel on this opportunity for my movie theater BJ.

“See anything that looks good?” Gwen coyly asks, with a pinch to one buttcheek before giving it an ass slap that would make Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break proud. “You have a tight ass, Gabey-baby! Fuck yeah. Later on, I’m going to bite it,” Gwen purrs.

My brows lift in surprise. I have never met anyone as forward as Gwen, and while that sounded like fun at first, it was becoming off-putting. I’m saved by a demon though, as Michaela walks between us and grabs Gwen’s hand, only to stick two of Gwen’s fingers into her mouth to make gagging sounds. “That was fucking awful. So bad, I gagged myself with your fingers—which I know are clean since the sex machine there smells like DOUCHE!”

Author Bio:

Ali Lucia Sky is the author of The Powers That Be series. She lives in Southern California with her husband and a house full of kitty cats and a yard full of crows. When she isn’t writing, drinking coffee, or dreaming of new stories, she can be found planning her next vacation because traveling is LIFE.

The first book in The Powers That Be series, The Dream Keepers, will be released 11 October 2021.

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